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Camelot-inspired Hotel with 4 towers & storybook-style "castle" gates, multicolored spires & a modified medieval theme.

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3850 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109-4324  United States

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Rating: 6

I wasn't expecting this place to be classy, but it really was more tacky than I could ever have imagined. If I have one regret it's that I didn't get chance to see the live jousting.

posted by el bandido on Feb 5, 2010

Great value - but a lack of maintenance of the years has taken its toll

Rating: 6

I've stayed at the Excalibur numerous times over the last 10 years. I typically use the Excalibur when going to dealer shows in Vegas because it is fairly inexpensive and when I am by myself I don't mind not having a plush room. The rooms are fairly basic, but since the recent remodel they have become much better in terms of comfort. The colors are pretty bland though. I like the medieval theme, but it seems to be getting lost somewhat over the years (the giant purple dragons are gone, the moat at the front entrance stays empty, the actors that use to greet you at the entrance are gone, and Merlin's charecter has been replaced) . Several of the big screen TV's that display hotel advertisements are broken. The game room in the lower level is very run down with many of the games not working. Public restrooms are also in need of a re-vamp. It seems like a general lack of maintenance is to blame. The good: The casino is a fun place to be usually with lots of action. The cocktail waitresses are friendly, but too few and far between. The wine and mixed drinks are not as good as other hotels, but are ok. They update the slots on a regular basis and keep things fresh. Watch out in the winter months though because the slots around Tower 1 and Tower 2 entrances are like being in a cold wind tunnel with the breeze that gusts in each time the doors open. Camelot Steakhouse is one of the best Steak houses and is a must to go to, and Tournament of Kings is a very entertaining show ($50 for a show and dinner ? hard to beat that). Regalle is pretty good as well, but not considered a favorite. Another good point of this hotel is the cost to stay here, and easy access to the Strip. Several years back I would have given this hotel a good 4 star rating, but with the disrepair of things I can only give it 3 stars now. Added note: I saw where another reviewer complained about food trays sitting in the hallway for two days - I have seen this too and called the desk.

posted by Squid42 on Sep 12, 2008

Not a big fan of the hotel

Rating: 6

If I'm staying somewhere in Vegas it won't be this place. I can see where it would be good for families, but your better off staying next door at the Luxor. I stay here for a few hours on my last nigt in Vegas because the room was cheap and didn't need to do anything but walk next door from the Luxor where I stayed the first four nights of my most recent trip and I don't even think my bags liked staying in the room, lol. Like I said would be a good place for a family with its free puppet shows and goofy decor

posted by rg1972 on May 20, 2007

You can get some value-priced rooms here, but you get what you pay for

Rating: 4

This isn't one of the nicer hotels located on the strip. I'm not really fond of the rooms, which were decent, but not that nice. The casino below was ok, but overall, this isn't one of the nicest experiences. I also suffered from a lot of construction related noise and vibration in the room, but at least it was during the day so it was more tolerable. If you can get a good price, it's worth it, but otherwise, look elsewhere.

posted by sione on Apr 1, 2007


Rating: 2

This stay was a special event "First Time to Vegas, 50th Birthday party". However, I was NOT notified of any renovation to the building UNTIL I arrived. I was assured that I would not be disturbed, however, I could switch rooms. At SIX AM the next morning, I learned that the renovation was directly above us. My guest and I played "NAME THAT POWER TOOL" until nine in the morning. I called to switch rooms for the next evening as there was no way we could sleep through this racket again. I was told there were no rooms available! After requesting a manager I was eventually moved fifth floor, same tower. No comps were offered nor apologies rendered for this inconvenience, I demanded a discount (hardly worth the headache) off the first night in the room. I had a delivery ordered to the room. It did not shown up as requested upon our arrival (confirmed by staff). I made the trip downstairs to investigate. I spotted the gift, a $100 custom cookie basket, cookiesbydesign. com, behind the desk FULLY IN TACT. I spoke to the person at the desk and said I would like to receive it myself in person as they did not deliver upstairs as promised. She refused & rudely said, "We can't just give stuff out you know!? I requested the delivery brought up. The cookie basket arrived upstairs promptly with two of the items broken in half! I was horrified! This was supposed to be a present, now broken in shambles due to careless staff! Again, my complaint was brushed off by a manager on staff explaining to me that "There was NO WAY to KNOW whether or not this package was in this state upon delivery." *SHOCK* I had just been closer then five feet to the item five minutes earlier! On a final note, room service trays were left in the halls for two days with leftover meat on the trays beginning to STINK on MULTIPLE FLOORS!!! This is unsanitary and outrageous! AVOID! In my opinion most smoky/dirty casino in VEGAS!

