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Transform intense anticipation into reality. A total of 1,504 guestrooms, including 846 rooms and suites in the two original Fontainebleau buildings and 658 suites in two new all-suite towers, offer luxurious comfort and privacy. From guestrooms to three bedroom suites, penthouses and triple connecting rooms, your stay will be made unique by providing a variety of room/suite configurations.

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4441 Collins Ave

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New Years Eve at Fontainebleau

Rating: 10

www.FontainebleauTickets Lady Gaga is bringing her chart-topping pop beats and unexpected theatrics to Fontainebleau Miami Beach’s pulsating pool deck this New Year’s Eve. Lady Gaga will take the stage to lead revelers in the countdown before turning out her first performance of 2010, at what promises to be Miami’s most exclusive celebrity New Year’s Eve Bash. Nothing says New Year’s in Miami like Lady Gaga and DJ David Berrie & Jus Ske General Admission $425 VIP Table for 6 $4950 VIP Table for 8 $5750 VIP Table for 10 $7250

posted by AccessGotham on Dec 16, 2009


Rating: 8

In years past, never would we have trekked 2 whole miles north of the Delano to some gigantic resort for Chinese food but into the breach of fine-dining Chinese restaurants comes Hakkasan at the Fontainebleau resort, South Beach. If fine-dining Chinese confuses you into contradiction, think more Shanghai Terrace at the Peninsula than the de-ree-verry place with extra MSG. As we de-cabbed at one of The Fontainebleau’s 4 entrances, we began a lengthy and winding walk to the restaurant that appeared to be so lengthy and winding for no purpose other than to take diners on a tour of the resort. Neat trick. The first time. Next time I’m demanding a golf cart. The menu was very pretty but vast and confusing. Luckily, Hakkasan, like many other restaurants in Miami, were part of the Miami Spice network thus making selections very easy. And cheap. Relatively. At a place where a noodle dish can cost $40 dollars, 4 healthy appetizer portions of popular items for $35 is a treat. Unluckily for us and luckily for the restaurant, it was a Friday and Fridays mean drinking time. So although our food tab (for 3 people) was around $90, 11 drinks @ $14/drink made all the difference. I don’t know what to tell you about fine-dining Chinese. I wasn’t convinced at Shanghai Terrace and I’m not convinced here. The only place that exceeded my expectations was Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills but that was not an experience for the squeamish. Does anything justify a $40 plate of noodles? I’m not sure. I bet people asked if anything justified a $50 steak some years back. Clearly the answer was yes. But for now, all hail the Miami Spice tasting concept and may every other city start its own.

posted by MealSchpeal com on Nov 5, 2009

Fontainebleau Resorts

Rating: 10

I just stayed the weekend in August for my husbands birthday. It is really nice and we didn't have to leave the hotel not even once. They ha...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 1, 2009


Rating: 8

I can't give it the full 5 stars as I haven't stayed there, just been there to see the sights. You can see the hotel immediately driving by,...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 10, 2009

Hotel: Beautiful Service: Not so much

Rating: 6

I just got back from my first trip to Miami and the Fontainebleau Resort. We got a good deal for the type of resort that it is so I was very excited to be living luxuriously for the week. The resort is beautiful. The pool area is amazing and very relaxing. The rooms are very comfortable and I enjoyed staying there. There were no king bed rooms left, so we were upgraded to an ocean view room for free. Great. However, my one big problem with the resort is the lazy and unaccomodating staff. There were plenty of people out working by the pool and watched them assist other guests with towels and umbrellas and finding lounge chairs. Whenever I would ask one of these people, they responded by saying that isn't their job and I had to go find someone else. I even resorted to walking over to the pool hut just to get a towel and with a stack of towels behind them, they told me they didn't give out towels. The staff seemed like they were more interested in chatting with each other and working on their tans than actually paying attention to the guests.

posted by awm146 on May 17, 2009

fontainebleau Hilton

Rating: 10

The place to stay when in Miami Beach. Glamorous, pretentious and totally expensive, it is an exclusive wonderland. Enjoy the hot tubs set i...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 9, 2009


Rating: 10

This hotel is Gorgeous! The suites are glamorous. The junior suite over looked the ocean. The furniture in the room was comfortable. I felt ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 26, 2008

Beautiful beach, relaxing pool area w beverage hut, Comfortable quiet accomodations

Rating: 10

I have stayed here several times, through various stages of construction and not. The fountainbleu is a complete resort, with an air of luxury that doesn't break your pocketbook. I love to lounge in the pool area and swim in the gorgeous pool.

posted by maryellenpearlman on Nov 24, 2006

One of the best hotel stays in my life

Rating: 10

This is by far the most beautiful hotel I've ever been in. The private beach is very nice, the pool is gorgeous and even the lobby itself is breathtaking. The rooms are not big but done with a lot of class. The hotel has very nice restaurants and a really fun show. The staff is not extremely accommodating, but I didnt care that much. At this hotel, I felt like a millionaire and it didn't cost me a fortune. I will definitely come back.

