Atlanta Marriott Downtown

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160 Spring St

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Great Service and Beautiful Renovations

Rating: 10

The staff goes above and beyond to make sure that each guest is comfortable and happy! The sales staff is top notch!

posted by atlhero on Dec 2, 2008

Atlanta Marriott

Rating: 4

This hotel was not what I expected from the name and price I paid to stay there. The room was neat and large however I woke up the next morn...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 3, 2008

User Reviews: Atlanta Marriott Downtown

Don't use the valet parking

We were traveling to Tampa Florida from North Carolina for Thanksgiving and went out of our way to stay at the Marriott to go to the Atlanta Aquarium. The overall appearance of the hotel is very nice and the front desk help was super. Our double beds were very cramped and the A/C was so loud it woke me up everytime it came on. I am a pretty sound sleeper if this gives you any idea. DON"T walk around at night. We had no less than 10 homeless folks asking us for money. All those things were tolerable. WHAT WAS NOT TOLERABLE is the valet scraped our new dodge charger on the ramp into the parking garage and the manager assured us they would take care of the damage. This car was dent and scratch free. We are the people who park in the back of a parking lot just so people won't park next to us. The damage is about $500 to $700 but Marriott and their contract with AAA Parking has declined our claim 3 times and told us on the phone that they deny all claims of this nature. So I have no idea what claims they actually pay.  So if you don't want to risk your car being damaged I suggest you not book a room at this hotel. We WERE loyal Marriott reward customers and use Marriott hotel exclusively for our yearly Spring break Williamsburg trips. Marriott, if you are reading this I will revise all my reviews when  the situation is rectified. I can't believe you would rather risk losing a loyal customer over $500 when we can spend that much money in one stay with you. In addition to our car being damaged, my son left his jacket in the room after we checked out. I called that day and told them exactly where it was and housekeeper already cleaned the room. When I called I was told that lost and found was closed (6pm) and someone would call me back. No one called back and I called three addition times and no jacket was located. That jacket was in that room and you can put two and two together .  

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