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Taking a Bucket Shower at Dunia Camp Tanzania

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February 25, 2014 at 8:48 AM | by | Comments (0)

Africa has many amazing safari lodges out in its vast, beautiful wilderness, with a specific subset being semi-mobile camps: having only temporary permission to set up in a particular location, a semi-mobile camp must be able to pack up and move on within a matter of days, leaving not even a hint of environmental impact behind.

This obviously protects the fragile ecosystem the camp passes through, but also allows for freedom to move with the seasons, and in the case of Dunia Camp in Tanzania, with the flow of the Great Migration through Serengeti National Park.

Semi-mobile means no plumbing, but that doesn’t mean you’ll lack any amenities: there are flush toilets in each luxurious tent, and one of the more charming bush experiences is only a butler’s call and brief wait away: the bucket shower, courtesy of old-fashioned boiled water and gravity.

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Whoa! There's A Camp More Expensive Than The New Four Seasons Serengeti

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  Site Where: Lamai Triangle, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
December 4, 2012 at 6:33 PM | by | Comment (1)

The opening of the behemoth 77-room Four Seasons Serengeti dominated the African safari headlines yesterday, with much of the talk surrounding its three restaurants, wine bar, spa, fitness center, and outdoor infinity pool overlooking the wilderness.

The price? Expedia shows rooms for two starting at about $1,200 a night. When you add in the cost of the food and a few select African wines, you're probably looking at around $1,500 a night.

Albeit more quietly, the smaller six-tent Singita Mara River Tent Camp also recently opened for business in the Lamai Triangle, a six-tent East African safari camp run entirely on solar power. The cost of a night there? $1,200 per person. The rate is all-inclusive, but that still leaves a couple paying $2,400 a night. Now that's a lot of cash.

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Four Seasons Is Going on Permanent Safari in The Serengeti National Park

July 10, 2012 at 5:38 PM | by | Comments (0)

For all the Four Seasons Hotels loyalists out there (you know who you are, especially you Josh Flagg) in search of a Four Seasons in the wild, you'll be thrilled to know that the posh hotel brand now has a hotel in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Four Seasons has just signed a management agreement with the owners of the existing Bilila Lodge (previously a Kempinski.) The resort will be upgraded and rebranded the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti in fall 2012. This marks the first Four Seasons in Sub-Saharan Africa, although the brand is planning a luxury tented safari camp in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and a beach resort on the island of Zanzibar.

This particular Four Seasons will borrow heavily from the popular Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Thailand by allowing guests to spy on wildlife (mainly elephants) in a safe and "ecologically responsible" environment yet while still having all the luxury amenities and necessities they can't travel without.

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Serena Safari Lodges Have Killer Views at Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater

June 12, 2012 at 11:53 AM | by | Comments (0)

Today we have not one, but two killer views for you, which happen to be from two properties belonging to the same group: Serena Hotels. If the name doesn't ring a bell, this might be because you'll have to make your way to East Africa or Southeast Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan) to find one.

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Safari in Style at the Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

June 5, 2012 at 11:17 AM | by | Comments (0)

Last week we tempted you with the outdoor shower at Selous Safari Camp in Tanzania; today we'll take you on a little tour of one of the luxurious tents (if you can still call them that) these showers are part of, as well as some of the things we saw while out and about in the reserve.

Selous Game Reserve lies about 200km southwest of Dar Es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania (the state capital is Dodoma). Much less known than the famous Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater, it's nearly twice the size of Belgium and actually four times as large as the Serengeti. We spent some time here following a journey through the northern part of Tanzania, and would highly recommend fitting Selous into your itinerary if you can.

Its landscape and vegetation is different from the drier plains in the north, with East Africa's largest river - the Rufiji - making it the home and migration stop for countless bird species. You'll find plenty of larger animals as well, as you can see in the gallery, but more on that later. First, a few words on the camp itself.

