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classy, arty

Rating: 10

i recently dined at ART and was thoroughly impressed. My entree of choice was the roasted hen with a potato croquette, a poached egg and asparagus. The cooking techniques were spot on for each component from the succulent hen to the perfectly poached egg. The wine that was paired with my meal complemented it very well. The desserts that were ordered for the table were doughnuts to share, molten cake and sticky toffee cake. Each dessert had a clean presentation and well rounded flavor. I cant even tell you which was my favorite, they were all so good. I was impressed with my entire meal at ART and look forward to dining there often.

posted by idratherbebaking on Mar 5, 2010

A Happy Hour for Grown-Ups

Rating: 10

Not only does ART offer urban elegance in a traditionally elegant hotel, they also have one of the city's best happy hours. The $5 menu includes a mini burger trio (beef or vegetable), tangy hummus and olive tapenade with pita wedges, as well as other great items and selected drinks. The food is good in both flavor and portions. With its cosmopolitan decor, floor-to-ceiling windows, and lights and music set perfectly for intimate conversation, it is a great setting for those seeking a more grown-up version of happy hour. I look forward to going back for dinner. If you haven't been to ART, you are missing out.

posted by Kelly Vigesaa on Jan 26, 2010

Overwhelming disappointment from a Four Seasons Fan

Rating: 2

I long awaited for the grand opening of the new Four Seasons as someone who flocks to them around the world. Any one who dares to speak badly of the chain gets quickly squashed if I'm around. But the new "Art" Restaurant left me thinking I was at a bar at a Hyatt or Sheraton rather than the gold standard of Service and Quality. And I've given it numours opportunities since its oppend to convince me different. But every time - and I mean EVERY time I've been since its opend there has been nothing short of the most neglectful and dis-interested staff as I have ever seen. The food from the kitchen was new-world cuisine with a touch of Pacific Northwest flavors but left me wanting more - in other words not memorable. The decor too was bland - and not minimalist clean like the rest of the hotel - but rather just boring with mood lighting walls that I saw at swank bars in 93', again I think of a Sheraton. The one thing that was Very Four Seasons like at the new Art Restaurant was the bill. It still the Four Seasons so go in - get one drink at the bar to say you've been - grab a mathbook for your nephew's collection then move on down the road.

posted by winegeek12 on Jun 10, 2009

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