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Caesars Palace is a modern wonderland of luxury and excitement and is widely recognized among the world's greatest hotels. Caesars Palace is home to the Garden of the Gods, a 4.5 acre pool complex and a world class 22,000 sq. foot fitness center and spa. All rooms in the Palace Tower have nine foot ceilings, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

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3570 Las Vegas Blvd S

Partner Reviews: Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Nice But Below The Top Hotels

Rating: 8

I stayed at Caesars several weeks ago. Check-in was easy although I was given a non-smoking room when I requested smoking. My room in the Forum tower was nice but unspectacular. There are some nice amenities like guest robes and a tv in the bathroom. My room has a shower only which was an unpleasant surprise. The property is very far flung with vast distances between certain areas. For example, the pool by the Palace tower is really far from the Forum tower. The layout is very confusing. I spent some time stuying the property map before my arrival which helped a lot. Prepare to get lost. The casino offers a wide variety of table games and machines. There are a number of very good restaurants and a food court which was better than expected. The Cafe Lago buffet includes a seafood tower for each table which was nice. Service was okay but I expected better. In spite of renovations, the hotel looks its age in spots. Pros: wide variety of games, very good restaurants. Cons: Inattentive check-in staff, confusing layout, showing its age a bit

posted by CSMobileUser3 on Nov 23, 2009

A bit pricey, but very nice.

Rating: 10

I stayed at Caesars Palace once back in 2002, but I was very happy with both the service and our room. We were greeted at the desk by Robert, and he was very thorough. He explained everything and told us where our room was (and it was what we requested). The Casino was great and the Forum shops really blew our mind the first time we were there ( an internal hotel mall as big as our local mall's back home). Since then the Casino is even better, and the Forum shops have grown even bigger. We make it a point to visit the Cheesecake factory as our first stop every visit. The aquarium just outside the Cheesecake Factory is also very cool to see, as is the Mythology animated show just in front of the aquarium (on every hour I believe). We did/have not spent much time in Caesars restaurants, so I can't comment on them. We have seen shows there in the past which have been very good (Celine Dion, and Elton John). I was not much of a Celine Dion fan, but the show was still good. In a nutshell, we had great service, rooms were very nice and clean, the casino was great, and it was very central to the LV Strip.

posted by Squid42 on Sep 13, 2008

Woke up covered in Insect Bites? Bedbugs or Spider Bites?

Rating: 2

I stay in Vegas about 4 times a year for business. I just returned from my company's conference at Caesar's Palace and I must say the room I had at Caesar's place was the WORST room I have ever stayed in during my 10 years of visiting Vegas! I can forgive the extremely out dated room (it was clear that I was staying in one of their older towers). But, I cannot forgive the ROCK HARD Mattress that they gave me- my desk has more bounce to it. When I woke up in the morning I had insect bites all over my back. When I checked out of the hotel, I told the clerk about the bites and suggested that they have the room sprayed before anybody else stayed there. I did not mention the cement slab they gave me to sleep on as I didn't want to complain. The response I received back from the gal at the front desk was pure attitude. She said I could fill out a "security report" if I really wanted. I said that my obligation ended there, I told her about the problem and the hotel could choose to do what they wanted with that information. I'm guessing they did nothing. I don't know if there was a spider in my room or bedbugs, but when I got home at midnight I throw everything in the washing machine to be on the safe side. When I receive a corporate rate that is several hundred dollars a night, I except more from a hotel. Go down the street, spend $79 bucks a night and get a clean bed to sleep in!!!!!!

posted by DenverKat on Sep 10, 2008

Very Good, But Not Great

Rating: 8

This is a beautiful hotel on the best real estate on the Strip. You are in the middle of the action here, and I love this property primarily for that reason. Service for an average customer (one who is not playing thousands on every hand) is average. The concierge will simply give you telephone numbers to make your own dinner and private car reservations, rather than doing it for you like the Wynn and Bellagio. The basic room is okay. It was clean and had a spa tub but no minibar. Also they keep the bottled water and ice bucket on a shelf near the toilet in the bathroom. Yuck! The upgraded rooms are much nicer and do have minibars and flat panel TVs. The property is very large, and that means it is also very spread out. Bring your walking shoes. I'd stay again for the location, but not for the service. It is good for groups that want to party and gamble in a high-energy setting full of beautiful people and surroundings. It is not the place to feel pampered or catered to.

