Bowery Hotel

From the hotel:

The Bowery Hotel in New York offers the most luxuriant lodging in the city's much desired prewar architecture styles.

Almost every one of the 135 rooms at this Lower East Side hotel has an open view.

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Bowery At E 3rd St

Partner Reviews: Bowery Hotel

Moron Bald Host

Rating: 2

Hey idiots - if all your tables are open, don't tell me they are reserved for guests. It's bad business, plain and simple. Figure it out.

posted by membername77 on Jan 3, 2010

Too cool for anybody --- don't waste your time.

Rating: 2

I was born and bred in New York and never saw a place trying soo hard to be soo cool. We went on Saturday night (10 people) and tried to get in for drinks. The place was probably half filled and the bouncer, behind his velvet rope (shocker), turned us away. Will never try again, of course, who would? Just can't figure out what brainchild would turn away 10 people for drinks in an half filled bar, in this economy, to look what? cool? exclusive?

posted by cabcdulty on Mar 10, 2009

To cool for school

Rating: 2

Flat out bad!! From the bellboy to the front desk I felt like I was competing for who was coolest and who could do the least. Nice design, style and appointments, but outside of that the staff is a joke, management an even bigger joke. Restaurant is about the same as the hotel. I don?t think our server could tell us what prosciutto is or what animal it even came from let alone explain anything on the menu. It was a good attempt to copy the likes of Balthazar, Otto restaurants where servers actually get taught what the food is!! They spent a whole lot of money making it look like an old Italian trattoria, which they did a pretty good job, unfortunately they forgot to add a staff and food to the restaurant. I would recommend sticking with the restaurants mentioned above and go to one of the hundred other high end hotels in the area (aka. Mercer Hotel, SohoGrand etc.) I would skip this one unless you want to feel like the staff is trying to prove how cool they are to you throughout your stay.

posted by nibbers on Sep 3, 2008


Rating: 8

A fantastic place for a date or whatever. A dopey staff BUT great management makes up for it. Shit*y bar but a great outdoor space. OPT for a room with a patio

posted by futurelo on Oct 21, 2007

awful service

Rating: 4

Stayed there recently and were treated very rudely by staff. We were seated in outdoor lounge having cocktails and were asked to move to an inside location because the outside was for hotel guests only. we informed the hostess that we were in fact hotel guests and received no apology. We were then ignored for the rest of the night by our waiter in a clear effort to get us to leave. Hotel rooms were nice but small and not as chic as one would expect for the price. I recommend staying one of the countless better hotels in NY.

posted by nabelita on Sep 15, 2007

Good, with some things to work out

Rating: 10

We wanted to stay somewhere different than the usual suspects (Sofitel, Le Parker Meridien), so we tried the Bowery. The rooms are nice and comfortable, though they lack much storage, so I wouldn't stay for more than a long weekend. The staff was very courteous and went out of their way to help with anything we needed, with the exception of housekeeping which took forever to get to the room. It is a new hotel, so there are some kinks to work out. The hot and cold were reversed on the tub, so that was an unwelcome surprise for me, but they took money off the bill for my discomfort, so I can't complain too much. It has a great location for shopping in the Village, Soho, Nolita, Chinatown, etc. The floor to ceiling windows are great, as are the tub and showerheads themselves.

posted by trainakr on Apr 1, 2007

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