posted by cateyes_1313 on Feb 27, 2007

Never back

Rating: 4

This was a nightmare. Huge place. We were promised a room with king size bed instead we were sent to the very last room in the end of the hallway across from housekeeping room with two queens. The room was dark - the light from the lamps was not enough even to read the map. Construction started about 730 am the following day beneath our window and I regretted that I had that free drink in the casino. Another surprise was in the bathroom - every time anyone flushed a toilet in the tower you could hear it in your room, imagine how many times you can hear it in the morning when you are trying to sleep!!!! There was no tub - even though there was enough space for it. The shower was al least 60 inches long - that was odd. Plus!!!! The smell of smoke following you everywhere - your clothes are soaked with this terrible smell when you come back to the room from the lobby. Not to mention an army of "real estate agent" who are jumping on you from every corner trying to trick you to by non-sense timeshare promising free vacations and tickets. People, even if you will stay there because it's cheap - don't let them offer you any free stuff - you are about to face the most shameful day of your life. DON"T DO IT. It'S NOT WORTH IT.

posted by babashura on Nov 26, 2006

We never had to leave this hotel!

Rating: 10

This hotel casino had so much to offer. Great food, great music. Our accomodations were comfortable and quick maid service when we needed anything. Check in seemed to be a challenge but once that was done, our stay there was relaxing and wonderful.

posted by jaysbrneyedgirl on Nov 19, 2006

Below average

Rating: 4

I've never stayed at this hotel for a reason. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a place and you can tell whether it's going to be a good place you'll enjoy or you'd take a room if they gave it to you for free. Yeah this is one of those places I'd recommend for a free room. There's way too many kids at this one if you're a couple just trying for the romantic get-a-away. The outside is the best thing about it and that's how you should enjoy it, just passing by outside. No major attraction here, not the best looking interior - plus it smells old to me.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 18, 2006

Not so good, but stay if you get a good price

Rating: 8

Well, I paid a pretty penny to stay here on a fully booked convention week. While waiting on line there's a fairly permanent sign to inform guests " As of 2003 there will be a $1 surcharge for use of telephone" What does that tell you about any customer serviced you may receive? They say in the ad, "this is a magical castle." I say any resemblance to a castle ends as you get closer to the door. It only looks like a castle from the outside. The theme doesn't carry through.

posted by newguysfo on Nov 14, 2006

Worst Hotel EVER!!

Rating: 2

Never stay here. They have horrible customer service. I got bed bites the first night, hotel claimed it was "the sheets". Doctor says it was not the sheets or detergent. GROSS!!! They were jerks, I was so grossed about by every aspect of that hotel. The people that work there are horrible. I was made to stay up till midnight well they "cleaned" my sheets. Never changed our room after I was bitten over 30 times on my one arm from the bed. So gross. I will never stay there. Everyone I talk to I tell them never to stay there either. I hate this place. Don't go!!!!!!

posted by volcomgirl on Sep 19, 2006

You get what you pay for...not a shilling more.

Rating: 4

Must say I'm shocked that the Ex rates as high as it does on City Search. Maybe I'm super-new to this cite, but I figured the ratings were supposed to reflect a comparison of like establishments. If that's the case and I'm comparing the Ex to other Vegas hotels, I have to give it a below-average rating. The service is nothing to write home about. People are friendly, but no one goes out of their way. Rooms are very, very basic. I agree that the cooridors are dark and although the room was clean, it was dated and worn. Casino is slot heaven, intermittent drink service and smoooookkkky. Pool is nothing special, crowded with kids and closes early. Bright spot is the Enchanted Forrest Bar where you can play 25 cent video poker and enjoy promptly served, comped libations. That said: If you're on a budget in Vegas, it's not the worst choice. The Ex is normally priced close to the Trop. The Trop is significantly more dated, more dingy and even poorer service. Nicer pool though. The room will do to crash after one too-many martinis. I suspect this is an excellent choice for twenty-somethings low on cash, or for people that don't really care to splurge on luxary. Location is good. If you can, spend the $20 more a night and uprade to Bally's or Flamingo. A MUCH nicer place for a little bit more money. Bottom Line: If your expectations are in check, the Ex will do just fine.

posted by jdinsf on Jul 25, 2006

slumming middle ages style

Rating: 2

Pros- it is full of unfit people that can't afford to gamble (easy for you to be a high roller), the television looked and functioned as if it had been hit by an 18 wheeler, and the iron was broken. Aside from those, it was really nice if you like your bed made up with one undersheet. cons- A holiday inn express offers more ammenities... 20 dollars to use the fitness center, and no business center available at the time

posted by dizzydsm on Apr 25, 2006

Remember what you paid for it...

