Astor On The Park

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465 Central Park W

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bad bad..

Rating: 2

it is located right next to central park. that is only good thing about this hotel. the room is small and dirty even expensive. can not use wireless internet without paying extra charge. kinda far away from the tourist area unless you want to walk around harlem.

posted by chjjeon on Aug 22, 2006

Very Bad Hotel

Rating: 2

The deal very badly, very bad service, the rooms not clean and the zone gave fear .

posted by mark890 on Sep 13, 2005

Dorm Room Style

Rating: 4

This hotel reminded me of the size of my college dorm room(thin walls and all!). The decor was nice. The location was not that great, and I wouldn't recommend walking in this area at night, creepy. I had a good stay here. The services was nice with the exception of man who was quite rude to me for which I wouldn't ever return to this hotel, he needs a lesson on how to talk to paying customers(definitely don't talk down to them or humiliate them!!!!).

posted by jen_11777 on Nov 13, 2002


Rating: 4

As "Feel Cheated" said, the room was basically a glorified closet. A glorified closet for $107/night. The Indian/Pakistani porters looked like they had better things to do than take care of you. The first room they gave us had no AC--on July 4th, one of the hottest days in the city this year. The first day they cleaned our room, they didn't replace the towels. The AC unit in the first room they put us in was never replaced--like the repair guy said he was gonna do for us. The only thing good about the room was the AC in the second one they put us in. And at least we got to overlook Central Park. Sort of. But my g/f and I will never be going back, unless they offer us $30/night.

posted by kethoticus on Jul 31, 2002

Great bargain!!

Rating: 9

This hotel was newly remodeled in 2000...all the decor is very modern with hues of brown/beige. The rooms are small but that is to be expected in NY. At least you have a private bathroom...which some hotels don't even offer. The bathroom is really nice, done in marble...the decor is excellent, very clean. There is TV, air visiting a friend's small studio. Didn't get the feeling of a hotel which I liked. Also a plus is that there is plenty of FREE parking alongside Central Park right outside!! Plus the subway station is a block a way!! I used Sidestep to book this for $85/night which is cheap for NY.

posted by jl012 on Jul 24, 2002

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