Bellagio Las Vegas

Dude, it is the Bellagio.

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3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109-4303  United States

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First Class All The Way

Rating: 10

I have stayed at Bellagio three times and had a great stay each time.Check-in is one of the few sour notes. Twice, I had to wait more than an hour for my room to be ready, which I found bothersome. The property itself is spectacular. The lake with fountain show in front is still terrific, even though I've seen it many times.The Dale Chihuli sculpture in the lobby, and the endless display of flowers in the conservatory are among the interior highlights. The array of restaurants is amazing. Picasso and Le Cirque are among the best fine dining restaurants that I've ever visited.The buffet is also the best in the city by far. The pool area is also excellent, although it seems in some respects to have been copied from Caesars.The guest rooms are well appointed and include private bars,and electronically controlled curtains and sheers.The casino is sprawling, and some may find the limits too high for their liking.Another point is that it seems like you have to walk miles to get from one place to another. For example, going from the main guest tower to the JPM patisserie takes forever. Service is generally very good for a hotel with 4,000 rooms. In spite of a few negatives, Bellagio is my 3rd favorite Las Vegas hotel behind Four Seasons and Wynn/Encore. Pros: Great rooms, superb restaurants, good service. Cons:Check-in is hit or miss, walking from place to place takes forever, even compared to other casino/hotels with 4,000 rooms.

posted by CSMobileUser3 on Nov 23, 2009


Rating: 10

Everything about the Bellagio was simply breathtaking! From the marble and glass bathrooms to the atrium filled with millions of live flowers, it was like a dream. They didn't try to cheat you or up the price they quoted when you make reservations. The separate glass shower was so fabulous that I wanted to take it home. The tub has jets for a whirlpool. The towels are heavy and plush. The linens were European with down comforters and lots of pillows. The mattresses were so classy that there were no pressure points--like sleeping on a cloud. The dancing waters were fabulous! The services--check-in, maid service and concierge--were all helpful, lovely and accommodating. If you made me come up with one negative thing about the Bellagio, it would be that anytime anyone touches their in-room candy display or refrigerator the sensor assesses a charge. It's promptly removed upon request if nothing has been taken. I understand lots of hotels have that now though. Other than that little bauble, it was like a trip to Heaven and I didn't want to go home!

posted by sophieagain on Aug 20, 2009

I Love Bellagio

Rating: 10

This is a terrific hotel. The guest rooms are spacious and well furnished. Bellagio cannot be beaten for its selection of fine restaurants. The pool area is dazzling although I find cabanas too expensive. Although the property is large,getting sround is a snap. Looking forward to going back

posted by CSMobileUser on Mar 5, 2009

Bellagio is a ripoff.

Rating: 2

pros: free self-service parking garage (standard in vegas). cons: loud power-flush toilet, shower leaks on the floor, small bath tub, stone floor instead of linoleum, cramped room yet a gigantic bathroom, dark wallpaper, dark lighting. there is no refrigerator nor a microwave. the fridge is stuffed with their own food that will cost u dearly should u open the door too quickly - any disturbance of contents is automatically billed to your account, even if u don't actually use the item. the housekeeping insists on cleaning twice a day even if u are staying for a week. this may be a "pro" for party animals. phone calls are not free. in fact nothing is complimentary here. everything costs money. internet is 15$ per day! to add insult to the injury their slots have 1 of the worst ratings: wizardofodds dot com/slots/slotapx3.html I have stayed at Ramada Inn in Medford Oregon, near the airport. It is pretty much opposite on all things mentioned. Their rooms are big and well-lit, with plenty of desk space. I would recommend that chain over any mega-resorts in vegas any time.

posted by dk_pdx on Jan 28, 2009

What a horrible hotel experience

Rating: 2

This was my worst hotel experience in many years and I stay at over 100 hotels/year. The bad experience started at arrival, when there was no porter to take in our bags. Then at registration, they tried to refuse to give us 2 double beds, as we had ordered. After sorting that out, we get to the room, which was grungy, with hairs in the bathtub. And try complaining to a manager? They just weren't available during our stay. With so many hotels on the strip, Bellagio is one to avoid.

