Days Inn San Francisco Lombard

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2358 Lombard St

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Scammed at Surf Motel

Rating: 2

This was one of the worst motel experiences I've had in my life. It all started with them trying to scam us into a King room. THey told us we had reserved smoking and the only non-smoking they had left were larger. We fell for it and paid the extra 10 dollars. Afterwards we checked our reservation and it was for non-smoking. They were clearly scamming us. Aside from that, the beds only comme with two small pillows, making it uncomfortable to sit in bed and watch TV. It is located on a busy street and the walls offer zero insulation from the noise. There was an ironing board but no iron. And the toilet made a weird noise like a sick cow when you flush it. Motel 6 or Super 8 would have been better for the money.

posted by dwbarker74 on Jul 5, 2006

Stay Away from the Surf!

Rating: 1

I made reservations for 2 rooms for relatives from out of town, and I put in the request that the 2 rooms be next to or near one another. Not only did the hotel claim that they only had a reservation for just 1 room, but they insisted on arguing they were right, even though it was obvious they had vacancies! After finally giving them the 2 rooms, they were far apart, and they were filthy. Don't let the low prices and the big ads in the yellow pages fool you -- the hassle was not worth it!

posted by carlo_ablaza on Jul 22, 2003

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