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The Claremont Resort & Spa is a Four-Diamond property located on 22 acres overlooking San Francisco Bay, approximately 18 miles from Oakland International Airport and 25 miles from San Francisco International Airport. Majestically resting on 22 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, its panoramic views of the Bay and city skyline are unequalled.

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41 Tunnel Rd

Partner Reviews: Claremont Resort & Spa

Best Brunch

Rating: 6

I went for Mother's Day Sunday Brunch in 2006 and it was and still is the best buffet bruch I have ever been to! So much selection of truly fine foods

posted by MissGB on Aug 26, 2008

Worst Service Ever...Ended Up in Emergency Room

Rating: 2

I went to get a facial and to wax my upper lip. The esthetician did not know what she was doing and gave me first degree burns on my upper lip. I was concerned my upper lip would be SCARRED. I spent the next day in the Emergency Room to treat the burns. I ended up walking around with a big red scab across my upper lip for a week. My appointment was on 12/20/07 and I was promised a "refund" for this inconvenience. Now it is 1/27/08 and I have been calling them every week to find out when my refund would be posted and they keep claiming the refund was posted already in a batch. I have yet to get my money back. Go at your own risk!

posted by RubyLovely on Jan 27, 2008

Great massge, worst customer service

Rating: 6

While the mausseuses are excellent and really deliver top notch massage services, the decor is looking pretty dated and downright shabby in places and the desk and reservation staff are next to useless. My stress level goes up every time I try to check in for a service. The desk staff seem to have hearing or spelling problems and while the entire tone of the experience should start at the door, I find myself girding for what is worse experience than checking in for an airline flight. They seem to take forever to find me, ask for the spelling of a very simple five letter last name repeated times. and then are very officious about the credit card that you had to leave to make the reservation, and they would be all too quick to charge if I were a no-show, "We need to swipe your card." It's bad enough that I've complained to management but they persist in their very unwelcoming policies. The staff is also snotty, as if working at a spa confirms some special status.

posted by vivo2 on Aug 12, 2007

A whole new world just miles away

Rating: 10

Always up for a hunt to discover a great spa, I took advice on visiting Claremont. The architecture has seen better days, but the pros send the cons far out of sight. I've enjoyed their "Journey" massages enough to give them as gifts, and the Tibetan Sound massage...Mmm. I don't usually nap during treatments (and the room was ridiculously bright) and I was skeptical, but I went into a deep trance and came out to a relaxed clarity; smooth w/a chill happiness. I recommend booking an afternoon journey. Marinate in the offerings of a chill getaway thats 10 minutes away from the city. Spend the day building for the reward; explore the workout facilities(gym, tennis, and a couple of pools), use a shower in the spa, take a bath overlooking the city, taste the restaurants on sight, and of course the treatment. Take many deep breaths and indulge all of the senses b/c they will all be catered to. Whatever you want, tell them, like all great spas, they will oblidge.

posted by jdawn on Nov 10, 2006

Gorgeous property, terrible service

Rating: 8

The property is gorgeous. However, the service at the front desk and in the gift shop is atrocious. As a seasoned traveler, it's been a long time since I've encountered such lazy, insolent workers. A shame, because the hotel really is nice.

posted by bolleworld on Jul 25, 2006

Poor service, nice views

Rating: 7

For $525 spa/room package, I expected better service. Front desk staff were extremely slow and unfriendly .. on multiple occasions. Fitness Center staff were not very welcoming of hotel guests which I couldn't quite figure out and acted reluctant to book tennis courts despite it being included. We were also told to use the bathroom in the hotel lobby if we were playing tennis ... not exactly nearby ... despite there being a working bathroom in the Fitness Center. Overall, very disappointed.

posted by bhazelrigg on Jun 10, 2003

East Bay ecstasy

Rating: 9

Take it from a SF native...If you're looking for a great Day Spa just outside the City, try The Claremont. Only minutes from the Bay Bridge, you can lose yourself in true ecstasy. I purchased the Classic package --- a wonderful value. Don't pass up the meal card at the Bayview and dine poolside (in your robe) with fantasic views from the Berkeley hills. Enjoy!!!

posted by kaukini on Oct 25, 2002

User Reviews: Claremont Resort & Spa

Even though it is old...

this posh palace in Oaktown will always be one of my favorites.  Great view of Oakalnd, Berkley and The City in the distance.  The parking situation always bothers me, here, but this place is one of a kind.

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