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Worst Customer Service Ever!

Rating: 2

My girlfriends and I had the worst experience ever at this hotel. The hotel staff was very rude and disrespectful. When we arrived, they tried to upgrade us to a room with a balcony. We were grateful until we went to the room and was right next to a building under construction, so we asked for another room knowing that they did that on purpose to fill those loud rooms up first. On our third day there, the cleaning ladies didn't give us any towels, but had loaded our dishwasher and cleaned the beds. I called the front desk where I was told that we had "supposedly" signed our name saying that we "refused house keeping." We tried to explain to them that this had to have been a mistake because there was no reason why we would refuse TOWELS. The house keeping supervisor lady called and she was very rude to us asking very sarcastically if there was anything else that we needed. I let this slide and tried not to make a big deal out of it. When it was time to check out, I had mentioned to the man at the front desk when he asked if there was anything else he could help me with, and I said that it bothered us a little that one of the house keeping ladies had signed our name saying that we refused our towels. It turned into this big ordeal because the supervisor lady called me rude when I never was. The man at the front desk and the supervisor lady kept on rolling their eyes at me. I was furious when I went back to my room, so I phoned the man at the front desk asking how much was going to be charged to my credit card. He then said that I was suppose to turn in three keys when they only gave me two keys. I started to get very upset about this and he told me that I was very uneducated and to hurry up and get out of "his" hotel. I told him that he was being very unprofessional by escalating the situation at the front desk and trying to argue back with me. And it's not very professional to tell a hotel guest that they are "uneducated." To sum it all up, WORST HOTEL STAFF EVER!

posted by suzi25 on Jul 7, 2007

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