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Welcome to the Caliente Tropics Resort in Palm Springs, California where we bring the island ambiance of Polynesia to life. One of the finest remaining examples of Tiki and Polynesian styled Palm Springs hotels built in the 60's and completely updated for the 21st Century, the Caliente Tropics Resort reflects the look of 1964 while offering the spacious luxury and convenience demanded by today's guests.

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411 E Palm Canyon Dr

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This Place is Dangerous, and left un-attended at night! Beware!

Rating: 6

The Caliente Tropics Resort FAILS to let it's guests know that there is NOT someone on the property OR available to attend to emergencies after a certain hour. I locked myself out of my room at 5:30AM as I was going back to get my final luggage for the car, and there was NO ONE on duty to help me at all! The office was completely dark and locked, and the sign on the door said to use the courtesy phone to the right, to call for assistance after hours. I was connected to an answering service, and after being placed on hold for what seemed like an eternity, I was informed that the On-Call personnel could not be reached! I was told that they would keep trying to reach somebody. Meanwhile, it was about 43 degrees outside and I was freezing. I wound up calling the police who showed up only to tell me that I needed to contact the hotel people. (Duh!) The morning clerk FINALLY showed up and apologized for the inconvenience. I was comped for my last night stay for my trouble BEGRUDGINGLY by the Regional Manager, who was smug and arrogant on the phone to me, and tried to make it seem like the whole thing was MY fault. Folks, DON'T waste your time with this place. It is DANGEROUS! especially if you have young children, or an expensive car, as this is a trap for any suspicious character, burglar, vandal, car t h e i f, or homeless person who happens to get the urge to make a move. There will be NO ONE will on site to offer you any assistance. Stay at the Marriott or the Wyndham or any REPUTABLE place that can at least offer security. (Heck, the TRAVELODGE is right next door, and they had someone there 24/7. CALIENTE TROPICS = LOSERS!

posted by fedupwearytraveller on Dec 4, 2006

Adorable Pool, Nice Rooms, Really Cheap

Rating: 10

This is one of the best motel values, bar none. Lovely, nicely furnished rooms, good air-conditioning, charming pool/spa area. It's close enough to downtown, yet in a quiet area. Rooms are fairly quiet, too, though it might be I lacked neighbors, since I went at the height of the hot summer, and the place was not full. The front desk is friendly. The continental breakfast is just packaged pastry, juice, and coffee, but you can serve yourself and get all you want. And it's included in the price. Nice outdoor seating area, too. This is where I will stay if I go to Palm Springs again, I'm not even interested in going anywhere else.

posted by 15bigones on Jul 28, 2006

Unique, fun and excellent value for the money

Rating: 10

The Caliente is so much more enjoyable than the typical chain hotel, and it's a bargain for what you get. The rooms are very pleasant----there's a Tiki theme without at all being tacky. There are great touches like a Polynesian-style blanket and mirror, a '50s style ice bucket, a cool nightstand etc. The toiletries are Givenchy, and even the carpeting is stylish. The pool is one of the few hotel pools I've been at that is big enough to do laps in, and the jacuzzi at night, with tiki torches burning nearby, is awesome. And the staff is helpful and nice (and the lobby smells like coconut!). Overall, this is a much nicer place than hotels at twice the price.

posted by olsonmex on Mar 5, 2005

This Place is Terrific!

Rating: 10

The room was great and grounds are terrific, espcially the pool. The continental breakfast was very good and you get a paper at your door step every morning. I loved the Reef Bar!!! The staff is well groomed and friendly. Having an onsite massage services is a nice touch. Parking was never a problem, since this is a "motor motel" and orientated around the auto. Another observation, the clientle was interesting to observe. It was a very mixed crowd, old and young, straight and gay. There were a few families with children. People were very quiet, but friendly. People staying here wanted quiet and simplicity of a bygone era. There still needs to be some tweaking done with the hotel, it is a work in progress. I'm sure that the within a few years this place will be humming along like a finely tuned machine.

posted by sctrojan on Jun 13, 2004

Tropical Paradise!