Rating: 6

My boyfriend and I just got back from Vegas last week and we stayed at the Excalibur during the first half of our vacation (the second half was at the Hyatt in Henderson. I was at a conference). I was very itchy from the harsh detergents used in the bed linens. Hopefully, that means they were clean. We ate at their italian restaurant, Regale. Very excepectional food and service. The service at the Sherwood Forest Cafe, however was barely tolerable. The rooms have extremely bleak decorations. Only a few stations available on the television. Excellent location. I liked the casino, I didn't lose any money there (so that could be why). There was a weird smell in the room. Bring air freshner!! The pillows aren't great either, so bring an extra one if you require fluffy pillows. We were on a non-smoking floor, but it was still very smokey.

posted by miry on Nov 28, 2005

feel like royalty in Vegas

Rating: 8

I visited Las Vegas 5 years ago for the first time and this is the first place I stayed there. It is a fun hotel - looks like you are in a Disney set - surprisingly lots of parents bring their kids to this hotel. Lots of activities for families with kids (don't think Vegas is really for kids but not my problem). So if you are a child at heart and want to feel like royalty for a weekend - this is your hotel (not very expensive).

posted by dianepoconnor on Jan 21, 2005

Best Buffet in L.V!

Rating: 10

Just got back from LV this morning and I read a review from a guy that said that Excalibur has the best buffet in LV and that "they should knock down every Hometown buffet in LA and build these instead!" HA HA!...This guy def. know food because he's absolutely right! During my stay in LV I went to two different buffets(Flamingo Hotel and Rio Hotel) and they both sucked and both are more than Excalibur (Rio's buffet is $25!, and their selection sucked!) But I've been to excalibur's buffet a few lv trips ago and it is definitely the best in lv and I've been to virtually every hotel buffet on the strip, so I should know...I've never stayed in the hotel but I've heard its nice...there are worse stays (Flamingo, Rio...Etc.) Give Excalibur a chance though, you'll probably enjoy your stay...

posted by jerrycurlz on Sep 28, 2004

Motel 6, the casino?

Rating: 4

The rooms at Excalibur make you feel like you're staying at a Motel 6 next to the highway in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing terrible about the rooms, it's just not what you'd expect from a big hotel/casino in Las Vegas. The buffet at Excalibur, however, IS terrible. This seems to be a family destination hotel, there are tons of kids here. So if you don't want to be surrounded by screaming kids, stay somewhere else.

posted by lord_humongous on May 4, 2004

Stay Away!

Rating: 1

Terrible! Terrible! Old run down rooms. I checked in early to find the maid cleaning the room from the previous guest and she didn't even change the sheets. Gross!! I went right down stairs and demanded a new room and ordered two fresh sheets to change the bed linens myself. Stay elsewhere - my friend was over at the MGM Grand and those rooms are top notch!

posted by colby13 on Feb 10, 2003


Rating: 8

The hotel was clean. I found a great deal on shoes at the boutique located in the hotel. My only complaint was the long wait for my food to be delivered from room service.

posted by tiramisu1201 on Jan 27, 2003

In Camelot you are the King

Rating: 9

Just returned from Vegas and again stayed at the castle. $ for $ you don't get a better deal anywhere on the strip. Calling in from the airport saves oh so much time on check in. It always amazes us why more people don't take advantage of this service. If Vegas is your destination and a good clean room that is acessable to everywhere then this is the place. Hint use the valet parking they are the best.

posted by tryon4 on Dec 31, 2002

The best!

