Catalina Hotel

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The Catalina Resort is a value oriented hotel located in South Beach, only 2 blocks from the Miami Beach Convention Center.

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1732 Collins Ave

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Don't bother

Rating: 4

I have stayed at the Ritz Plaza on a few occasions, but this latest visit will be my last. The service was deplorable. The valet service was horrible. You will wait at least 20 minutes for your car. They usually have one person that must run 4 blocks away to retrieve your vehicle. They used to park the cars on the street next to the hotel, but the city recently placed meters there so now the cars are parked four blocks away. The front desk employees were apparently annoyed to be working there and the house cleaning was sub par. There is on going construction between the pool area and the beach so watch out on your way to the ocean. The one redeeming factor was the nice Argentinian gentleman at the pool bar. He was very nice and helpful and tried to get our food as quickly as possible.

posted by joeyren on May 25, 2004


Rating: 2

The service is now almost as bad as the property itself. When we arrived, there was no valet, no bellman, and no one at the front desk. The tables were set in the lobby for a big meal, but there's no restaurant. Reserved and paid for a king-size bed, and got a full bed in a room the size of a king-size bed. The bathroom was smaller than most linen closets, and the air conditioning in the room didn't work. It was simply too bad to put into words here.

posted by joeseagl on Mar 6, 2004

Putting on the Ritz... NOT!

Rating: 5

NEVER judge a book by it's cover. My advice, wait until the Ritz Carlton opens later this year. This place has more in common with the cracker than with any establishment that may come to mind. Rooms are subpar for the amount you pay. Elevator is slow when it isn't broken. The pool was a great escape from the rooms, too bad you couldn't sleep there. Saving Grace: The Staff. They were excellent, easily comparable to what you would find at a higher-rated hotel. They, along with the poor unsuspecting guests, deserve better.

posted by truthbetold on Apr 23, 2003

No Stars

Rating: 2

I don't know how this place got 3 stars on Expedia. All you're paying for is location. The rooms were...well, I think the Spartans probably lived better. The minute I saw the lobby I knew I'd made a mistake. I would say "you get what you pay for" since I got a deal on the rate -- but I'm in town frequently and you can get just as good a deal in better properties. I recommend you do so.

posted by obviousman on Jun 13, 2002

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