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Located off Michigan Avenue in River North, The ACME Hotel is downtown Chicago's all new boutique hotel alternative with an eye for design, and a high-tech vibe — and all for an affordable price.

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15 East Ohio

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We recently stayed at ACME hotel for our honeymoon. We brought with us four ipods (Two classics and two nanos) to listen to on the 9 hour trip. The first day we arrived in Chicago, I bought a new purse. When we arrived at the hotel, i put the ipods in my old purse and tucked it away in my luggage. We did not take the iPods out the rest of our trip. On our way home, we discovered that two of the ipods (two classics) were missing from our luggage. we checked the rental car (just in case) but knew they wouldn't have been left here, since we never took them out. we then contacted the hotel, knowing that these items were taken from our luggage. The hotel took three days to contact us. When Jim the GM finally called me, he told me that he would 'investigate' and talk to the staff.
The hotel never called me back. After over a week, I contacted the hotel again, and Jim stated that he checked lost and found and didn't find anything. I explained to him that the ipods were not lost, they were taken out of our bags. He then explained that he hires 'good people' who would not steal things. He said he talked to the housekeeping staff and they told him they didn't take anything (of course, who would admit this!!??) He rudely told me that i probably dropped the TWO ipods somewhere. I then asked "after spending over $900 at your hotel, someone steals $300+ of items from my bag, and you are going to tell me there is nothing you're going to do about it?" He said "i guess. my only advice would be to file a home owners insurance claim, but you deductible will be more than the iPods."
I am absolutely disgusted by the way this hotel handled this situation! it was clear that their staff stole these expensive items from me, and the only thing the hotel management would do was tell me that they wouldn't hire people who would steal. Isn't it odd that the two large ipods went missing? my guess is that someone opened my purse, saw the two obvious ipods and took them. DON'T GO TO THIS HOTEL, UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR VALUABLES STOLEN!!

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