posted by ssgoldie on Jan 1, 2009


Rating: 10

I would just like to say how much I love this hotel. We arrived in Vegas hoping for an ultra glamorous weekend and that's just what you get here. It took us 5 minutes to be checked in and the hotel staff were very pleasant. We had our bags taken for us by a very friendly man who then showed us to our hotel room. While I will admit that we were staying in the Presidential suite it didn't seem to matter - They seemed friendly to everyone! The suite was absolutely brilliant and the bed was one of the best in the world. I also booked the suite hoping that they would do everything listed on the internet - And they did. We were personally called and asked wether we would like seats at any of the restaurants, shows, clubs etc. We booked into Le Cirque and were guaranteed the best seating in the restaurant. So true - We felt like full on VIP's sitting in our little private section. All over this hotel was fabulous in every way - The service, the room just everything. I would definetely recommend it to anyone. I love it that much that I now travel there for 5 days approx. every three months and I am given wonderful treatment every single time.

posted by babyblonde01 on Dec 22, 2008

Picky eater

Rating: 2

I ate there once and had non-stop diahrea for five days.There are swarms of flying critters over every food bend and if you are planning on destroying your digestive system, this is the place to go. You must first pay an outrageous fee for the terrible food though. The food also smells like the trash in the trash bend.

posted by Louicif on Jul 2, 2008

awesome rooms, poor customer service

Rating: 6

my husband and i stayed here in june 2005. i expected more from this hotel before arrival. we stayed in the spa tower and it was great. we was very pleased with the room. the bathrooms was very spacious. the beds was to die for. but there customer service at the casino was very unproffesional. i always thought travelers checks was the safe was to go. but they were only a headache. we were treated like thefts. they acted liked as if they were stolen. and we had id and the reciept where we bought them from our bank. the next day i called with a complaint, needless to say that was a 2 hour run a round until i finally got the head casino manager on the phone and then he told me to come down to the caged he would cash them for me. so i did, and guest who was the there. the same person that didnt want to cash them for me. so i persided to ask for the manager that i talk to on the phone and he was right around the corner. so then he cash my travelers checks and then called her into office. after all that all they offered me was a limo to the hotel. i think if you are not a high roller they act like they dont care about your business.

posted by mapleou on Jun 15, 2008

Is this really AAA 5 diamond??

Rating: 2

I am writing this review from the hotel room. First let me just say how unimpressed I was at the hotel and the service. Checkin - Checkin took more than 30 mins. After a long 9 hour drive from San Francisco the last thing we wanted to do was wait another 30 mins to checkin to the hotel room. The lines were terribly long and there weren't enough staff to check people in. Once we were finally checked in, we had to walk through the casino in order to get to the hotel room. With such a crowded lobby and casino you can just imagine what a hassle this was! Room - The room is very dated. The television set is a 27 inch Philips flat screen (notice not flat panel). One door panel of the TV cabinet was missing and they just left the screw and bolt dangling. Again is this really 5 diamond? I've stayed in many hotels all over the world and this is the first time I've ever seen this! There were markings on the walls - just wear and tear I guess over the years. There were two chairs in the room which looked very dingy and worn. And to top it off one corner of the room smelled like trash! Bathroom - The bathroom is very spacious and nicely decorated. There is both a bath tub and a shower stall (the drain in the shower stall was clogged!). There is only one sink however. Overall, I had such high expectations for this hotel and had a very disappointing experience here. In all honesty for $100 less the New York, New York hotel was not much of step down from this room at the Bellagio. If you're looking for a hotel on the strip, I would recommend the Venetian. All rooms are suites, you get more for your money, and there is easier access to the hotel room without having to lug your luggage through the casino.

posted by mjtr2007 on Dec 25, 2007

First Rate Hotel, However....

Rating: 10

The hotel is truly deserving of its 5-star rating. The rooms, even the basic ones, are spacious and the staff courteous (evern the cleaning crew make it a point to acknowledge your presence), which along with the casino's location made our trip quite memorable. HOWEVER, as with all the five-star hotels these days, the Bellagio felt it necessary to nickle and dime you to death. For example, a bottle of Dasani costs $4.00, the LA Times is 2X its regular price, and you must pay $25 each day you want to use their weight room. FORTUNATELY, the shops at the Planet Hollywood hotel accross the street has an ABC store where we found near-normal prices for water and liquor (which we brought to the pool, which is excellent). AND GO GAMBLE SOMEWHERE ELSE (unless you're a high roller, you won't find a table under $25 at night and everyone I spoke to agreed that they didn't win there).

posted by todorove on Jul 5, 2007

Worst valet experience ever!