posted by mr_meursault on Jul 28, 2005

A Diamond in the Rough

Rating: 8

This is really a diamond in the rough in need of some polish in some areas. The room was renovated in cool colors and I had a view of the pool and ocean. The front desk was very accomodating and efficient. They are constructing added meeting space and condos and the noise is disturbing at the pool. If you want sun all day, go right at the towel hut and stay within 50 yds of it. The staff at the kiddie pool - Cookies World were very nice. You had to go to the pool bar yourself for your $10 drink - unacceptable. The service in the cafe is pretty bad- refills? Tackle a waiter. All the action was down at South Beach - about $8 cab ride to Lincoln (16 1/2th) for restaurants. Friday night the lounge had a terrific little jazz group.

posted by golf2ls on Mar 9, 2004

Don't waste your money!

Rating: 2

Stayed for three days. The room was horrendous. Becuse of the reputation, I switched from the Loews in South Beach. What a mistake! The service was mediocre. ex. At the Loews I could call down for the car. At the Fountainebleu, this wasn't allowed because of security precautions. So I had to wait for the car. It might seem trivial, but when you get used to a certain level of service this can be a major inconvenience! Secondly the rooms. The first room assigned was in the newly renovated building. You could smell th odor as soon as you got off the elevator. Once in the room the decor reminded you of a cheeeeeeap hotel room in Atlantic City. Not becoming a major hotel chain!

posted by dlipscomb on Nov 29, 2002

Please don't make me go back there!

Rating: 4

I was so excited to go to this landmark hotel! That was three years ago and boy was I more excited when I got to check out! This conference going back to same hotel. Me -- I'm staying two doors down the beach! Slow check in, horrible view, some rooms too hot -- some too cold. The only thing this hotel really has going for it is location!

posted by kcobb on Oct 28, 2002


Rating: 1

This has got to be the biggest downfall in Hilton's History, not only do compant insiders cringe at the mention of this once-elegant, turned money making tourist trap, but it is clearly obvious on first glance. It has got to be one of the most run-down, non elegant hotels in Miami. I was even in one of their "Presidential Suites!" YEAH RIGHT! Hilton, you need to get your act together.

posted by scottr87 on Aug 26, 2002

Still Elegant

Rating: 9

There are newer, trendier places of course...but if you want to stay at the hotel that defined Miami Beach, come to the Fontainebleau. Yes, it is an older hotel. But its original art-deco style is still intact.

posted by obviousman on Jun 13, 2002

User Reviews: Fontainebleau Resort

Filthy hotel with horrible service!

My husband and I were so excited to stay at Fountainebleau. We have a great relationship with our travel agent and decided to go through GOGO vacations for the first time to book our stay at this resort. Our welcome was not pleasant initially our internet that we paid $21.95 a day for NEVER worked in our suite nor on our cellular devices which we accrued data overage resulting in over $100. We arrived on Friday morning, Day One, and due to us being sick we didn't get to leave our hotel until Sunday, Day 3. We were on the 19th floor in a Sorrento tower ocean view suite. When we left our suite for the first time on Sunday (Day 3) for the to go to the Dr. my $550 sunglasses were stolen from out of their case which I thought was safe inside of the closet. Before we left I had a cup of tea and a few of the grains from the tea bag were left over in the cup. We returned to our room after several hours and decided to make another tea and I discovered that the cup was not washed nor replaced with a clean cup and the cup was flipped over upside down giving the impression that it had been cleaned. When I flipped the cup I noticed grains from earlier in the cup at this point I was livid by the cleaning services and this is ranked a luxury resort and have paid over $900 per night to have these five star accommodations for 7 nights and the room was already "allegedly cleaned" . When we decided to explore the hotel I went to get my sunglasses but to my surprise the sunglasses were missing and I was left with an empty case. Day 4 my husband and I went to the pool and when we returned again disappointment by the cleaning serves. I grabbed a alleged clean glass and there were lip imprints on the rim. I immediately took the cup down to the manager, Matt with great disgust. As I was getting ready that night I used a towel to wipe my excess makeup off. I put it with all of the other dirty towels in the bath tub. Day 5, when we returned back to our room after if was "cleaned" we showered and got ready for dinner. When I grabbed a towel to use from the "clean rack", TO MY DISGUST I noticed it was the SAME dirty towel I wiped my makeup/eyeliner on the night before and was refolded and put back like it was a clean towel. In the end all we got was our resort fees for each person refunded which was $300 and they offered to move us to a nicer suite, but why move when the hotel is just dirty in general. American express wanted to refund me the trip, but I chose not to because GOGO vacations was going to make my travel agent reimburse me, which is NOT fair when it was the hotel standards that are non existent and GOGO for not confirming the sanitation, customer service & hospitality of a 5 star hotel they are misleading. I have great relationship with my travel agent and for GOGO to tell me its not the companies responsibility baffled me. DO NOT stay at the Fountainebleau and NEVER use GOGO vacations!!

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