Dream South Beach

Vikram Chatwal's long-awaited Miami hotel. In fact, we're still awaiting it. Supposedly it will debut in Fall 2010.

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1111 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139-4604  United States

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Re: Hotel disgusting and unsanitary

Id love to know what year their pictures on their site are from?? They are FALSE ADVERTISING FOR SURE!
We booked the Dream Inn from 8-8-07 to 8-17-07.  
The room was disgusting.  The shower had not been cleaned in  sometime.  I have a video of the slime buildup on the shower walls, with my finger slicing through the grime. The carpets where filthy! No one bothers to look under the bed? And they never gave us soap after the first bar!  We had to go buy some!
  There was a spot on the sheets of one of the beds that was there EVERYDAY!  This was proof that the sheets were NEVER changed the whole time we were there! (5 DAYS!)  There were cigarette butts and garbage EVERYWHERE by the pool, and in ALL the plants.  You could not even enjoy the pool without getting cigarette butts stuck to your feet!  I'm an ex-smoker and it grossed ME out!  The pool also got  dirtier as the days went on so buy the 5fth day it was turning to sand water. You couldn't see the bottom.  It was also never cleaned. There was what looked like a condom by the pool on the cement...that was never picked up.  NO ONE cleaned  at ALL.  Just making the beds is not cleaning in my book!!  The balcony of our OCEANFRONT SUITE  was filled with filth and rust, and could not be enjoyed.  There was what looked like bird feces on the drawer handle in the kitchen. This also stayed there our entire stay.  There are no lights at night.  All the surrounding hotels pools are lit up at night with people having fun, and our grounds were BLACK!
 In my opinion it was totally unsanitary and inhabitable!  The manager is rarely ever there to complain to.  Being on vacation we had things planned, so we refused to wait around for the times he felt like being there, as it would have destroyed our reservations in places we planned to go,  further ruining our vacation.
I finally got to leave a phone complaint on an answering machine after also having to make several attempts at that, being told their mailbox was full!

We ended up calling the airline, and changing our flight. We came home 5 days early because of this nightmare.


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