Rating: 2

This is supposed to be a 5 star hotel and I have never witnessed worse customer service when it came to the valet. I attempted to use the valet service 3 times in a recent trip to Bellagio. Every attempt there was more than a 15 minute wait for an attendant to even acknowledge we were there. I opted to leave the valet line for self parking every time. On more than one occasion I had to drop people off at the main entrance. Once I had finally reached the appropriate spot to let them out of my vehicle they had to walk across 3 lanes of constantly moving limos and cabs. Luckily no one was hurt. During my last encounter a passenger had to get out of my car to move a pylon so we could escape the valet area. There were at least 6 employees standing there doing nothing but apparently that was more important than helping us maneuver out of their horrible valet.

posted by trlasvegas on Jun 25, 2007

The creme de la creme!!

Rating: 10

Best place and only place to stay at in Vegas! Gorgeous design, beautiful, elegant decor,amazing rooms! A must see and stay hotel if you ever go to Vegas. 7 pools/jacuzzis. Scrumptious food- love Cafe Bellagio and there's an amazing pastry place w/ an unbelievable chocolate fountain! Also gotta love the shops-Chanel=) Overall, breath taking!!!

posted by kayla09 on Jun 12, 2007

Watch your wallet here

Rating: 6

Man, I didn't think it was possible to lose all my money that fast. I got no play for my money here. Out of all of the casinos I was in, this one was very nice, but does not pay out that often.

posted by safehavenprinting on Jun 6, 2007

The price of The room is "Not WORTH ITS WEIGHT IN GOLD." plus the hotel has poor service.

Rating: 2

The room is small and the plumbing in the bathroom emitts a high pitch sqeal from neighboring visitors. The toliet also makes loud noises when flushed. But the bed was comfortable, and you can adjust the temperture. However, the hotel service was not good. The first two hotel representives we had encountered had negative attitudes and poor customer service. If Megan is your service representive, you should move on to the next clerk. The only benifit is you can check out at 12PM.

posted by lingyaliao on Apr 14, 2007

Beautiful Hotel that Caters to an Older Crowd

Rating: 10

The Bellagio is a beautiful hotel, one of the nicest looking, if not the nicest on the strip; however, it targets an older audience. If you are in your 20s or 30s, you may have a better time at The Wynn, The Hotel at Mandalay Bay, or possibly the Palms; if you're above 40, this is the place for you. I must say though, it is a gorgeous hotel at any age.

posted by missnyc1981 on Mar 8, 2007

One of nicest hotels on the strip

Rating: 8

A fantastic hotel, albeit somewhat expensive as most high profile Vegas hotels are. But its worth the money since its on the main strip. The rooms are nice sized and the hotel is immaculate.

posted by giteguy on Feb 6, 2007

Very Classy

Rating: 8

I've been to Vegas a few times and this was my first stay at the Bellagio. My girlfriend and I stayed for the week after Christmas. This place is first class all the way. The interior was beautiful, especially the Dale Chihuly glass in the lobby. Very, very upscale shops and restaurants (get a table at Prime if you can). The room was large and had a terrific view of the fountains with the Paris hotel in the background. I do think i'm a little too young (28) to be the Bellagio's target demo (read=older, richer, european, asian). On the upside, its central location makes it the perfect place to stay if you want to explore the strip. On the downside, its central location makes it extremely crowded. One tiny thing that did bother me was that someone from the cleaning staff left a half finished snapple in our room. For my money, I would rather stay at the Mandalay again, but I definitely understand the attraction here.

posted by mildlyamusing on Jan 18, 2007

The hotel is undeniably elegant. Love the gardens and the pool.