posted by newstome on Oct 28, 2007

must stay here

Rating: 10

you must stay at this hotel. the augustus rooms are incredible. i think they're even better than the wynn. the pool is kind of gross, and it doesn't have padded lounge chairs, but the rooms are absolutely awesome.

posted by nono08 on Nov 20, 2006

rooms nice, I loved the poker room, service ok

Rating: 8

I have stayed here twice this year. The rooms are nice and location is central strip. I loved the poker room and shopping. The service was ok but the room service was great. Order the cheese plate with a good bottle of wine.

posted by aprilhill1 on Nov 3, 2006

Nice Hotel...

Rating: 8

Caesars Palace is very nice. Casino is not stuffy and the employees are nice. The Atlantis ride si fun and I recommend it especially if you are with the kids. Enjoy the F.A.O. Schwartz toy store and the rest of the Forum Shops !!! It's a nice place to visit !!!

posted by sushinut71 on Oct 23, 2006

nice rooms, is you're willing to pay

Rating: 8

unless you're shelling out a lot of money on the tables, you probably won't get a good deal on these rooms. but once you're there, you'll really enjoy your suite (depending on which one you get). the hot tub in the bedroom is always a nice and relaxing touch. bathrooms are nice and spacious, and the service there is always great. it's nice th at you don't have to constantly leave your hotel if you want to go shopping (forum shops are right there) or if you want to grab some food.

posted by margie2265 on Nov 21, 2005

Fit for an Emperor

Rating: 10

this is Vegas at it's finest, The best pool in Sin City, Great Restaurants, Shops and not your so many tacky people like Las Vegas attracts. WE love it, and make it back 4-5 times a year. The only Drawback is the PURE lines all around the Casino at night otherwise it is a Grand Hotel and Casino

posted by louiebmayer on Aug 30, 2005

Caesars Palace - NOT!

Rating: 2

We splurged on our first Las Vegas trip and stayed at Caesars. The room was small, not particularly clean, and out our windows the view was the noisy hotel air conditioning. I'm talking RIGHT IN FRONT ON THE WINDOWS. It was undoubtedly one of the WORST ROOMS I've ever rented in a supposedly nice hotel. Once more, the front desk staff didn't seem to care or understand about our unhappiness at spending $250 a night for that "view" and noise. We had a terrible lunch in the hotel restaurant (lousy food & service). All around, we had a terrible experience. We will NEVER be back and tell everyone we know that travels to Vegas (since we live in Alaska, we travel ALOT!).

posted by megvoss on Apr 22, 2005


Rating: 10

We were worried about Caesar's after reading reviews, but WE LOVED IT THERE! We were in Centurion and our room was fab! It was right off the elevator, spacious, and clean. Bathroom was large and had Aveda bath products (nice touch). I enjoyed the pool very much. It's large, and the fountains make it very peaceful. There are lots of places to eat. We had lunch at Hyakumi and Spago. The Forum shops have an entrance now on LVB, so you can get to Mirage easily. Good location overall (easy walk to Bellagio). All staff were curteous. Also had an excellent experience at the spa/salon. Would definitely stay again. Hope this review helps others.

posted by sirshopsalot on Sep 1, 2004

Everything's Stone

Rating: 8

Ceasar's is a beautiful hotel. But, it's all stone. From the lobby to the pool. Marble this, granite that. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, just thought I'd share that with you. The rooms are nice. Get a tower room cause it has a jacuzzi.

posted by reyrey333 on Jul 9, 2004

Best Service in Vegas!

