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9449 Collins Ave

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Do not stay at this hotel for any reason

Rating: 2

The rooms are nice but the service is terrible. this hotel is also far from everything . I cannot tell you how unprofessional the management is , as well as some of the front desk staff . When the guests request for the comment form prior to check out , the front desk staff actually lie to your face and say they don't have them. the most messed up thing is the front desk manager would do that to you. If you are demanding and request for better service the manager will actually have the nerve to kick you out because he does not like you. It was absolutely ridiculous because they should be the one pleasing the hotel guest, like myself and not the other way around. it was the most rude and shocking thing ever, and i should of demanded not to pay until i got a formal apology from the general manager. for the price of the hotel, you would be better off staying at the sheraton for a little bit more.

posted by clublady on Aug 7, 2007

Deception reigns supreme, The Hotel will not be around much longer!

Rating: 2

I regretfully took up residency at The Beach House between June 2, 2005 and April 8, 2006. My criteria was a convenient location- between South Beach and Aventura. The location is superb, but that is where any positive attributes end. I was promised a "long-term" rate of $39.00 per day by the General Manager whose initials are C.C.- the agreement was acknowledged via telephone and personally witnessed by A.C. -then "Director of Sales". As it tgurned out, I was actually being charged $175.00 per day and was served with a legal eviction by one of the largest law firms in the country. Turns out, the entity filing the eviction against me- never owned the Hotel! Now, almost a year later, I'm still tied up- with a new law-firm and the court system to try and be restored to my previous condition. The previous law firm was discharged for reasons that I can't reveal yet. The Hotel was scheduled for demolition about 2 years ago, so I thought- for sure I'd get the very best long-term rate. The service was non-existant! I paid housekeeping "on the side" to clean and replace towels and bed linens, valet would occasionally take my car for their own use, the room was worn and outdated- yet still functional, the bathroom was in complete disrepair (I hired an outside plumber 2X to repair the head), it seems that the maintenace people intentionally sabotaged the loo! Hotel management found it necessary to call the police and falsely arrest me too. Conveniently, when I got out of jail the very next morning and returned to my room- it was in complete shambles! My property financial records, and a few personal items taken (stolen)- in particular, my paid receipts! It turns out that now, there is a new management team- covering up for the inequities of the previous "owners". The property is in disrepair as can be ascertained by checking out the Dept. of Business and Professional Regulations Division of Hotels.. Voilations! So, I'm not to pleased to say the very least. BEWARE!!!!!

posted by mottkorn on Dec 29, 2006

Wonderful hotel

Rating: 10

Ralph Lauren decorated rooms, beautiful. Small rooms. Great customer service. Friendly staff. Private beach, beautiful pool and bar. A little far from south beach.

posted by chele_102 on Nov 29, 2005

Don't have high hopes

Rating: 6

We chose this place cause there were rave reviews from others, so we had high expectations. But our expectations were not met. It was not a value for the money spent. The room service is not good. We had requested a change of room or atleast our bathroom to be cleaned( we checked in after midnight), because we it was not clean when we checked in! We had to repeatedly ask for towel change and there was not even a coffee maker in the room, you have to buy everything there.

posted by aditi77 on Jul 12, 2004


Rating: 10

It is amazing what you find when you have to. I was extremely unhappy at the hotel I was booked in. Walked done the street and found paradise in a blue and white building. The staff was friendly, got me a cup of coffee and even helped me move. When the sun came up I was home. I could relax, do my work and was treated like a princess. What more could one ask in this stressful world. I will never stay anywhere else. Thank you

posted by skirsch_52 on Nov 27, 2003

Good Hotel

Rating: 10

I would recommend this hotel it is a good family hotel and the service is like a 5 star hotel. Do not pass this value up.

posted by alan_46 on Nov 27, 2003

A little hidden paradise

Rating: 8

What a nice surprise.... I often come to Florida and do not understand why I did not know of this place before. The place is delightful, warm and cosy. The staff is very friendly and professional. What a nice a change from the Ian Schraegger want to be's on the beach! I felt like I was at home from the time I chjecked in to the time I checked out... A treasure!... and they even had wireless internet access on the beach!

posted by Nathalie0822 on Nov 23, 2003

Cool Views

Rating: 10

I never wrote before about any hotel but this place made the difference. What a great view I stayed with my wife and kids for a week and we stayed at a ocean front room WOW!!!!!. Not only from your room is the beach very close and visible but also from the pool. Our kids enjoy the private beach they have with volleyball net and hammocks, while we enjoyed a massage by the pool. But, the attention given to us by the employees makes you feel great. We highly recommend this place we enjoyed everyday of our vacation. After, 30 years of travel we found a home away from home.

posted by andre1234 on Nov 21, 2003

Fabulous getaway retreat

Rating: 10

This hotel is more like visiting an old friends home. The service is the most genuine and sincere service I have ever experienced, unlike those stuffy "hotels". From the moment I walked through the front doors all of my stress disappeared and I was greeted by relaxation and pleasant smiles. The food is the most delicious cuisine I have had. The pool is inviting and very comfortable...being just steps away from the private beach was also the coolest.

posted by cry915 on Jul 30, 2003

Great place!!