Rating: 10

The room was very nice, had a suite overlooking the fountains where you could watch the show and the music was piped into the TV. The bath was huge and built for two. Splurge a little and get a suite, its way nice than the regular rooms

posted by tambotambo on Nov 17, 2006

always have a view

Rating: 10

This is a great hotel. Expensive but you cant beat watching the water fountain all the time. The hotel is clean and nice. The game tables are on the high end and thw shops are high. But you cant beat the conservatory.

posted by keithzeiler on Nov 16, 2006

Best luxury hotel - very impressive

Rating: 10

I used to go to school in Vegas for a year. When my parents came for a visit, my only choice was the Bellagio. I used to go for lunch buffet at the Bellagio frequently. They are on of the best hotel's buffet on the strip. The line's always long but once you get in, it's worth a wait. Bellagio isn't a kind-of fantasy hotel like many others on the strip but its beauty is so magical that you would be very impressed. When you first walk into the hotel, you could smell the flowers from the indoor garden. It's one of my top favorite attractions in Vegas, the water show too, ofcourse. They change the flowers and setting in the garden every seasons, every occasions. Oh, you also shouldn't miss the show "O". It's one of the must-see shows in Vegas. Bravo!

posted by snidvongs on Nov 13, 2006


Rating: 10

So I can still remember the first time I went here and it happened to be the opening weekend for them. It was packed and everyone wanted to see all the flowers in the conservatory. I'm as excited now as I was then to see what they have in the conservatory and they never disappoint me. I have taken numerous boyfriends here for a romantic time in Vegas. You cannot beat the scenery, or the fountains out front. It is a perfect place for lovers.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 13, 2006

You will be amazed with the water show!

Rating: 6

Everytime I go to Las Vegas I do not miss a day not seeing the water show! It is the most amazing thing! I really would like to to Celine some time soon also! Beautiful hotel

posted by jackers8 on Nov 9, 2006

A wonderful place

Rating: 8

Bellagio is by far one of the nicest hotels on the strip. I stayed there for the first time last weekend and the rooms and views were phenomenal. The water show was magical and the pool was gorgeous. Service was wonderful as well. Would highly recommend.

posted by amynewyork on Nov 8, 2006

Woderful rooms

Rating: 10

You could probably stay somewhere cheaper in Vegas, but the rooms at Bellagio are great. The big tubs that they have and the glass showers really are just the beginning to a wonderful stay there. As far as gambling goes, they have everything you could ask for, but the limits are high as they are all across the Strip. The conservatory is great and the dining is wonderful.

posted by ambrosgela on Nov 5, 2006

Luxurious with Great Service

Rating: 10

Our favorite luxurious strip hotel. If you want to live like a king, Bellagio is the place. Wonderful service. Spacious rooms with all the bells and whistles. A way better value than the Wynn.

posted by doclatta on Oct 27, 2006

Simply the best

Rating: 10

Great combination of fun and luxory, the Ballagio is great. I recommend the any Lake View rooms overlooking Lake Bellagio so that you can see the fountain show live, rather than watching it on your TV. The suites are spacious and in great conditions, the marble bathrooms have a seperate tub and large glass enclosed shower. Great restaurants and clubs, the casino as you may excpect is expensvie. Breakfast room service was very fast. . Pros: Art Gallery, Conservatory, Room

posted by rperezcj on Oct 23, 2006

Wonderful place with exceptional service.

Rating: 10

I can't say enough, this place is truely unique. a wonderful experice and the staff goes to the end of the world. Right on Sunset you are in the center of west hollywood action. The cabs are right there and buses run constantly.

posted by johnserene on Oct 11, 2006

Awesome place, great service, great everything

Rating: 10

I've seen it on the box and wanted to experience it for myself. The Bellagio is a hotel that you simply must visit if only once. But once you have been you'll want to go again. Booked mine through They were awesome too!

posted by colebranel on Jul 28, 2006

Poor customer service

Rating: 2

Do not stay at the Bellagio! Housekeeping stole my sister's digital camera when we were at the pool. The hotel manager offered no compensation and made us feel like thieves. I was extremely disappointed with the way our situation was handled and will stay at the Palms the next time we go to Vegas!

posted by rebekkaltharp on Jul 10, 2006

This place is one of the Gods

Rating: 10

Truly living up to its name and reputation this place just pain "has it" Its grandness is an understatement yet still feels very welcoming and homelike, with a staff so helpful, kind, tenative and overly professional I dont understand how anything can go wrong!!

