Archbishops Mansion Alamo Squar

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It's an experience

Rating: 6

My wife read about this place, and wanted to spend a night here. We did, and that's when I learned it's not your average hotel. There are ...

posted by Citysearch User on Sep 15, 2005

This is the best B&B of all!

Rating: 10

It is my hobby to spend nites in B&B's simply because I am an architecture appreciator. Although S.F. provides many qualtiy B&B's, this one is exceptional. I was accomodated by a very pleasant woman who, on a weekday, provided my date and I with a suite for just barely over the price of a regular room. WOW!!! I cannot stop thinking about being a real princess for not one, because we couldn't get ourselves to leave, but two nites. I am talking about exquisite Victorian era architecture in a huge bedroom donned with a four poster bed, those half circle like windows, and a fireplace to boot. I long for the day I will return to my princess nest in Alamo Square. The staff is amazingly friendly and smart.

posted by lotuslife on Mar 14, 2005

Extremely Romantic

Rating: 10

A hotel that you just want to keep coming back to

posted by debby_mayberry on Dec 30, 2002

very romantic

Rating: 9

go there for your honeymoon, anniverary or just because you want a little spark. The room appointments are truly romantic and the staff is very attentive. Take a day stroll to Fillmore Street and eat at an outdoor cafe.

posted by CatReview on Jul 19, 2002

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