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2505 Lombard St

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Worst motel ever!! I wouldn't stay there for free!

Rating: 2

My mom and her cousin stayed there this week. if I had known what this place was like I would've never booked that hotel. The hotel manager was the rudest SOB there could be. He's lucky I wasn't there or I would've put him in intensive care! My mom is an elderly woman, when she asked him for the motel's email address so I could send her a confirmation on a tour I booked for her and he yelled at her as if she was asking him for something ridiculous. My mother was miserable staying there, but everything else was booked and she has a problem walking. To make things worse there were mice, roaches and bed bugs and the room was filthy. They were put into a one bed room because the room they had for her was on the 4th floor and they don't have an elevator. She decided to stay in this room instead of moving into another 2 bed room on the first floor. On the second night of her stay, when she went to ask how much the room was being that it was a one bed room he tried to charge her the same price for a double, I had called earlier and asked for the room rate and it was $12 cheaper, when she told him this he got annoyed but refused to credit her $12 towards the rest of her stay. I myself work for a 4 star hotel and can't imagine this type of service, I might expect this from a hostel in a ghetto neighborhood. I would stay away from this property and any of it's affiliates, It's family owned so unfortunately complaining would get you nowhere.

posted by blade20 on Oct 19, 2009

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