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1700 Collins Ave

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Spend your annual bonus without remorse

Rating: 8

This is one of the places that you have to stay at least once. Highly recommend for that special occasion. I just wanted to spend my bonus check and look at the beautiful people, ha-ha. Be prepared to spend some ca$h on this one. I stayed right after they finished renovating the rooms - so everything was new. Beds are super comfy, view is breathtaking. Only drawback is that their elevators seem to be original ones circa 1936. Slooooooowwwww. Infinity pool deserves special mentioning - this is one of a kind pool in South Beach. I loved swimming there early mornings. Breakfast was nice and enjoyable (and of course pricey). National is next door to Delano and its super fab bar. They happen to shoot CSI episode the day I was checking in, Haven't seen any celebs, but they had amazingly beautiful models. So if you dig that kind of scene - nudge, nudge, wink, wink... P.S. Ah yes, room service was great and they have the most comfortable beach chairs too. Of course location, location, location... Hope you will find my review helpful.

posted by AVB2008 on Oct 2, 2008

User review by julesnyc1

Rating: 10

Excellent stay at the National. The entire staff was incredibly attentive and friendly. It became a joke by the end of the weekend how sweet and helpful everyone was. And the pool is far the most relaxed I've been in a long time was floating in the pool then drinking a mango dacquiri in the hammock. delightful!!

posted by julesnyc1 on Sep 26, 2005


Rating: 10

Returned from the National Hotel yesterday after five days there for my husband's birthday - absolutely loved it! We stayed in a cabana room which had obviously just been redone - very clean, stylish, large, and comfortable. The front desk was very friendly - let us check in two hours early. We used the lounge chairs/towels/umbrellas provided by the hotel every day - worth the small fee. Two pools were beautiful. Bar by the pool was great for drinks and lunch. Bar in the lobby was great. We went there almost every night for a pre-dinner drink. Perfect location - between the Delano and the Lowes and across the street from Lincoln Road. We will return to the National as soon as possible. It must be pretty fabulous considering one of the guys from "Queer Eye" was staying there while I was there - I saw him in the lobby.

posted by rosa727 on Apr 1, 2004

Won't recommend.

Rating: 3

I wasn't expected much, but this hotel still disappoints. Services were good, pools & lobby beautiful, but that's about it. Rooms in main hotel were *very* old (nothing like website's pic). Toilet & bathroom fan was extremely loud (we've to close door to sleep). Minibar wasn't restocked. Walls so thin I was awaken twice by next room's cell phone ring! Curtain won't close, no electrical outlet...etc. This hotel misses all the details - Check in/out takes forever (with no line). We've to sign slip to ensure beach towels are returned. Extra mandatory charge for NY Times & use of pools. $20 for daily parking. That's on top of the $200 room rate!

posted by nyc_gal_123 on Feb 2, 2003


Rating: 3

Everything, from the $7 fee per day they charge for use of the pool (that's not what the nightly rate covers??), to the crowd at the pool, to the key cards that are deactivated exactly at 11 am, even before you are checked out, to the people mixing their own drinks out of brown paperbags in the lobby, to the shabby furniture in the rooms. My friends thought our room wasn't so bad and certainly the two pools in the back are beautiful and the staff on the beach and at the pool were all very nice, but that's the least I expect when I'm paying almost $200 for a room in the off season. Overall I wouldn't stay here again.

posted by irina on Jun 11, 2002

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