posted by smithandheston on May 8, 2006

The Place to Stay

Rating: 8

If you are looking for luxury, the Ballagio is it. I recommend the Deluxe Lake View rooms overlooking Lake Bellagio so that you can see the fountain show live, rather than watching it on your TV. The rooms are spacious and the marble bathrooms have a seperate tub and large glass enclosed shower. The flowers and plants in the conservatory are beautiful. Go see the Gallery of Fine Art at the Bellagio. Original works from Corot, Van Gogh, Monet, and Renoir to name a few. The only downsides I experienced was being placed on hold anytime I called the front desk or concierge and smoking in the casino. Breakfast room service was very fast. Promised in 40 minutes and delivered in 20 minutes. As a side note, the taxi ride to the airport is around $12 excluding tip. Also, take some time to explore "old Las Vegas" on Freemont Street.

posted by atravelguru on Apr 22, 2006

just amazing

Rating: 10

Just a beautiful hotel, lovely pools , and service that has no flaws, from the time you walk in and see the beautiful art work of glass of dale chihuly to the beautiful gardens , and to add to all of this the fountains and music

posted by breyettej on Mar 25, 2006

Best on the Strip!

Rating: 10

This hotel is beyond perfect. From the minute we stepped into the lobby, we knew we had made the best choice. Our room was larger than we could have dreamed of and the bedding was so comfortable, we even bought it! Of course the restaurants were a hit and the casino a true winner. I would recommend staying there to anyone who is looking for the optimal Vegas experience.

posted by mbrown987 on Mar 14, 2006


Rating: 10

Everything about this place is top notch. From the fountains, to the jazz club everyone is wonderful and always treat you very well. This is my favorite place in town!

posted by feetdry on Mar 8, 2006

A BARGAIN, if you cannot stand disappointment!

Rating: 10

My husband booked a suite for 3 days. If you are like me you can spot inconsistencies or are prepared to be disappointed by hype. I was completely impressed with EVERYTHING. The "O" show was breathtaking, the food was well prepared & presented the service was above board & the suite was better than exceptional, 3 bathrooms with an in-room steamroom, jacuzzi-tub w/t.v. and bidet! SUPER CLEAN, no squeaks or hollow floors, quiet. I'm a non-smoker & was impressed with the linens/carpeting in the suite, no odor. The valet brings the car quickly, as with all requested services. Check out the gym/spa, very nice. ROMANTIC! Reminds you that being a grown up aint all bad. You deserve this, so bring your nice clothes and leave your kids.

posted by anjanettestark on Mar 3, 2006

fantastic rooms

Rating: 10

rooms are all marble walls, separate shower/tubs,..lots of room. Maid service was exceptionally good. Only drawback is the long walk to the elevators to get to the rooms in either tower. views down onto the fountain display is spectacular at night.

posted by kuukama on Mar 2, 2006

Poor service spoils in an exemplary property

Rating: 8

We have been "frequent flyers" at Bellagio but this was our first stay in the Spa Tower The new wing has overloaded the staff. Bellmen, Housekeeping and the Conceirge put us on hold. Also, the "nickle and dime" attitude at a five star hotel does not wash. It is difficult to avoid walking through the smoke filled casino, if you are going to the art gallery and impossible if you are headed to the buffet.

posted by mreding on Sep 30, 2005

Service terrible!!

Rating: 6

Hotel is beautiful, but the service was just awful. Visited end of August, 05, and the staff repeatedly dissapointed me. Made several complaints, and received no satisfaction. My recommendation is to stay at the MGM, where I visited several times, and noticed the difference in staff friendliness. Just come back to Bellagio and see the flowers; entry way; and art gallery -- the only thing really nice about the hotel is the common areas.

posted by valcarcejim on Sep 10, 2005


Rating: 10

In a word this place is "baller"!! It's one of the best hotels that I've been in. The service, food, and bars were all great. Whenever I requested something be brought up to the room it was there in about 5 minutes. I ate at two of the restaurants in this hotel (one being Olive's and the other Fix) and they were both outstanding. This is a can't miss.

