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Embellished Hotel Description

We booked a 3 night stay at the Paradise Island resort primarily based on their web site narrative which promised a tranquil kids friendly atmosphere - mistake No. 1 just because its written in the web site doesn't mean its true.

On arrival at this `4 Star' establishment we were greeted by locked doors and when I finally figured out that I had to press an intercom on a side door a security guard emerged from behind reception which had metal shutters pulled down - mistake No 2 if your gut feel says this place doesn't look right go with your gut feel.

The room itself reminded me of something from Magnum PI, a Hawaiian theme which was very.....well lets just say well run in and very `80's.  The mattress on the bed was made from foam while a notice in the room reminded us not to leave windows open during the night - mistake No 3 learn from mistake No 2

When it was finally time to sleep we immersed ourselves in the foam mattress and listened to the beat of parties in the rooms around us - little did we know that Friday night was only the warm up night, by Saturday night the real parties had started. The security guard - well bless him he was contented remaining locked inside his metal enclosure - I'm sure he'd seen it all before.

On the Sunday morning I advised reception that we would be leaving a day early due to the noise levels and requested a refund for the Sunday night - no chance pre paid on the internet and I accepted their T&C's. When I wrote a letter of complaint they did offer me a 15% reduction for my next stay - anyone want a 15% reduction voucher - well if you are reading this you are probably too old or too sensible I would imagine a 16 or 17 year old looking to get away from their parents for a good party would be the most appropriate client for this establishment.

One item people should be aware, in Australia star ratings are haphazard to say the least - for example I believe you can get a star for putting extra bed linen in the room and as such many of the hotels have star rating that are well....optimistic The Paradise Island resort is at best a 2 Star irrespective of what they say on their site.

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