Rating: 10

I loved my stay at the Caliente Tropics. A Tiki/Hawaiian theme was incorporated in every aspect of the motel, from the tropical room decor, to the beautifully crafted tikis throughout the grounds. It was a treat to tour the grounds for these unique treasures. My room was clean, the mattress comfortable, and the custom embroidered pool towels were a nice touch. I enjoyed the cucumber melon body soap. It was a far cry from your typical chain's harsh deodorant soap. It was great to receive complimentary daily non-alcoholic beverages, newspaper and continental breakfast. The staff was courteous, fast and friendly. The patio and bar was truly a site to behold. It was wonderful to relax in the patio area, take in the atmosphere, while enjoying a delicious exotic drink from the bar. The Caliente Tropics was truly a tropical paradise. I plan on visiting again and again.

posted by cheekytikigirl on May 28, 2004

Great Time at the Caliente Tropics

Rating: 10

I recently stayed at the Caliente Tropics Resort and had a wonderful time immersing myself in American Polynesia circa the early 1960s. The rooms and the service were absolute first-rate. My room was spacious and comfortable and the tiki-polynesia theme ran throughout every detail - from the tikis on the shampoo and lotion bottles, to the embroidered tikis on the oversized pool towels, to the . The complimentary pool-side breakfast was delicious

posted by galande on May 26, 2004

My stay at the Tropics

Rating: 10

My stay at the Caliente Tropics was one that I will remember for a long time to come. The rooms are very spacious & the decor and archetecture is themed from a Tropical/Polynisian yesteryear. The A/C works great after spending time in the boiling sun. The pool is huge and always kept top notch. The resturant and the "Reef" bar are perfect. The showers and Cable T.V. work beautifully, and everything seemed so homey. The Hotel staff were all very freindly and were willing to help us with our credit card problem. I just recently found out it is a historical site too!! I really couldn't find anything wrong with my stay at the tropics and would take staying there over any other resort in Palm Springs at 1/2 the price.

posted by giantrobottiki on May 25, 2004

Palm Springs "Hot" spot

Rating: 10

Truely a oasis in the desert. Very nice, upgraded rooms and amenities. Wonderful tropical atmosphere of the grounds and the new "Reef" lounge is great. A must see & stay in PS Trustar

posted by trustar on May 18, 2004

Caliente Tropics a Polynesian Delight

Rating: 10

The Caliente Tropics is an architectural & restorationist's dream. It is a Polynesian Gem with amenities and customer service that are outstanding. For a unique experince with taste, style, and history, the Tropics should not be missed.

posted by tikigal on May 17, 2004

A Tropics Trip is like timetravelling!

Rating: 10

WOW! I recently spent a few magical days in the 1960's! The Caliente Tropics took me back to the Tiki world that I always wish I could have experienced, (but was too young) I spent an afternoon in a pool surrounded by exotic Hawaiian Tiki decor, the bar is amazing, truly one of a kind. The minute I stepped into their enchanting lobby, I felt I left the rest of the world behind. The Caliente Tropics made me feel like a King, from the giant beach towels to the complimentary (and extensive) breakfast, to the complimentary soft drinks. I don't think I could ever stay at a "generic" hotel again.

posted by dennymoynahan on May 17, 2004

Great Time!

Rating: 10

Caliente Tropic is a great place to relax and enjoy alittle bit of the tropics in Palm Springs. It is truely an oasis in the desert. The grounds are spectacular, as well as the ammenities & management. My wife & I highly recommend.

posted by t_bird on May 17, 2004

A Mid-Century Modern treat

Rating: 8

If you are a fan of tiki and sixties motor lodges, I recommend this place. The spirit has been preserved, intact. This is not like a Motel 6. The place has a much nicer feel than a "motor lodge", probably because all the basic (and little) touches are higher quality. The place is very clean and the staff is thoughtful. There are Tikis, too! There is even a real tiki bar on the premises.

posted by blippy on May 17, 2004

tropical paradise

Rating: 10

The Caliente Tropics is amazing! My husband and I wanted to elope, some place quiet and beautiful and we found the Tropics, an affordable hideaway! The rooms are spacious, the beds and linens, first class! But the BEST thing about the tropics, is the decor and the friendly service. The staff is always ready to make your stay special. we returned for our one year anniversary, and treated ourselves to massages, on site, in the luxurious tropics spa. Heaven! It's like a little bit of the islands, tucked away in Palm Springs! Thanks to the Tropics staff for getting our marriage off to a good start!

posted by mrs_pineapple on May 17, 2004

The 60's are back!

Rating: 8

The hotel once was famous for luring the rich and famous including in one story, Elvis and Nancy Sinatra. There were many regulations in this hotel as mentioned in an earlier review, but none of that applied to the pool area. Guests were allowed to rough house, be very loud and throw tennis smacking me upside the head. The inexpensive rates at this hotel propbably will account for the caliber of folks checking in. A truly beautiful property, just lots of trailer trash checking in.

posted by samsen on Jul 6, 2003

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Great Hotel

This hotel is central in location when you are in Palm Springs and it was redone a couple of years ago it is great!!

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