posted by cbilton1 on Sep 1, 2005


Rating: 10

What an amazing experience! The rooms are spacious, and the bathrooms are beautiful! Additionally, everything was so very clean it was hard to believe there are over three thousand rooms in the hotel. It seemed so intimate. The pool area was especially well-designed. With several pool and hot tub areas, it never felt overwhelming or too large. Only a couple of complaints: the casino staff was a bit rude, and the front desk wasnt responsive to our request to change rooms. However, Courtney finally showed outstanding initiative and got us the room we wanted. She even changed the key remotely, so we didnt have to return to the check-in area! Not only that, but when we sent a comment card to the management, we received a hand-signed letter of response in a matter of days! Stay at the Bellagio its definitely worth it!

posted by arriesymmes on Aug 23, 2005

One of My Personal Favorites

Rating: 10

I love this tastefully done hotel in the middle of everything! The casino rocks -- we ate pate' and sipped champagne in the same spot as Matt and Brad in Oceans 11. great restaurants -- world famous Le' Cirque (albiet expensive and not the same as its new york home) plus steak , seafood and oriental restaurants .... speaking of NYC, 5th ave is here -- my wife didn't need to leave the property to hurt me where it counts -- hermes, channel, etc....I am not a p.r. agent for the hotel....just a satisfied customer intending to return...yeh,its big with lot's of people, so unless you're a high roller you will be a number, a small sacrifice for so much fun. We danced till dawn -- ok, actually only 2 a.m., in the casino bar, to one of the best bands i've ever heard....enough, just come see for yourself.

posted by johnnyG on Jun 11, 2005

Elegant train station

Rating: 10

Wow! Is this place busy, but it's beautiful and that's why all come to see! Arrived on Sunday 4/24/05 and check-in/out lines were LONG. Check-in staff got us into our room 2 hrs. early. Fountain/mountain view was very nice and beds very comfortable; room nice size but not particulary large. Bathroom was nice size but can't accomadate 2 at once. Room needed some minor repair; bathroom door hardware falling off, several lights burnt out in room. Our room convienent to lifts and short walk to an elegant but poor payback casino. Gamble elsewhere. Pool restaraunt expensive and food below average. Pool area very congested even though restricted to hotel guests. At these prices hotel guests are at higher socio-ecom level and that's well appreciated. Several errors on check-out billing. All were removed without question. All hotel staff extremely pleasent. This is a special occasion destination (our anniversary).

posted by avaddict on May 14, 2005

Hands Down The Best Hotel Ever

Rating: 10

If your looking for the ultimate hotel experience, look no further. I have stayed in some of the best hotels on the strip (Venetian, Ceasars, etc) but after I stayed at the Bellagio i will never stay anyplace else. Exceptional service, food and staff in the most beautiful environment on the strip. They are always on point, never missing an opportunity to make you feel like a king. Although most of your time is spent on the strip, if you truly cherish a fine experience when you return, this is the place to go.

posted by webprowler on May 13, 2005

Stay Somewhere Else!!!

Rating: 2

Terrible Service! You had to wait 30 minutes or more for a porter. We requested a non-smoking room and they put us in a smoking room. Took 3 hours to be moved. New room did not have all the amenities. We had to call the front desk several times to get all the items. They kept forgetting to bring things. It was 3 hours from the time called until someone brought items. We were given the room until 6:00pm on the day we were leaving and new guests were assigned to our room at 11:30am Front desk said everything was fixed, but we ended up being locked out. We were told it would take 20 minutes to get someone to let us in, even after I explained we needed to catch a flight and didnt have 20 minutes. It was very crowed and tons of children everywhere.

posted by nova72blue on Dec 27, 2004

Worth Every Penny!

Rating: 10

We just returned from a stay at the Bellagio and it was the best Vegas hotel and casino experience we have ever had! The service is impeccable. The hotel is gorgeous. The restaurants and buffet offer up very tasty eats and of course the fountains! And Light the night club was packed with beautiful people as usual. The concierge was especially servicable to guests. It was romantic, elegant and worth every cent we spent in Vegas! With all that is available within the hotel, there is no need to ever leave it. If you want to do Las Vegas 1st class, the Bellagio is the way to go.

posted by samieb on Dec 13, 2004


Rating: 10

When I arrived at the Bellagio they had overbooked and they had no more rooms in the category I had booked, so they moved me up one suite size. The room was wonderful and the hotel was beautiful. I also recommend seeing "O" while you are there.

