Belmont Hotel

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901 Ft. Worth Ave
DALLAS, TX, 75208  United States

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Local Boutique Hotel

Rating: 8

A boutique hotel in Oak Cliff, they have great activities for locals including live music Thursday nights. The bar has a magnificent view...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 22, 2010

Local Boutique Hotel

Rating: 8

A boutique hotel in Oak Cliff, they have great activities for locals including live music Thursday nights. The bar has a magnificent view...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 22, 2010

Bar at the Belmont

Rating: 2

Ive been a couple of times, lots of attitude and bad service, not sure what people see in this place. Its not worth the drive. Not sure about the hotel but if the hotel is run like the bar you would be better off at motel 8

posted by Vaun Norwood on Jan 4, 2010

Restaurant Dissapointing

Rating: 4

I had heard all the hype about how fabulous this new botique hotel was and decided to give the restaurant a try for lunch. My dining partner sent her soup back and the server got an attitude. My dish was bland and boring and the portions were small. I can only speak for the restaurant but I didn't think it was very good and the service seemed distracted. One had to ask for a refill on beverages which were otherwise ignored. Price points for lunch put me off going back for dinner.

posted by OldCoot on May 27, 2009

Great Boutique Hotel

Rating: 8

Located high in the hills, the Belmont offers gorgeous views of downtown Dallas. The landscaping in the surrounding gardens is amazing, and...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 7, 2008

great independent hotel

Rating: 10

great independent hotel !!! highly recommend it a tasteful remodel and friendly staff much better than the Austin hotel which i stayed the previous night (cleaner modern, they care more about their hotel than the Austin) and i feel much better about supporting local small businesses than big corporate chains great beds too ;) cheers r

posted by robertnewell on Dec 5, 2008

Cool Place

Rating: 8

Okay, so when I was driving to this place, I thought SCARY! This is a part of Dallas I've never visited but it's suppose to be a hip place ...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 14, 2008

Looking for a hotel or a place for a special event with a view?

Rating: 10

My daughter was recently married at The Belmont near the pool with a breathtaking view of downtown Dallas. The entire hotel staff especially Mason (the event planner) went above and beyond my expectations from planning, setting up, serving, cleaning and packing up all decorations afterwards so I could sit, relax and enjoy the guests. I would very highly recommend The Belmont Hotel if you are looking for that unique place to have special outdoor event. It?s definitely not a chain style hotel. It?s a one of a kind hotel that has lots of character and architecture with some beautiful outdoor seating spots. Dallas may not have the ocean nor the mountains but we do have a spectacular downtown Dallas view and The Belmont is the only hotel that has this stunning view!

posted by vglass on Oct 6, 2008

Great hip affordable hotel

Rating: 8

I loved my 1 night stay at the hotel! It was clean, fun, hip and had a friendly staff. The vibe of the place was very "Austin" which is a HUGE bonus in my book. The patio bar has a wonderful view of downtown, but is quiet place to have a drink and relax with friends. Now that I know about the Belmont, I would never stay anywhere else in Dallas! The little diner next to the hotel has a wonderful breakfast and a very attentive staff. The Belmont was very affordable and reminded me of a hybrid of Austin's San Jose and Austin Motel. Very gay friendly. Cheers!

posted by raegoldring on Jul 22, 2008

Too cool

Rating: 10

This place is very cool, it overlooks downtown Dallas and during the summer they show old school movies on the side of the building. Great p...

posted by Citysearch User on Mar 11, 2008

Great view! Great people!

Rating: 10

This seems like an out of the way place and your really nt sure about it in this upcoming area untll you get to the top of their hill.... once they valet park you car forfree, you walk into a warm inviting lobby that is very retro. You step down into the lounge with a south west motif and out onto the patio that is casual, brite and one of the best views I have seen of Dallas. This really is quite a find. Come check it out. The patio is partially covered so even if it's raining you can enjoy.

posted by calgal4u2 on Aug 31, 2007

PLEASE Please PLEASE don't go to the Belmont Hotel I don't want to share it!

Rating: 6

I would like to lie and tell you it is an awful place then I know I will get back in when in Dallas again. I loved the Belmont Hotel. If you need a chain hotel with all the amenities then the Belmont is not for you. But if you like a place with character. Where the staff is friendly because they want to be not because someone told them to be. Then the Belmont Hotel is for you. If you want a place that is not the same from every angle. Then the Belmont Hotel is for you. If you like lounging in a swimming pool with a superb view of downtown Dallas Then the Belmont Hotel is for you. The owner is person with vision. Build it and they will build out to it. We happened onto the Belmont because our client's contact suggested it. WOW what a find. It was late July 2006. It was HOT. 100+ degrees every day. The Belmont was our oasis. We took care of business during the day and relaxed poolside after a meal at a local restuarant a couple miles away. The rooms are different. Some with 4 walls. Others had an enclosed porch. We had a suite. There are even townhouses. I never felt like I was unwelcome. I wish I had an extra day on the trip. I would have spent it poolside with a steady flow of drinks coming from the Belmont Bar. I hope for my sake you do not go to the Belmont Hotel. I hope you do not tell your friends about this wonderful hotel. Let us just keep this our little secret. OK? Thanks. See you pool side. I will be the guy ordering another G&T with lime.

posted by msntraveler on Feb 27, 2007

Trendy hotel characteristic of the re-emerging neighborhood around it. Surpassingly good service

Rating: 8

This is a recently renovated motor hotel. I was very impressed with the level of concern and service shown by the staff. I stayed at the hotel one night on a business trip, and thus had a very limited exposure. Having said that, I would recommend the hotel to anyone needing a day or two for business. I will say, however, there are a couple of caveats. The "standard" room, which is what I had, is very clearly a utilitarian room which has been "dressed up" during the renovation. The internet works faultlessly, and the in room amenties were all functional. The hotel is located on the edge of a neighborhood (Oak Cliff) which is likewise clearly in the process of renovation. The drive to the hotel takes you through scenes of trendy urban and urban decay, often in jarring apposition. The staff is appropriately security conscious, and very helpful. The staff was very knowlegeable about how to get around Dallas and gave accurate directions when asked. The hotel has a very interesting bar, with surprisingly good music which is not overly loud or intrusive- you don't have to hear it if you don't want to.

posted by plastic96 on Dec 17, 2006

Belmont is a great find

Rating: 8

If you are looking for a good, clean, hip, affordable and comfortable place, just outside the city of Dallas, I would definitely recommend The Belmont. The bar was nice to have, even though it is in a "dry" area?! Apparently there are ways around that in Texas - and thats a good thing. The Terrace suite was a great room, with great funky furniture and tv's. The hot tub was definitely great to have as well. I look forward to returning to the belmont for future Dallas trips.

posted by stoneybaker on Nov 6, 2006

Nice out of the way spot

Rating: 10

Very cool atmosphere, close to downtown, outdoor patio. Lots of fun. I recommend it highly.

posted by garza101 on May 27, 2006

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