Baymont Inn Miami-Airport West

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3805 Nw 107th Ave
MIAMI, FL, 33178  United States

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BURGLARY - do not stay at this hotel

I stayed at this hotel late October of 2009 and had all of my luggage stolen from my room during the day while I was away.

The door was completely locked, secured, and untampered with. There were no signs of forced entry. I left early in the morning and returned in the evening after work to find that both (2) pieces of my luggage containing all of my personal belongings were stolen from my room.

I reported this burglary to the hotel staff - they said that the housekeeping crew did not remember if my luggage was in the room and they could not be responsible despite the fact that the door was locked and the room secured. Obviously, the only people who could have had access to my room were hotel employees.

I then spoke to the local property manager, who was very rude and responded that the hotel has no liability about losses since it could not be proved that my luggage was there in the first place. There are also no safes in the rooms, so if you lose anything, they claim no responsibility. The hotel has since assumed no responsibility, liability, or offered me any form of compensation for the burglary on their property.

The service at the hotel is of the most contemptible and despicable level, and the hotel property manager lacks decency as a business professional. I would strongly advise staying at this location. If you do, however, have to stay at this location, be forewarned that you may lose your belongings, as there are serious security issues at this hotel.

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