posted by cmbailey21 on Dec 4, 2004

Unrivaled Romance

Rating: 10

My wife and I have lived in Las Vegas for several years now and we're still captivated by the Bellagio hotel and casino. It's charm and elegance are unrivaled and the accommodations are among the most comfortable and finest we've seen. If we were visiting Las Vegas, this is where I would choose to stay. A truly romantic setting.

posted by refinedArtist on Aug 23, 2004

In addition to praise...An observation

Rating: 10

Obviously, until Steve Wynn builds his new Desert Inn..this is THE most wonderful, gracious, over-the-top hotel in Vegas. The service, amenities, view, food, bars, dealers...all made me not care how much I was spending...I WANTED to overtip everyone...I felt that good about the experience of the Bellagio...One interesting observation...I was aware that the Bellagio "discouraged" younger children (families) and I did see far less children here than in any other hotel in Vegas...HOWEVER...even the children/families that I saw in the Bellagio were absolutely lovely. Well behaved, well-mannered children..befitting of a 5-star hotel in Europe...obviously if you set a high standard of excellence as a hotel, you will attract (for the most part) excellence in your guests.

posted by nycheadhunter on Jul 17, 2004

Nothing Else Compares

Rating: 10

The Bellagio may not be the typical Las Vegas experience but it is the BEST vacation experience. The hotel is unmatched in its beauty, elegance, style, accomodations, dining choices, shopping, etc. You name it, they have it. I stayed at 4 other Las Vegas hotels which were all very nice (I am talking Paris and Venetian not Stardust and Circus Circus) and while they were each unique, nothing compared to the Bellagio. From the wonderful fountains to the exquisite pool to the beautiful gardens to the classy casino, Bellagio is 5 star all around. Damn, I sound like a promoter or something.............

posted by foodman25 on Jul 13, 2004


Rating: 10

There is no doubt that the Bellagio is at the highest level of luxury. The hotel and all facilities cannot be beat. It is noticible that there are strong controls in place on marker limit authorizations. One comment by one of the executive host was objectional to me. It was, "I can't authorize a high marker play for you because you might cash in the marker and go buy a car." This may have been an attempt at humor. I did not think it was funny. Gaming monopolies have stifled customers access to gratuties.

posted by ronaldjellis on Jul 6, 2004

Vegas Lover

Rating: 10

Staying anywhere else on the Strip but the Bellagio is an underwhelming experience. The lakeview rooms have breathtaking views, the casino is less crowded which makes for a much more enjoyable gambling experience and the restaurants are simply mouthwatering. Circo is my favorite. We are by no means "Rockefellers" but staying at the Bellagio makes you feel like one! It's luxury defined. We stayed there on our honeymoon and were treated to strawberries and champagne on our first night! I can't wait to go back - - it's like heaven to me!

posted by debesq97 on Jan 21, 2004


Rating: 10

When you're in LV, it doesn't get any better than the Bellagio. The hotel rocks, the restaurants and shopping are first class, the pool is amazing, the buffet is second to none and the gambling is outrageous. And if you're into clubbing, Light's the place.

posted by sharkrave on Sep 30, 2003

Bellagio is overrated

Rating: 3

We feel the Bellagio is seriously overrated. Yes the shops are nice (and expensive) and the restaurants have good food - but we found the rooms to be modest at best. Especially compared to the room we had at the Venetian - for $40/night less than the Bellagio room which was smaller and more "plain". The water fountain is nice to look at, but not that entertaining for me.

posted by covonda on Sep 25, 2003

Bellagio Sept 03

Rating: 9

Understated luxury at its best. I was taken by the fact that each hotel employee asked a question ALWAYS had an answer and all apparently correct. I was never sent to find another person to assist. Unbelievable! Aqua a bit expensive and the food rather ordinary. Picasso simply incredible. Best meal I have ever had anywhere in the world hands down. The suites at Bellagio quite impressive without being over the top. Very comfortable.

posted by ob1moses on Sep 25, 2003

Casino noise level equal to the library

Rating: 8

The only thing that disappointed me about the Bellagio was the casino and I am not refering to the service or any of the dealers or workers. The casino atmosphere feels as if you are in a library. No one (even the players) speaks above a whisper or very quiet tone. The slot machines have the volume turned down so low so that they can't be heard. You as if you don't dare laugh to loud because it you feel that it wouldn't be acceptable there. If I am spending money in a place I don't want to feel that I can't relax and have a good time.

