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Twelve floors, 250 rooms, Lobby lounge, Restaurant, Heated pool, Pool bar & Grill, Poolside cabanas, Stadium sundeck, DJ’s nightly, Art room, Fitness rooms, Bazaar, Fire pit

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8639 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90045-2463  United States

Partner Reviews: Custom Hotel

Great Lounge...

Rating: 10

A friend and I found ourselves meeting friends at this spot because BJ's in FoxHills was outrageous with their 1hr 45min wait. Not knowing what to expect, it was awesome... Not very large but there is enough room to mingle. Hosts were pleasant, prices not bad. This night happened to be a highschool homecoming for Washington Prep and Westchester High, so lot of lookie loos... loll... Outside was even better, pool, cabana, fireplace... yes, will be going back here' 4 Low Key enjoyment, right down the street from the office`...

posted by BGnLA on Dec 15, 2009

Quirky and cool

Rating: 8

During the summer the Custom hotel has had rockin' pool parties. There are hidden gems throughout the hotel and secrets to solve just within the architecture. Ask someone there in the know and they will explain what I mean!

posted by LaMaria on Dec 15, 2009

Terrible Service

Rating: 2

The Custom Hotel used to be a convenient place to stay, sadly the service has depreciated over time. I had better service at the Ralph's next door. M My friends were looking for a convenient place to stay close to Venice that was not too pricey so we selected the Custom Hotel. On Saturday they were kicked out of the pool area for a Private Party. Mind you these people are in their sixties on vacation. There was no signage posted that the pool would be closing at 4:00pm and the staff had no idea what was going on. They wanted to have a few drinks with friends before dinner but the hotel bar was closed and the pool was closed due to a private party so we spent our money elsewhere. When we asked the front desk where we could entertain our guests before dinner they had no clue. The hotel manager literally laughed in their face when they asked if he could send a bottle of wine up to the room to accomodate the lack of options to entertain guests in the hotel. This hotel wanted to be like the W, what a joke. This hotel is trashy and has the worst service ever.

posted by Cyrano19 on Jul 13, 2009

Worst Possible Service

Rating: 2

Asked for late checkout after a company holiday party...had our door knocked on twice for housekeeping. Was cheap-shot punched outside by an angry guest, with security warned, nothing was done. We were jipped on our food we payed for during the party. The rooms are the worst attempt at being modern. The weird faces in the elevator creeped everyone around me out. Bartenders stole a Christmas gift given to an employee at the party. Parking was supposed to be $10 and when we checked out, suddenly it was $22. Hotel had NO idea where our compnay credit card would have been when it was given to the hotel manager. There was NOTHING appealing about this hotel. Security was a joke. Customer service was poor. What's the point of being ganted late checkout when 2 employees are asking when you're leaving?

posted by dasfeesh on Dec 17, 2008

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Custom Hotel - An Awesome Experience

Rating: 10

We decided on Custom Hotel to host our Friday night rehearsal dinner for about 55 of our out-of-town guests - families and friends who flew in for our wedding on Saturday. The event turned out spectacular. We had apps, drinks & dinner at the Bistrotek, complete with hors d'oeuvres, wine & beer, the main course, and dessert...then went back to the Hopscotch to drink & relax. The experience was awesome, and we would do it again at Custom with zero hesitation. We got rave reviews from our families and friends. Everyone loved the ambiance - my stepsister says she's hoping to find a place just like that for her wedding in NC (or somewhere). Everyone loved the food (one of our toughest customers - my now-wife's cousin - a tough customer - said it was "the best chicken he'd ever had," and a lot of other people said similar things. The waiters/waitresses/bartenders were of the highest caliber and were just plain awesome. Tammi and Lorena, who set up the deal with us & helped set the whole thing up, took excellent care of us - they were incredibly professional, were there at the actual event, and knowing they were watching over everything just helped drive home the knowledge that we were in really good hands. Even the guys who helped us get our music working beforehand were super-cool and helpful. The budget really worked out well for us. Even the kids - age 2-6 - loved hanging out in the room we booked (watching "The Incredibles"). As my 6-year-old niece put it, "This is toootally awesome!!" The only blip the whole evening was a mixup with the valets - we wanted to cover our guests' valet charges, & that didn't wind up happening - but in the grand scheme of things, that was really minor. Overall, our friends & family had an incredible time, we were blown away by how well everything worked out & what a stellar experience it was. Custom (and especially Tammi) really came through for us, and it was a night we'll have warm, glowing memories of for a really long time.

posted by jooonathan on Aug 24, 2008

over rated - poorly done

Rating: 2

If all you need is a place to crash a few hours than it's fine, but the basic room isn't very nice. There is no mini bar as the website states which is unfortunate because there is an awesome gourmet market across the street. There is no little refrigerator. The bathroom and room are extremely small. While the decor is very IKEA modern, the room lacks comfort. It was poorly arranged, ie TV in awkward position. Bathroom is like someone's tiny apartment restroom. There is no little closet area. Just a metal pole to hang stuff from so if you have a lot of stuff it will be strewn everywhere. Honestly, I may have been better off at a holiday inn. I dig their attempt at modern but after a long day of traveling, it is not the comfort place that you look forward to relaxing in. Free wi -fi though. free glass o wine and free expresso at check in. Good to party in but not for a true getaway.

posted by kitness1 on Aug 22, 2008

Saving Lives During Layovers

Rating: 10

So a friend of mine was one of many unfortunate people to be stuck about a month ago when American Airlines cancelled a bunch of flights. Since she had to stay the night, and my studio apartment just wasn't going to cut it, she decided to check out Custom. I had been by a few times to check out the pool party they have on Sunday and really was impressed by how un-airport hotel it was. I mean the LAX hotel selection is crappy to say the least but it looks like someone has finally realized that there is a void to be filled. The design throughout the place is great and I really liked the diner where we had breakfast the next morning. All in all, the hotel really allowed us to turn a bad situation into a mini-vacation and I would totally recommend it to anyone traveling on business who does want to be stuck in some rundown airport chain hotel.

posted by MatildaMarcus on May 28, 2008

fakin the funk

Rating: 2

I have never met such a rude, uninformed staff anywhere in my life. The staff at this hotel are not helpful and act as though they are too cool to even care to acknowledge any questions or concerns. This hotel tries to portray a sophisticated modern design image through cheap ikea furniture and dog blankets. Also, the deals look great online but once you arrive you will unavoidably be nickel and dimed your entire stay. I would recommend not to ever patronize this business, you will only leave feeling broke and disappointed.

posted by customer102 on May 20, 2008

Who would've thought?

Rating: 8

Judging from the outside this place doesn't look like much, but it's surprisingly modern and cool inside. I know that a lot of airlines that force delayed flights on travelers have them stay here. The hotel has a full-on restaurant and a poolside bar. Although I haven't actually stayed in one of the rooms, based on the way the lobby and other areas look, they must be pretty nice.

posted by marpop on Mar 4, 2008

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