Chateau Marmont

This place has been always been the hotel of choice for celebrites. An old Hollywood talent manager once told his clients, "If you get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont." From John Belushi to the hotel's resident Eloise--Lindsay Lohan--this hotel has seen it all. Even its owner, Andre Balazs is practically a celeb himself.

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8221 W Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA, 90046-2413  United States

Partner Reviews: Chateau Marmont

Great Party Hotel and Spirit

Rating: 10

Fun place to have a party and you cannot argue with the history...

posted by troywarkentin on Jan 21, 2010

Not worth it unless they seat you outside

Rating: 4

It was a beautiful evening so we decided to eat in at the Chatueau Marmont's garden restaurant; however, when we got there they sat us in an inside room by ourselves ...insisting there was no room in the garden. But as we sat there we saw them seating lots of folks. And yes, I know they hold tables for folks staying at the hotel but the folks we saw were not. Anyway, what was really disappointing was the food and service...very poor.

posted by Cannerob on Jul 30, 2009

Typical Hollywood restaurant with overpriced cusine, poor service and a fake facade

Rating: 4

This review is not for the hotel, but for the restaurant within the Chateau Marmont. We were a party of 5 seated promptly. The atmospehere in the Chateau Marmont is whimsical and sophistcated which I hoped would bring a great experience, but at the end of the meal I was greatly dissapointed. Everything took forever, our reservations were at 7:30Pm and we didn't leave until 11:00PM. I had thought the entrees would have been worth the wait, but when they arrived there wasn't anything to remember. We had to finally go to the front to acquire our check and pay the $400 tab. The Chateau Marmont restaurant is just another Hollywood restaurant with overpriced food, poor service and a false reputation.

posted by hangerone on Mar 8, 2009

old charm hollywood

Rating: 10

spending a weekend in a private bungalow was just so romantic .....we live in la but if you want to get away is the place. .The staff is very courteous and helpful.Great swimming pool area and the lobby is very inviting for drinks and relaxing

posted by dolcevita79 on Aug 7, 2007

We were treated like Royalty!

Rating: 10

WOW! what an amazing place. We were given the biggest room on the first floor. You literally just walked from dinner to your room. Felt like we had a secret entrance to the castle that no one knew about and the room was HUGE with views so you could see who else was staying there. The hotel service was to die for from personal directions for walking the hills from Benedict to wine suggestions from Elizabeth. The pool was a blast and even Clare Danes sunbathed right down from us. Unbelievable the amount of star power we saw from the new arrivals from England to Christopher LLoyd himself. If you only do it once, you should do it right at the Chateau you must stay at least two days so you can have breakfast and dinner in the garden and drinks in the lobby. Just sit back and enjoy yourself. Guests are treated like royalty!

posted by bethe_and_paula on Aug 7, 2007

If you must get into trouble, go to the Marmont

Rating: 10

Great hotel. A classic, really. The sense of history is beyond compare. The rooms are cozy and have an understated grace. If you can afford it - you must stay here.

posted by sj2000 on Apr 23, 2007

It depends on how you look at it...

Rating: 8

My family was in town and we stayed at the Chateau in one of the 2-bedroom suites which seemed like a good idea. Even though we were 3 floors up and to the back of the building, there was a horrible noise coming from below one of our windows which kept us up for most of the night. We made a complaint to the front desk to request a room maybe one or two floors up to relieve us from the noise. Well, we must have been the lucky 100th customer that day because we ended up in Bungalow 1 the size of an average home here in Los Angeles!! It would be a tease to explain the dimensions of this unit and its amenities, but let me just say, we now understand why La Lohan did not want to leave this place!! We did eat once in the restaurant, but the service was REALLY slow. We also sat outside on the patio and had lunch and unless you are self conscious, expect a lot of stares. We capped off our stay having a few friends over and staying up late in the lobby, which was just how I would like to remember this wonderful Hollywood landmark. I just dont think it would be the same if we ever go back...

posted by elisehwall on Oct 24, 2006


Rating: 6

PLEASE...this place is so completely overated. I went to a "Wedding Reception" in noe of the suites with a balcony slightly overlooking Sunset. I was not impressed. The room was a little dingy and the place just didn't feel clean. "Luxurious" did not come to mind.

posted by digdoug2001 on Oct 4, 2006

I love this place

Rating: 8

I like the views from the rooms, the french architecture and the bar within the hotel. I often come to LA because I have a pet parrot that stars in many movies and I swear that she loves the rooms more than I do. Granted I have to sneak her in. When I am in LA, it's all about the Chateau Marmont.

posted by timtest100 on Sep 12, 2006

This is where I go for a vacation away from L.A.

Rating: 10

I love this hotel! I have stayed here several times over the past 4 years and it's just fantastic. I have stayed in the poolside bungalows and in the junior suites within the hotel. I prefer the junior suites but the closeness to the pool from the bungalows is nice too. This is the hotel I go to when I need to "get away" from L.A. The reviewer who said this is the most comfortable bed they have ever slept in is right on! I had to check the tags on the bed so I could get these at home! The pool is great and feels secluded despite being just a few yards from Sunset! How the hell I don't hear the cars going by is beyond me!

posted by Crow331 on Dec 23, 2005


Rating: 10

Its LA baby, its where you can wear anything be anyone and bump into the celebs or just the average joe. The rooms are better then any, the beds and sheets are the best bev hills bel air doesnt matter they have nothing on this place. You can feel it in the air. Dont expect to see any celebs and dont be surprised if you do. No cameras please!!!!!

posted by iceblue on Mar 11, 2005

24 Hour everything

Rating: 10

This is what they told us when we asked, "Do you have 24 hour room service?" The grounds are beautiful. The room - we had a cottage - was great. I enjoyed that it felt secluded while inside the cottage even though it wasn't. One of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept on. Had breakfast delivered to the pool; delicious. You can hear what's happening on Sunset Blvd. without it being a distraction. Highly, highly recommend.

posted by msb1021 on Jul 1, 2004

Because true glamour eschews pretense

Rating: 10

The Chateau is understated chic in that "I'm wearing blue jeans to your 4-star restaurant because I am too rich to care" kind of way. I've stayed here number of times, and I'm always struck by the staff's egalitarian hospitality--the boxer-shorts-clad rock star wandering the halls is treated with the same warmth and dignity as a captain of industry. Vintage touches--from the Chateau's previous incarnation as a residential hotel--lend immense charm to the rooms. Lastly, the Chateau is beyond the petty nickle-and-diming of other L.A. properties. The last time I stayed, while someone was checking in ahead of me, the manager offered me a fresh pear. (All I've ever gotten at the Hotel Bel Air was a $3.50 charge everytime I made a local call to check my answering machine in Hollywood.) If you've got a touch of cultured Bohemianism in you, never stay elsewhere.

posted by jennerbishop_citysearch on May 21, 2002

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