Rating: 10

The Round Table buffet was absolutely the best buffet I have salivated over. Pass the bib and sign me up for an enema. The best part is the plates are gigantor! So much food to choose from...Ribs,meatloaf,salads,chinese food entrees,chicken. This is absolutely the best part of vegas. Dont waste your money on the slots. Come here 3 times a day!!!! At just $11.99 dinner price. Its more than reasonable for the amount and quality of food your getting. But im sure they make up the money in other ways. Thats how theyre able to afford to give you such high scale foods! I wish theyde tear down every hometown buffet in L.A and put one of these bad boys up. As far as the casino. Who cares. Just come here to eat. Excalibur has cool shops to! Cant wait to comeback with some extra spending cash!

posted by jerry_watkins on Dec 16, 2002

Not the best!

Rating: 6

I love the theme of this hotel, but that's about all!! Some of the shops were fun to look around in. The Cafe had great food, but the rest of the restaurants were expensive. The buffet was not good at all!! The pool was horrible...the whole thing was only 3 feet deep and it was freezing!! I wouldn't stay here again!

posted by irissiri on Sep 25, 2002

very cool casino

Rating: 10

Easy to get around , very nice people, and the food was grear.

posted by gharris53 on Aug 13, 2002

Profit In A Time Of Crisis

Rating: 7

The hotel was very nice it had a warm atmosphere and for the most part friendly staff. The one thing I didn't like was on Sept. 11 their rates went from $58 a night to $150 a night when they realized that the airports would be shut down. I couldn't belive it. It truely saddens me that they took this approach. I won't tell you whether to stay at this hotel or not. That decision is for you to decide.

posted by Tobias on Aug 12, 2002

Stay Here

Rating: 10

If you are looking for great food at a reasonable price. Excalibur is the place Sir Galahad's Prime Rib House. Is EXCELLENT the service OUTSTANDING the atmosphere ROMANTIC & PRIVATE. The rooms clean and in great condition!

posted by djimenez on Jul 26, 2002

Full of Fun

Rating: 9

Excalibur offers really classy rooms at a reasonable price. There's lots of things to do besides gambling and lots of great places to eat. It's location is very convenient being next to Luxor, New York, New York, MGM and Mandalay Bay. It's free and fun to ride the tram to Luxor or Mandalay Bay.

posted by flywithangels on Jul 26, 2002

Good buy

Rating: 7

ok place to stay for the price. nice pool, decent buffet.

posted by Richstephy1 on Jul 23, 2002

Vegas baby, Vegas

Rating: 8

Excalibur is a reasonably priced hotel with clean, spacious rooms. The bathrooms are a decent size as well. The casino offers great buffets for a great price. Trying to win some dollars is a whole different story though. But overall, it's a pleasant place to stay.

posted by kornkim on Jun 14, 2002

Didst thou inquire about yon lodging?

Rating: 8

As many have noticed my theme of the greatest arcades I've been to on the westcoast, Excalibur is positivlely ranked among them. The room is spacious and comfortable, but the TV is devoid of anything to watch. Hey, you're in Vegas; they don't want you in your room anyway. The breakfast buffet was a tasty surprise and the Jousting Tournament was opulent. Now, the main arcade here is not your run of the mill. It's several dozen sq. feet. of gaming enjoyment. From 360 degree space-combat simulators to classics like Pac-man and StreetFighter. Not as many pinball machines as could be there, the prices were average no bargin games that would keep you there all day, and the machines could be organized better. Forget the casino, just bring your button finger and a pocket full of quarters and you're a winner everytime.

posted by shadowphoenix on Jun 3, 2002

Disney tale gone wrong..

Rating: 5

Yes this place is based off of The Sword and the Stone but isn't as classy as Disney would have done it if it was their hotel. It's a great value in a great spot on the Strip though. There is average slot machines..nothing out of the ordinary, except the Krisy Kreme inside that's open 24 hours a day. The rooms are very basic with some medival times ornaments.

posted by xoxoscorpio on May 31, 2002

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Another Great Kid Hotel

The Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas is another great hotel to stay at if you have kids along.

What a great hotel!

The Excalibur hotel is indeed the perfect place for kids while in Las Vegas. The city can be quite overwhelming and such a hotel offers the kids all they need to feel entertained and at home. When I told them where we were going during our vacation they brought their Bleach swords but quickly realized that medieval swords are nothing like their slick Japanese swords. I really liked the fact that they actually learned something while there about Arthur and Merlin. They were even allowed to play with some fake swords and reenact a duel. We really did have a wonderful time. I recommend the hotel to anyone who has kids over 5 years old.

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