Alexis Park Resort

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375 E Harmon Ave

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Dangerous Security Non Existent

Rating: 2

Dangerous Security Non Existent Dont stay here if you value you life or property. Our room was broken into and valuable property stolen while we were at a wedding on the premises. Made a report with their so called security, also filed a report with the Police Deparment. I talked to the general manager and all he did was cop a attitude, and said theres nothing we can do about it. After leaving a review on rate las vegas I noticed that someone else's room got broken into the same day that we were there.

posted by ronald_l on Nov 2, 2006

If by "Resort" they mean Last Resort...

Rating: 2

Long story short - when you book a room, you choose smoking or non, but the fine print says it isn't guaranteed. This allows the hotel to book rooms for people expecting a non-smoking room and then to give them whatever they have available at check-in, (read - a smoke drenched room). We called four times to have our room changed. Finally they put us in a room that they're in the middle of remodeling - kitchen cabinets were missing, there was paper on the walls to mask off areas they were painting. They're completely oblivious. It's impossible to reach someone helpful at the front desk. Don't stay here. This isn't a rant, it's advice.

posted by michaelfleming on Nov 4, 2005

This place must be up for sale!

Rating: 2

It's not a bad location- across the street from Hard Rock on Harmon. However, the accomodations are so obviously in need of major renovation/ upgrading that you have to wonder why they aren't doing it now. The outside areas are kept very nice and there appears to be adequate staff, but the rooms and suites are way past their prime. I'll bet that someone has plans for this property....cah-ching!

posted by petrus66 on Jun 5, 2002

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