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Al Cielo Hotel is a small, beachfront boutique hotel situated on Xpu-Ha Beach in Mexico's Riviera Maya. This charming hotel has four beautiful rooms right on the beach, named Water, Air, Earth and Fire... four elements that combine to become a Caribbean elixir for your vacation in paradise. The exclusivity of this place allows Al Cielo Hotel's staff to offer you personalized and individual attention.

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Carretera Federal Cancun-Tulum KM 118

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Nice, but it didn't gel for me

The staff was wonderful and friendly. Great service!! The spot is quite beautiful. I came because of the great reviews I saw. However, I was not as happy with the place as with Tita Tulum, to which I would have returned if a refund had been available to me. Both of my friends felt exactly the same way, and they were crestfallen as was I, who arranged the trip. I guess we had been spoiled. I want to share why I didn't care for Al Cielo so much. Some of this is intangible, more of a vibe or feeling, so I'm not trying to rain on the parade of anyone who just loves the place.

I don't know if the little road to get to the place has been improved, but it was almost like a jeep trail. The water is rocky in lots of places, so you have to be careful with your feet. I prefer smooth. The physical plant seemed rough around the edges. Examples would be dead plants in the dining room and areas around the buildings that weren't pleasing to the eye, like a see-through fence around a junky area. Some parts of the restaurant area seemed worn and didn't seem to match the rest of it or the building with the four rooms. I like the sense of harmony in a place, and I didn't feel that here. The rooms had no place to store anything, so I had to live out of my suitcase. Even the bathroom didn't have any logical place to put toiletries and such. I remember having to put them on a bench that was not flat and smooth but rather with slats. The rooms are strange. They are rustic and yet trying to be something they are not. I would prefer for the rooms to just be rustic. They are trying to look high-brow but aren't, and the plug-in chemical fragrance didn't help. This may sound silly, but I felt that the colored draperies on the beach palapas contributed to the strange feel, like they didn't belong. I felt that the rates were too high. When I used any power or water, I heard a strange and annoying sound, not loud, but weird, as of a generator turning on and off every few seconds and was told that was being fixed. It was there for all 3 nights.

Well, I'm only trying to offer a different perspective on this property, not to slam it. Again, I just loved the people here.

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