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500 E 62nd St

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You DON'T get what you pay for

Rating: 4

Although it seems like a nice hotel on the outside, this hotel has extremely bad service. The front desk staff is the worst- they don't help you, they can't accomodate to your needs, and they're rude. Our room was boiling because the air conditioning didn't work and the girl at the front said she couldn't do anything about it and stared at me blankly. Are you kidding? No discount, no room change, nothing. I had to complain 6 times and finally go get the maintenance man myself. It took me several hours to get settled into my room. The rooms are small. Once settled, I called downstairs 4 times but nobody answered. I walked down and found 4 staff members at the front. They are just ridiculous. I was more satisfied with the Best Western I checked into the day after. You can find something cheaper with much better service!

posted by Charlie1422 on Jan 27, 2009

Good Anniversary Experience

Rating: 8

I stayed for one night for an anniversary with my girlfriend. The location was good for what we were planning, however it is a 3 ave walk to the 6. We had a deluxe room on the 19th floor which was spacious and had a great skyline view (we were not on the bridge/river side). Room was clean and was properly stocked with everything we needed. Bathroom was updated with green marble and was clean as well. Both the living room and small seperate bedroom had flat screen LG TVs in them. Went upstairs to the bar/restaurant at around 10:30pm and it was very crowded. The bar is very small and for the most part was only serviced by one bartender. There also seemed to be many open bar parties which contributed to the crowd. Beers were reasonably priced though ($5 Bud Lights). It did get loud however around 1:30am as kids headed to their rooms after the bar closed. All things considered, a very good experience.

posted by be_dot on Jan 28, 2008

The bathroom was very nice....

Rating: 6

There hasn't been a "free" breakfast for two years...according to the front desk; the restaurant was closed for renovations. NO "free" wi-fi internet access. There wasn't an exercise facility onsite. The 24 hour coffee does not include "cream" only lowfat milk and forget the expresso machine. The hallways and elevators were very dark, more like a "nightclub" than a hotel. My room was located next to the housekeeping which was visited throughout the evening and wee hours with doors slamming, etc. The radio was broken and had to be replaced, which was done promptly. The windows don't open (I like fresh air). The bathroom was excellent, recently renovated. The hotel is located next to a gas station which did have cream for the coffee and bottled water and juice etc.

posted by kjmooney on Mar 14, 2006

a huge mistake

Rating: 2

We chose the Bentley for our wedding party and guests because of it's location near our reception site. For the price, we certainly expected more than the awful service and treatment that we received. Nobody had enough towels, the entire staff was rude to us all, we were completely overcharged ($200/night!). The girls and I had planned to order room service while getting ready in my room, only to be told that it wasn't available that day; we had planned on getting pictures after the reception on the top floor lounge with the skyline in the background, only to be told THAT DAY that there was a FRATERNITY FORMAL up there and it was closed for the evening (hence no room service). The elevators weren't working, making us late for most of the weekend's activities. Choosing this hotel *almost* ruined my wedding.

posted by dagnyny4 on Jul 23, 2004

Always check reviews first

Rating: 4

The reviews about this hotel were accurate with regard to the cheapish,worn, stained-though stylish furnishings. About the allegged "Belgium Linens"-we had a suite and routinely received 1 washcloth-when we received none, I called housekeeping to be told that there were no additional washcloths-we had to use hand towels to bathe. The air conditioner was not up to the challenge-you stay perpetually warm despite the maintenance man rolling in another old worn compressor. You have to block the potentially nice views with the window shades to keep the sun from turning the room into an oven. The people at the desk aren't friendly.One night the desk did not answer the phone. my husband went to the desk while I stayed on the line to prove that the lazy worker was not bothering to answer the phone. Unless you can get the rooms for under $99.00 spend your money elsewhere.

posted by travelsalot on Jul 14, 2003

free coffee downstairs

Rating: 7

First off--there is now little frige in the room. So....that's good for some and bad for others. The room I stayed in was really spacious although I've heard there are some rooms that are obnoxiously small. The bed wasn't really the best bed I've layed in, but I guess it would do. I had an awesome view of the East River as well as the rest of Manhattan (I had a corner room). The furniture is pretty funky and very modern looking, but if you look at anything up close you see how crappy and cheap it all is. Staff was really nice though. Pretty cheap parking too (I think $20).

posted by ekc12 on Aug 7, 2002

Bargain find

Rating: 6

Sleek design without any services. Clean spacious rooms with views of New York. No mini bars or extended service. You would do better off to call a concierge at another hotel than ask the front desk. If you know New York though, the rooms are worth the bargains.

posted by brighteyesnyc on Aug 6, 2002

No Complaints

Rating: 7

Trying to be modern, but the compact rooms make it hard to decorate. Atmosphere is nice, but there are definitely better places to stay in the city for cheaper rates. No complaints, just recommend staying elsewhere.

posted by gaudyglitterati on Aug 2, 2002

A Bar with a View

Rating: 10

I stayed at the Bentley on business and was taken aback by the breathtaking view from the 21st floor restaurant/bar. The food is excellent and the bar is the perfect place to unwind after a rough day of meetings.

posted by danrussel on Jul 28, 2002

Definately NOT a 4 star hotel

Rating: 2

I booked this hotel with an online service. It was rated a 4 star hotel by a few different services. I was pretty disappointed. There is no concierge, no doormen, the parking garage is under the hotel, but you have to walk out the way the cars come in and actually walk around the block to the other side of the building to get in. The air conditioning was an old fashioned floor model that didn't work. The furniture and decor at first glance seemed OK, but were pretty worn, when you looked again. Continental breakfast was coffee and bagels. No pay phones in the building. Not a bad area, but they sure hypped it as being upscale.

posted by alr on Jul 5, 2002

A Pleasure

Rating: 8

We stayed for a week in May and throughly enjoyed it. We asked for a room with a view prior to arrival and was rewarded with a room on the 18th floor with excellent views of the Queensborough Bridge. The staff were friendly and the house-keeping is well above average, very clean! The bar and restaurant were not remarkable but then you don't visit the NYC to sit in your hotel all evening. Overall it is a very stylish hotel and I would deffinatley stay again. Claire & Mitch London

posted by grimshaw on May 22, 2002

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