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230 W 54th St

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Rating: 2

a staff member broke into my room and stole my wallet and passport!! stay away!! very bad experience. i would feel safer sleeping in the subway station

posted by larryknows on Apr 10, 2007

A big disappointment

Rating: 4

We found this hotel in the Rough Guide to New York and it sounded great. We visited the hotel groups website and booked online direct with the hotel. Do not be fooled by the lovely looking hotel you see on the website - it's a nasty hoax!!! We got checked in and went up to our room which was tiny, freezing cold and smelt of cigarette smoke. The 1 small radiator in the room was cold and when it did finally start to get warm, it made so much noise it actually woke us up and only 1 of the 5 pipes got hot. It was also leaking water all over the floor and the carpet was wet. There wasn't anywhere to hang our clothes either. The bathroom was grotty and the shower leaked water on the floor. We complained to reception only to be told that there was nothing that could be done that night but they would send in an engineer and move us to another room in the morning. The engineer never came and the next morning when we asked which room we would be moved to, reception had no idea what we were talking about. After a heated exchange with the receptionist she just said it would be sorted when we returned. When we got back from our day out we had, as promised, been moved to a room twice the size (612) with a much bigger bed, clothes rail and bigger bathroom. The bath took ages to drain but it was much better compared to our first room (304). The location of the hotel was great and the bar was well priced and served great drinks but the rooms were disappointing to say the least. All I can say is if you get a room that you are unhappy with - complain until you get moved!!

posted by rachel2605 on Feb 23, 2007


Rating: 4

As an earlier review stated, the rooms are small, water doesn't drain from the tub quickly, tiles in the shower are cracked, mold is setting in, water splashes onto the floor when you shower, the window AC is LOUD, the TV is small and has variable volumes on different channels, etc. The pictures are not representative of the hotel in general. I booked through and they totally oversold the rooms. I cant express the disappointment I felt when I stepped into my rinky-dink 10x10 room. You can stay at the Loews for comparable rates and have better accommodations. Its not like the Lowes is all that either.

posted by lowdk on Nov 2, 2004

A Joke?

Rating: 4

The only thing I can say is you better not be claustrophobic as the rooms are tiny! No where to put anything in the room or bathroom. Not even a small table for the business traveler. The air conditioner in the window is noisy, so turn up your TV, then get a pounding on the wall from your neighbor. All the tiles in the bathroom are cracked and loose, the toilet was built for a child, the shower doesn't drain, water spills all over the floor when showering and there is no, I mean no, storage. And to top it off, you'll wait forever to get on the 3'x3' elevator. The price is right if you can handle a 10'x10' box for a few days and don't require any type of ammenities. Wouldn't recommend if you are a business traveler and would pay the extra $$ for a nice place.

posted by stubbyone on Jun 7, 2004

Worth a visit

Rating: 8

The Ameritainia is another in a line of European style boutique hotels owned by the a corporation. With an excellent location and affordable accommodations this hotel is worth a visit. I used Expedia to get a great price, but I got what I paid for. My room was simply small. I couldnt use the shower without spilling water on to the floor. The lack of space to put my toiletries was another inconvenience. The room was non-smoking but there was a lingering smell in the halls as well as my room. A unit in the window provided air conditioning. The lobby contains a bar complete with fireplace and stylish furniture. I fond the bar a great place for a nightcap or a before dinner drink. My colleague paid a little more and got a bigger room (with desk) I would give this hotel another try in my quest for price/performance.

posted by billding on Oct 7, 2003


Rating: 10

The rooms were clean, very comfortable and the location was perfect. Would return anytime. The staff was very helpful. Continental breakfast was very good. Loved the decor and the lighting! Convenient to everything!

posted by AngeBN1 on Aug 30, 2002

A Great Weekend

Rating: 8

I located this hotel via Expedia. I live in Ct. but wanted to spend a weekend in the city with my wife and 3 kids. The deal from Expedia was fantastic at a bit over $100 per room. We took two. The location is the best in town. The rooms were just fine, the decor out of the ordinary and interesting. The service was rather warm and friendly. I was concerned afer reading all the negative reviews on Citysearch. Having stayed there, I have no idea what these people are complaining about. We will surely come again for another Family Weekend in the city. A nice place, a great location and an excellent value.

posted by barryryan88 on Aug 23, 2002

right around the block from letterman

Rating: 7

Letterman is around the block (if you're into him) and you're not TOO far from Times Square. The hotel itself is only so-so, but it's in a pretty decent area (if you're a tourist). It's not too far from the Square, although I guess far enough that the large swarms of people aren't overwhelming the entrance to the hotel. The room is mediocre, as is their decor, service, and views. The bed wasn't crappy, but it also wasn't great. I don't know if this place is really worth the money 'cuz you don't get anything really for it: except a place to sleep. The view isn't breathtaking, the bed isn't heavenly, and the locale isn't awesome. And you gotta get one of those at least....if not two.

posted by ekc12 on Aug 7, 2002

Okay, if you get a deal

Rating: 4

This hotel is fine for a buget hotel and if your geting a great deal. My room was small but thats N.Y it was clean and very basic. The Vibe there is funcky and real young . Music playing inl lobby,late night hallway noise. Not my thing maybe yours.

posted by CHINA on Jun 20, 2002

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