Rating: 10

We stayed at Caesars for our honeymoon and could not believe how the place looked, then could not believe the exceptional service. We arrived late, thus no check in line. The tower room was gorgeous - whirlpool tub, gorgeous view of Bellagio and "Pools of the Gods," - (did the Gods have a topless pool too?) Received a gift from the person who checked us in on the 2nd day of our stay, lovely surprise. They bend over backwards to make you happy - we even won on the slots! I would say the Casino is lovely - not claustrophic like so many are.... Go there - it's worth the cost if you want something special. They have service all wrapped up!

posted by paulap on Mar 26, 2004

Lovely experience

Rating: 10

Caesars is in a great location- nwxt to the Bellagio and across from Paris. We arrived late so there were no lines. Everyone was extremely friendly, especially the front desk. Our reserved room in the Palace Tower was not ready but we were upgraded to a larger room in the Tower. There was one problem; however. The toilet kept blocking up! After 2 tries by the engineer, it was finally corrected, but we were told that this was a common problem in the Towers. The walls were so thin that we could hear the people in the next room brushing their teeth! An added surprise......we received an anniversary gift from the front desk the evening before we left.The forum shops were awesome. Don't miss them!

posted by kathieann on Jan 18, 2004

Palace Tower

Rating: 9

By all means the Palace Tower rooms are the best choice. Especially if you can get one facing Bellagio's fountains. The bell staff has always been very friendly and helpful. Caesars is pricey but for special occasions worth the splurge. Only downside has been long check-in lines and even then they offered "rum & cokes" (I think they called them Roman Cokes) while waiting. If they aren't packed (ask first) flashing a Connection card and offering a tip to the check-in person can result in a better room. Palace Tower rooms are also far more convenient to pools.

posted by sequim88 on Sep 4, 2003

CC - Postscript to a Great Holiday

Rating: 10

Our "cc's" always include our two favorites...Caesars & Celine. This is a Jackpot combination that ensures we will always return to our home away from home...Caesars. The staff are friendly...the rooms exquisite...the shopping divine...the Caesars experience is like no other...Gucci, Versace, Armani...what more does one need. Can't wait to return...See you soon....very soon...

posted by debandkeith on Aug 31, 2003

Highly recommended

Rating: 10

Great hotel. We had a little trouble checking in, even though it was not the hotels fault they upgraded our room at no extra cost to us for any inconvienence that we may have had. The Caesar's Staff went above and beyond to insure that our trip was as enjoyable as possible. We will not stay at another hotel. We have never received such wonderful treatment in all the years we have visited Las Vegas. I would highly recommend this property to anyone!!!!!

posted by seuhs36 on Mar 11, 2003

My 2-cents!

Rating: 9

Caesars Palace is still a gem of a property. The Roman Theme still works. Great location on strip. We reserved a petite suite in the Palace Tower. That's a king bed, 2-bathrooms, 1-shower with 2-showerheads. Marble everywhere, gorgeous. Great restaurants and shops. Three pools, one of which is topless. Two large casinos. Can't go work here. PS Leave the kids at home.

posted by Toicat on Aug 16, 2002

Now THIS is Vegas!!!

Rating: 10

Love the Forum Shops! Wish we had something like that here in Orlando. And Caesar's Farentina cologne is the BEST. I stock up every time I visit. My only gripe about Caesars is their "food court." Don't like the cafeteria-style check out. When I was there last, there was a half mile long line. Long time to stand holding a tray!

posted by chakkuri on Jul 19, 2002

Great Place

Rating: 9

This was a great place, the food was great, the service was great. Everything about this place was great. I recomend it...

posted by Bert on Jun 25, 2002

fab hotel!

Rating: 9

They have amazing shops and shows. The rooms are great and foods are delicious. Definitely coming back here.

posted by c_edralinda on Jun 4, 2002

and the Romans have returned...

Rating: 9

This luxurious place is so much fun. I loved the feeling of being in a Roman Empire. Tall pillars everywhere and a lot of gold. The casino has tons of slot machines to choose from and pay out often! I loved the big slot machines! Atmosphere is great.

posted by xoxoscorpio on May 31, 2002

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The place to stay

Las Vegas has many places to stay, bit I think the best is Caesar's I love this hotel. The beds and the spa are great!

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