Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia

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237 S. Broad St.

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Minus The Room Service, Its Gets an 8.5

Rating: 8

The DoubleTree is reasonably priced, than the other hotels located on S. Broad. We were disappointed that everything closed SOOO early (7pm on a Friday night!!) but, during the day and weather permitting you can walk all of Center City. Didn't try the hotel restaurants after Room Service fiasco (horrible breakfast-go to Mama's across the street instead) and parking was $18 and was a little shady. Our room was very comfortable and the front desk staff gets a 10!We'd try somewhere else next time, but recommended for a couple night stay.

posted by dsjs217 on Feb 22, 2005

Double Good

Rating: 9

The Doubletree Hotel in Center City Philadelphia was fabulous. It is right on the Avenue of the Arts (S. Broad Street) a few blocks from city hall. When you check in, they give you cookies...Restuarants are conveniently located around the hotel. The view from our room was towards city hall.

posted by jungmark on Oct 28, 2002


Rating: 7

the have a beautiful court yard and a pool. But it's mostly business stay overs

posted by mocha1 on Oct 24, 2002

My favorite place to stay

Rating: 9

I consider the Doubletree my second home when I visit Philly (which is often). It's right in the middle of everything, and the staff (for the most part) treats us like royalty....right down to my favorite bellman Abdul stopping traffic so we could make a U-turn in front of the hotel. The rooms are nicely appointed and one need not leave the hotel to dine or to have a cocktail. The view and atmosphere are just great, although we have experienced a few noisy neighbors in the past. I haven't stayed in too many hotels in Philly and probably won't because I don't feel the need to search any further than this place.

posted by mhsouder on Aug 26, 2002

User Reviews: Doubletree Hotel Philadelphia

Eviction into Hurricane Irene

I booked 4 rooms for my guests to my bachelor party, 8-27-11, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Center City Philadelphia. At 3:30 PM, the first guests arrived and were actively pursued to their room by the GM for carrying a cooler. The GM was told the group would be out all night and will return for bed. GM approved.  At 2:30-3 AM a noise complaint was lodged and security arrived and warned one room. 5 minutes later security evicted 3 rooms for the complaint of one room into Hurricane Irene and state of emergency. At 5 AM security and police woke up room 4 to evict for association. Police convinced security there was no issue. Asst GM agreed after 30-45 mins for us to stay in lobby to my fiancé after we were already forced to seek shelter elsewhere. Rooms were also charged smoking fees for bogus claims after an expired cigar was found. Cameras out front would prove we had smoked and extinguished outside. Repeated attempts to resolve this with GM proved disrespectful and unsuccessful. GM stated that he felt 100% confident the incident was handled the right way. To say that anybody should be thrown into a hurricane for a noise complaint and then charged hundreds of dollars in additional fees is shocking. I simply wanted the bogus additional fees removed. Also, we can agree to disagree regarding the one room that caused the complaint, but the remaining 3 rooms should be comped for having their stay cut unnecessarily short.

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