Dream New York

A haute couture hotel created via the vision of hotel entrepreneur Vikram Chatwal. Dream's luxuriously appointed guest rooms are whimsically modern and adorned with the latest in technological delights.

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210 W 55th St

Partner Reviews: Dream New York

Funky Rooms

Rating: 6

I've stayed here on two occassions w/ friends and family. Both times I was greeted and treated w/ great service from a overly friendly staff. This hotel is def a combination of swank and sheak/contemporary. Get ready for a unique sleeping experience, and also get ready to pay for it. Not cheap, but worth it.

posted by mshalhoup on Oct 19, 2009

Bad service, long drink wait, terrible manager even worse server!

Rating: 2

Last night some friends of mine had an out of town guest that we wanted to meet up with and have a low key Sunday drink. Two of us live in Midtown West so we went for the Dream rooftop bar, big mistake! Me and a friend were the first to arrive when we were sat in the "first time cocktailing waitresses" section, she would take our order and then come back about 20 minutes later. We would be okay with it except she wasn't helping other tables, she was no where to be seen. I texted my friends that were coming and asked what they wanted to drink to try and help the process and she took even longer than before. I had enough and was ready to go, I asked to put 4 out of the 7 drinks on my tab. She came back 25 minutes later with a bill that was wrong, I asked her to redo it and give me the bill voided out, since she had already run it. It took her 3 more tries and she still didn't get it right, I paid cash for the one she kept forgetting. Finally the manager comes over to ask how she can help and I explain to her how the night has been and she gave us a bunch of excuses and offered us a free round, if we had another hour to putz around then I would had another but at this point it was all taking way to long. I declined and she then asked me if I was having fun and smiled blankly. Everyone at the table was shocked she was so rude but it all makes sense. If she is the one training the waitresses or at least managing them then that place has no hope. I would rather drink urine from a central park public bathroom than go to this place again.

posted by servicegonewrong on Jul 14, 2008

The rooftop bar is a Nightmare!

Rating: 2

From the moment we walked into the Dream Hotel, our nightmare began. It's pretty hard to dislike anywhere when alcohol and friends are combined - but this place totally missed the mark with it's pretentious attitude and strict rules. We wanted to leave before we'd finished our first drinks. If they weren't so overpriced we would have. There were more bouncers than waiters - and all of them wanted to make drinking with friends as difficult and unpleasant as possible. More than once, members of our party felt like we were back in school, and on detention! There is a cheap Irish bar down the road - and it turned out to be great fun. Go there instead!

posted by pmackint on Jun 26, 2008

Cool place for drinks!!

Rating: 6

Ok so my husband and I and another couple went to the rooftop lounge at Dream Hotel for drinks after seeing the tree/5th avenue. The martinis were GREAT. You'll pay $$ for them but they get the job done. I also brought my own box of Godiva chocolates to share and our server didn't even flinch at it. The music was a tad loud so it made talking and lounging hard but that could have been the DJ that night. This is a hot little spot for a post date drink or to meet a date that you aren't ready to do dinner with. It's got a nice romantic feel to it. I'm curious to stay at the hotel. Perhaps soon...

posted by giagrl on Jan 8, 2008

Gorgeous Roof-top Bar

Rating: 10

I have never stayed in the hotel before, but the roof-top bar is great! It has an equisite view of NYC and lots of creative drinks and a soothing atmosphere.

posted by krissstineeeee on Jun 6, 2007

Needs Improvement

Rating: 4

My cousin got me a night at Dream hotel for my birthday, she paid online and had a confirmation #. Upon arriving for check in, 1. there was no bell man on a Saturday night to take my bags or even open the door for me 2. they put me on the first floor in a smoking room, when I am not a smoker. The woman checking me in said there are no other rooms available and that the room was booked as a smoking room and that she couldn't help me. I called my cousin to ask if she had booked a smoking room, she said on the online reservations there was no option to select. So I asked to speak to a manager, who saw me distressed but walked away, came back 15 mins later, where I quickly tried to get his ear to hear my side of the story (my cousin even offered to fax in her confirm ) and again he abruptly turned away from me but fortunately he did have another room (unlike what I was told earlier) for me on a higher floor. I am disappointed in the service of this top tier hotel because the rate for my medium size room was $329 and to know that I was going to get a smoking room on the 1st floor, when I'm not even a smoker doesn't bode well for me. Plus the woman at the counter was being difficult by being curt and not listening to my side of the story but rather, "lying" and saying the room was booked as a smoking room. Clearly that was not true because my cousin had the confirm to show it wasn't booked as either. The room I got on the higher floor was nice, worth having a medium sized room versus the standard, offers more space. All in all, paying that much for a room, I would expect the employees at the hotel to be kinder to the guests.

posted by lucks on Apr 2, 2007

They put all the renovation money into the lobby and forgot about the rooms.