posted by beachbum4567 on Sep 11, 2003

Too Big to Be a 10

Rating: 6

The Bellagio is the best on the strip, but too big to be a 10. As the only 5 star I expected more. We had a Suite for 5 nights and found Housekeeping and Security exceptional. Unfortunately, the "rushed/herd mentality" of the staff at check in (only) overshadowed everything. I paid particular attention to the manner others were greated and treated at check in.....and it seemed to be consistant with all associates - they were "just too busy" to make the guest feel like they were preparing for a 5 star stay. Amenities were wonderful, the variety and preparation of food top notch. Let's hope management sends the front desk to a "Congeniality Class".

posted by tikitb8 on Sep 10, 2003

The Best Hotel

Rating: 8

Bellagio is the best hotel I've stayed at. It's in the most ideal location on the strip- convient to everything. The view of the fountains from your room is amazing. The service is oustanding, the dealers are friendly, the atmosphere is outstanding (their atrium area w/ the fresh flowers is changed monthly it seems), and they have the best buffet on the strip!

posted by ag24 on Aug 7, 2003


Rating: 9

i stayed at bellagio for my 10th year anniversary, and we had a blast, the service is outstanding, hotel room is very clean and the staff is polite and quick. this is what the first class hotel is all about. i am planning to stay there again during holiday season

posted by didinlily65 on Aug 4, 2003

Not Worth the Money

Rating: 5

My wife and I recently stayed at The Bellagio. I have stayed at multiple hotels on the strip, and as far as the room, and the bed, The Bellagio is about as comfortable as staying at almost any other hotel on the strip. The staff was nice, just nothing above and beyond which one might expect at the only 5 star hotel on the strip. The turndown service was nice, except it wasn't consistent. The first night we were there, they came at 5:30, two nights they didn't come at all, our last night, they were knocking on the door at 11:15 when we were already asleep. The food at the Bellagio is excellent, just expensive like everything else in the hotel. The buffet is really good, but, one doesn't need to stay there to visit the buffet. Overall, I would say walk through the Bellagio and stay somewhere else.

posted by studyaid on Jun 23, 2003

The only way to do Vegas

Rating: 10

A night at the Bellagio can make any schlub feel like a millionaire. The staff is excellent. The rooms are beautiful. Even the non-lake view rooms have terrific views of the mountains. Although the casino clearly caters to mid and high rollers, I did stumble across a few rows of nickel slots, and poker machines. Also, quarter slots are plentiful. The waitresses, for obvious reasons, don't spend a lot of time near the nickel and quarter slots, but they're still friendly, as long as you tip. During weekdays, blackjack tables may go down to $10 from the weekend minimum of $20. Still not cheap, but 50% off is a notable relief. The restaurants are outstanding. Picasso is amazing. Sit outside, and you're literally meters away from the dancing water. You definitely get what you pay for here, so be ready to shell it out.

posted by jookyhc on Mar 27, 2003


Rating: 10

Bellagio rocks! A group of gals and myself stayed there during a 40th bday celebration. The entire experience, from the suite to the "O" show will forever be sketched in our memories. A real class act, especially the waterfall display piping Frankie Sinatra throughout our room. After staying there one time you will not go anywhere else!!!

posted by NCKATNT on Mar 11, 2003


Rating: 10

I stayed in the Bellagio Suite which was tastefully decorated. The service was outstanding from maid service to room service to front desk. Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable. I had my wedding here and the staff in the Wedding pavillion was WONDERFUL! Prime was one of the best restaurants I have eaten at. Nice menu selection and great food presentation. Food tasted SUPERB. A true CLASS ACT!

posted by TIGGER218 on Mar 10, 2003

Still the Best in Las Vegas

Rating: 10

MGM Mirage ownership has done nothing to diminish Bellagio's well-deserved position as the best hotel/resort in Las Vegas. Bellagio is one of a kind-unlike the Four Seasons, you don't have one of these at home. Every aspect of this fine hotel-rooms, amenities, restaurants, spa, pool, etc.-is done perfectly in this really for adults oasis. For those who question "value", you get what you pay for-try the online specials, sign up for the Play

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Best Hotel is Las Vegas

Las Vegas has many hotels but the Bellagio is by far the best hotel.

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