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4122 S Western Avenue

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Rating: 2

I went to the Snooty Fox Motor Inn on Saturday around 1:30pm and I paid $85.00 for the room. Once i entered the room it was huge but the carpet had black stains on it. So I pulled the covers back to make sure the sheets were clean and i notice there were big chunks of cookies on the floor and paper. I then looked behind the head of the bed and I saw trash. I called the front desk and told them what i saw they said they would send the maid to the room in 15 minutes. she came with a broom instead of a vaccum cleaner and swept the carpet. by the time she got to the door with the dirt everything was imbedded in the carpet. I tried to tell her to get a vaccum cleaner and she didnt understand engish. i went to use the bath room and the tolet had urane stains around the toliet seat. i called the front desk and asked for a refund. i was told they dont give refunds. I tried to tuff it out for my boyfriend sake but around 8pm i heard some noise coming from the bathroom area. I went to check and I saw water comming up from one of the drians in the bath tub area and it smelled bad. it went back down and left a stain. i told my boyfriend i couldnt take it anymore he convinced me to ly back down and then this girl knocked on my door and that was it for me. We left around 10:30 and the office was closed and there was a lot of activity going on outside the room. I left the key card in a slot that was suggested by the maintanince guy. This was the worst experience I have ever had at a motel. I would not suggest this motel to anyone.

posted by agapedee on Jul 23, 2007

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