Rating: 9

I just have one thing to say about the Beach House, the best romantic place in Miami, I stay there for a week, and was a great experience, the people are real nice, the front desk help me with all my needs (included some crazy ones), and the restaurant is not just a "restaurant inside of a hotel", has a heart by himself.

posted by forte76 on Jun 21, 2003

Awful place and people.

Rating: 1

The Beach House is just an old building revamped in Ralph Lauren. Given that, you'd think they'd be prepared for things going wrong. Not so. Incompetence and bad attitudes reign supreme. Our bathroom flooded on Day 1. They said they fixed it. On day 2 it flooded worse. They took hours to clean it up. While we were out, they moved our things to a new room (wet suits and sandy shoes thrown into suitcases of clean clothes) and managed to lose our belongings. We spent the night tracking down our things from housekeeping, members of whom slowly handed them over one by one after no less than 5 phone calls. The man at the front desk was unbelievably rude and unhelpful. And, room service? Forget it. Our order was never correct. Bottom line: You can dress trash up in Ralph Lauren, but it's still trash.

posted by skylark22 on Jun 20, 2003

Hamptons Hideaway in S. Florida

Rating: 10

I stumbled upon this teasure in Surfside last year, right next to the fabulous Bal Harbour shops for Sunday Brunch and I haven't stopped going since. Besdies their newly revamped menu of home-cooked favorites, I have actually stayed a few nights just to get away and was treated wonderfully by the staff from the minute I checked in. The Pool area and private beach are so relaxing and the decor is reminiscient of my family's Hamptons Beach House. A must stay!!!

posted by Joyous1979 on May 22, 2003

Paradise Found!!

Rating: 9

We had a utterly relaxing and refreshing stay at The Beach House Bal Harbour! You drive up to an ordinary looking blue building off of Collins at 94th Street, and are surprised by the cool elegance of what lies inside. It's like a pearl in a rough oyster. The staff is relaxed and genuinely friendly. You really feel you are staying at a good friend's home. It's not fancy and stuck up. You feel like you are in a great summer movie.

posted by jaxcope on May 18, 2003


Rating: 1

Stay away!!. To start our my reservation was not found and no one was there to help us with our luggage. We had to change rooms 4 times. 3 times because the rooms were dirty and the forth because the toilet overflowed and the air did not work?. The biggest problem; however, is the fact that there is a major construction site right next to the pool (As of September 2002). The noise is terrible so I could not stay by the pool or on the hotels beach. Large trucks drive by the hotel all day long to the constrution site. Hotel management was not helpful at all and refused to give any discount to the room rate. "the beach house hotel does not give discounts for problems that are not their fault". As you can see, Stay away.

posted by nocar on Sep 21, 2002

Good, not great

Rating: 6

The pros: The hotel is in a great location in Bal Harbour, near terrific shopping. It has a private beach and spa service by the pool. The Atlantic restaurant has a great menu, prepared well. The staff is courteous and very responsive. The rooms are cozy and well appointed (a welcome respite from Ian Schrager wannabes). The Cons: The hotel didnt tell us that the lot next door was in the process of being completely leveled. We had to change rooms because it overlooked the construction site. The noise was so loud that you couldnt enjoy lounging by the pool. The hotel has been nicely renovated, but does show its age. We had to change rooms two more times because of problems with the plumbing and air conditioner. Summary: The hotel seemed to lack coordination; ie, good management. Attention to detail, which distinguishes great hotels from fair ones, was overlooked.

posted by dth on Aug 23, 2002

avoid at all costs

Rating: 3

I stayed here in February. BIG MISTAKE. Not worth the money. The rooms are tiny, the bathtub drain was plugged up, the elevator smelled like dirty feet. They are very smug about being a different type of hotel...that they can work "miracles". In reality, I was overcharged at their "country store" gift shop-the priced marked on the items I bought were wrong-according to the clerk, and I was charged double the marked price! I went down to the front desk one evening on my way to south beach and asked for $5 in quarters (for the meters). The desk clerk gave me $3 worth and two dollars back. I said " I thought you guys work miracles?" He replied, "I work reality". Real friendly. If I were to vacation down there again, I would avoid at all costs. I advise you to do the same.

posted by huckins on May 31, 2002

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