Rating: 4

This is the first time I've been compelled to write a review. I stay in a lot of upscale hotels in NY for business - and will never stay at this place again. It wouldn't be so bad if they had spent half as much money renovating the rooms as they spent on the lobby. It's well disguised when they bring you to your room and it's illuminated in neon blue. Then when the lights go on you see it for what it really is. The room itself is not completely horrible, but it's no where near what the hotel claims it to be, or how it appears on the website. My biggest gripe is the bathroom. Best Westerns off the interstate consistently have nicer bathrooms than this place. The paint is peeling off the walls, there's sloppy spackling, water stains, bubbles under the paint, and you can see where the new caulk ends and the old rusty stuff underneath begins on the tub tiles. Just shoddy, half-assed work. The TVs are nice flat screens but there's no HBO, no in-room movies, no express checkout like you would find another hotel in this price range. Not worth it.

posted by lolie212 on Dec 13, 2006

Nightmare on W. 55th St.

Rating: 4

Picky-Chick says: For a recent business trip to New York, I was interested in trying out a fairly new hotel recommended by a friend. "You should stay at the Dream Hotel. It's a really cool boutique in a great location." Well, he was right about the location, but not much else. While the decor is indeed cool and it is in fact a boutique, my experience was anything but what the name leads you to believe. It started at check-in. It was pouring outside and when I asked the receptionist if it was suppose to rain the following day her "deer in headlights" response was, "I don't know." I stood there waiting for her to say...anything, but nope. On to my room. I won't even delve into the fact that it was 10ft by 10ft and illuminated by a disturbing neon blue light...it is New York after all, but what I will tell you is everything else that went wrong. - Phone... a dead line...literally didn't work (used my blackberry as an alarm instead of a wake-up call). Thankfully, the phone system started working again at approximately 2am when the loudest ring I have ever heard nearly threw me out of bed. This happened two more times...no one there...just a happy-to-ring phone. - The TV offered nothing other than the basics. No movie options and when you are traveling for work...you want movie options. - Trying balance the air was a lost cause. The soothing "jump start" affect gave me the feeling of being in Hell's Kitchen (pre-2000). - The Internet access..."we are having technically difficulties with our internet connection." That was it for me. I threw on some clothes, zipped up my suitcase and got out of the hotel as quickly as I could. I have to be honest...since I checked out a day early and moved to the dependable W Hotel on Lexington, I didn't have an opportunity to scope out room service, the bar or really anything else. I can't say if they get the thumbs up or not. My advice...stick to what you know.

posted by pickychick on Sep 11, 2006

Not as bad as I thought...

Rating: 8

I started to read the reviews after I booked my room, I braced myself for bad service and crappy rooms, but you know what, it wasn't that bad. I do have to say, do not get the small room with the single, full-size bed. That room is way too small. I ended up upgrading to a room with a king-size bed, and it was much better. The beds are very comfortable, and I really did find all the hotel staff to be very helpful. The only exception was the bar staff, including the DJ, at the penthouse bar. They were a bit pretentious, but then again it is NYC in a hotel bar where everyone wants to be cool, so I didn't expect much out of them anyway. You can't expect much from a NY hotel. They are all going to be small unless you pay for a suite.

posted by bonkabonka on Oct 3, 2005

Horrendous Service

Rating: 2

I made a reservation for thirty people at Ava Penthouse Lounge. When my party arrived, however, we were informed that there was not room for everyone. Indeed, we were allocated a table for seven people. When we explained the situation to the doorman and lounge manager, we were told to "handle it" and go to another place. We then took our case to the night hotel manager, who refused to do anything and even refused to contact someone who had the authority to do something. Simply put, my experience at the Dream Hotel was the worst experience I have ever had at a nightclub or hotel. As someone who has lived in New York for many years and has traveled extensively, I have dealt with my share of surly bouncers, doormen and staff. However, I never have had someone treat me or my family with such contempt and disregard.

posted by samnyc on Sep 23, 2005

A Bachelorette's Dream Come True

Rating: 10

High fashion sleek design, 3 fabulous bars (especially the one of the penthouse and roof), giant two floor fish tank, and cozy rooms with sexy blue lighting. The key is the savy guests who have a "vegas Mentality" meaning what happens at Dream stays at Dream. Also the staff is very accomodating and many are aspiring models.

posted by snockcierge on Sep 2, 2005

User review from Citysearch

Rating: 4

For the small fortune I paid for a six night stay, I expected a lot more. The room was very small with a view of a brick wall. The bathroom was nice but almost as big as the bedroom. You are basically paying for a fancy lobby which isn't really that fancy--terrible value for your money. You could get the same room for half the price elsewhere in Manhattan.

posted by tooshocking on Jun 4, 2005

Should be called NIGHTMARE!

Rating: 2

I frequent quite a few hotels in New York each year. I have my favorites, but this is the first time that I will never re-visit a hotel again. Some may just have a bad day, but this was an overall bad experience! The service was the worst I have ever come across. Dishes sat from room service for two days. Room service was a chore in itself! Next day tried the restaurant... employees were fighting. Didnt receive even a drink for 20 minutes, and then it was wrong, food not cooked..... decor looked like it was a cheap overlay.

posted by shedevils13 on Feb 9, 2005

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