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1022 SW Stark Street

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holy overrated

Rating: 2

A tough stay, but I love portland so fair city I'll be back and will stay elsewhere. and I still think staff stole my cuff watch

posted by mountainsearch on Oct 25, 2009

Wake Up Call!

Rating: 8

The rooms at the Ace Hotels are among Portland's most unique and the Clyde Common's kitchen is by far Portland's most innovative however The Front Desk could be a bit better!

posted by pdxrick on Aug 29, 2008

Unique, vintage flair with a reasonable rate

Rating: 8

I didn't know what to expect when my husband and I booked our stay at the Ace Hotel. We typically stay in pampered bed and breakfast venues but we were looking for an affordable, hip place to stay near the Pearl District. I loved the minimal decor and clean lines in the rooms and the vintage flair throughout the hotel. We stayed on the third floor with the shared bathroom down the hall and never had any issues with waiting to use the facilities. Everything was clean and if you don't pack alot (we each have one small to medium sized suitcase for a weeks worth of vacation attire/toiletries) there is no issue of not having enough space. We didn't have any problems with sound issues or thin walls, but our room did have a window with a view of a brick wall. But then again, what can you expect when you are downtown in congested living at a reasonable price? It is very convienent to walking anywhere you want to go (at least a dozen art galleries, unique boutiques, Cupcake Jones, Powell's Books, plenty of dining -fast or fine). The staff was friendly and helpful with giving directions. We also loved that is since we only had a day and a half to visit the area it is nice that the hotel is located next to Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Clyde Common restaurant. Great coffee, fun food and awesome mixed drinks, and a refreshing place to stay all within steps of each other. We had a great time and would definitely go back.

posted by bbluebonnets on Aug 26, 2008

More surfaces, please!

Rating: 4

I like to think that I fit the The Ace's demographic in that I prefer small, unique boutique hotels and understand that might mean fewer amenities then you might find in a large chain hotel. That said, I was surprised that The Ace had more of a feeling of an upscale hostel then a not inexpensive hotel. I don't mind that I can't order food (again, not unusual in a smaller hotel) but it meant no one ever came to clean the room, leaving us with no clean towels for the next day. Even though we had a proper bathroom, it was a bit disconcerting seeing people duck in and out of the bathrooms in the hall and stairway. Because of that and lack of staff, the place had a distinct "self-serve" feeling about it. The room itself had great potential. Cool mural/painting on the wall, hardwood floors, a record player with a box of records, high ceilings and interesting decor. What there was of it. We had a sofa, but there was no coffee table or side table to put anything on, just short wooden boxes, which were too small to be useful. The bathroom sink was outside of the bathroom itself (which had nothing but the tub and toilet) and was a corner sink with no room for so much as a tube of toothpaste. They remedy this by providing a small stainless steel table as a space to put a few things. God help you of you have a large brush and lots of cosmetics and toiletries. They'll be homeless. The closet contained 5 hangers (for two people!) and instead of a chest of drawers or shelves to compensate, a hanging canvas shoe holder, as seen at Ikea. Would it hurt them to give you something in which to put a few days of clothing? All in all I found the hotel interesting, and ultimately enjoyed my stay in spite of the odd logistical issues but I can't say I'll be back soon. It did feel as if their determination to present a certain look and feel overshadowed any concern or sympathy for the person actually staying in the room. More surfaces, please!

posted by brak on Jul 28, 2007

and I am the target demographic

Rating: 4

Let me get this straight, I can pay over $100/nt to share a bath, have a view of a wall, and expect absolutely bad front desk service? Or I can stay up the street at a real hotel (boring, yes) and have privacy and service? This hotel is simply too stripped down. There isn't even art on the walls, compared to the Seattle location this is a piss-poor deal. Everyone knows you don;t go to a place like this expecting it to be a spa, but at least give me an ipod hookup so i can play my own music. Or how bout's a little breakfast? Or some daylight? These are not high expectations. Maybe they blew the budget on the little wall mounted TV's? Further WHO EVEN WATCHES TV ANYWAY?!

posted by vsc1524 on Jul 15, 2007

New Favorite Place - Great Place for Events!

Rating: 10

I had a party at The Ace Hotel recently in their event space "The Cleaners" and I couldnt have asked for a better experience. Every single person who worked there was awesome and helpful and sweet. The event space was fantastic and all our guests were impressed with the venue. They set up a bar and there was a DJ and a door person. For an amateur party thrower it was easy to plan and my contact was very patient with my contsant calls asnd questions. After the party we went up to our corner suite which we loved. Everything from the old books to the way the rooms were arranged, the beautiful bathrooms. I wish I lived there.. I would highly recommend staying there or having your next big event there.

posted by ab1234 on Jun 21, 2007

Sleepless in Portland

Rating: 2

So my wife and I live in Portland and decided to make a little weekend getaway to downtown. We had heard of this new funky, cool hip hotel downtown called the ?Ace Hotel?. Sounded like fun right? Well sorry to say but wrong! This place is cool and hip for sure, but there is one itty-bitty problem. Last time I checked hotels were for sleeping. Well we barely slept a wink. The problem? It?s hard to get any sleep when there are several nightclubs right outside your window. The problem gets worse when you realize that this is an old historic building, with thin walls and old windows. It sounded like we were IN the nightclubs. We could hear everything. The bars don?t close until 2:30 and then it all spills out into the street until 3:00 am. If that weren?t enough try the herd of elephants in the room above us. Finally at 3:30 am I called the room above us to ask them to keep it down a little. A very chipper guy answered and said ?sure no problem we were just getting ready to head out for the night?. I must be getting old or something, but I had to laugh. The only suggestion I have for the ACE is to provide complimentary earplugs in the rooms, but what hotel would want to send that message. All in all it is a neat hotel, but not for those that actually like a hotel for sleeping. It was a Friday night, so maybe the weekdays are better, but I can for sure say, stay away on a Friday night or get a room on that faces one of the numbered streets.

posted by johndolsonpdx on Jun 3, 2007

User Reviews: Ace Hotel Portland

Re: ACE Hotel, Portland, Oregon

Overall, I thought it was a stylish and comfortable hotel, in a hip part of town and a good bargain.  They do need to improve their parking situation.  If you show up with a car, they'll sell you an overnight pass at a nearby lot but you can't park there until 4:00 PM, and if the lot is full, you're out of luck.  Oh, and have to manage this process all yourself which is pretty annoying.  I would stay there again, but hope they fix the parking situation.

Suffering From Insomnia? This is the hotel for you

Over all it was a very cool looking hotel. The rooms are very cozy with art work and old fashion record players in the room. They have Wi-Fi, Cable on a big screen T.V. and very nice bathrooms.

It's not to great for quite sleeping though. There is a bar right outside the hotel across the little street it's on and people are VERY loud & rude when the bar lets out around 2am. The police don't do anything about it really unless someone calls to complain and the front desk doesn't care either. Of course there is no one really down there to help you anyways.

People do yell and scream at all hours of the day & night, not to mention the traffic noise and very thin walls separating you from the hall way & the other rooms to your room.

It was okay. Not very relaxing. But okay.

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