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Only While Glamping Can You See Lions and Get Spa Treatments

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April 26, 2011 at 2:42 PM | by | Comment (1)

If you've always wanted to go on an African safari, but aren't really that into roughing it, the Bilila Lodge Kempinski in Tanzania can help you out with a three-night glamping package that will let you see the animals in the Serengeti and get pampered at the same time.

As part of the Beauty and the Beast package, you get to stay in a room—no tents here—overlooking the plains of the national park, giving you a chance to observe the wildlife from your sun deck. Your days will be spent out in the bush, alongside veteran guides on game drives in search of the elusive Big Five—lions, leopards, rhinos, buffaloes and elephants—or floating overhead in a hot air balloon.

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My Own Private Island: Tanzania's Lupita Island

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March 2, 2011 at 10:36 AM | by | Comments (0)

All this week, HotelChatter contributor Eric Rosen will be taking us on a guided tour of the globe’s most exclusive, luxurious, over-the-top vacation retreats in our new Private Islands Series. We’ll venture from the Bahamas to Fiji, from Africa’s crystalline Lake Tanganyika to the emerald waters of Cambodia, and everywhere in between. That is, everywhere you can be ruler of your own little island.

Today we travel to the pristine waters of Tanzania’s Lake Tanganyika, where we find the tiny jewel of Lupita Island, a glamping lodge run by Firelight Expeditions as part of its safari packages.

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Zanzibar's New Star of the East Hotel Is Fit for a Royal Honeymoon

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  Site Where: Nungwi Road, Zanzibar, Tanzania
February 21, 2011 at 2:10 PM | by | Comments (0)

While Prince Wills and Princess-to-be Kate Middleton are rumored to be spending their honeymoon in Isles of Scilly, we can't help thinking the royal couple should maybe pull a switcheroo and shack up at the newly opened Star of the East on Zanzibar.

The Tanzania hotel would provide a paparazzi-free zone. It only offers 11 villas, and each has its own private plunge pool, Jacuzzi, personal butler, ginormous furnished terrace and lush garden full vegetation, from which the newlyweds will be able to watch the sunset and get all romantic.

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We're Half-Convinced On The Fairmont Zanzibar

December 23, 2008 at 9:15 AM | by | Comments (0)

We've had a sudden and inexplicable fascination with the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar which led us to the Fairmont Zanzibar in Unguja City. We quite like Fairmont, we're fascinated by Zanzibar, what could be better?

Well, according to the TripAdvisor reviews, nothing. But then again, no hotel is worse either, because the Fairmont is basically the only place to stay in Unguja City.

It all comes down to who you believe more: the recent guest who reckons they were "spoiled rotten" (they had the Asali Suite with private chefs) or others who complain of an unmanned pool bar and unfriendly service in the restaurant.

To give Fairmont Zanzibar the benefit of the doubt, they have just done $10 million worth of renovations, so perhaps even those who complained might find it better now. If we do get there we'll be signing up for their Breakfast & Dinner Package (we love our food) which includes accommodation and, as you'd expect, breakfast and dinner daily, starting at $489 a night.

[Photo: viaggiatrice74]

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A Mnemba to Remember

April 27, 2007 at 2:50 PM | by | Comments (0)

If you want exotic, exclusive, beachy, private island bliss, then get yourself to the coast of Tanzania, where you can catch a ride over to Mnemba Island Lodge.

A twenty-minute speedboat ride from the town of Matemwe, off the Northeast coast of Zanzibar, will get you to this little coral atoll. And what will you see when you get there?

A whole lot of beach, and a whole lot of nobody. This island's best feature is its intimacy and privacy - roughly translated, it's you and the sand. And that's all.

More on Mnemba

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Amazing Race 11 Hotel Update: Stone Town Inn

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  Site Where: Kelele Square | The Stone Town Inn, Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania, 4236
March 26, 2007 at 1:19 PM | by | Comments (0)

Finally! The Amazing Racers, who our sibling Jaunted has been dutifully covering throughout this crappy All-Star season, stopped at a hotel for a challenge.

The lucky hotel was the Stone Town Inn in Zanzibar, Tanzania which also goes by the name of Beyt al Chai. Apparently, the Zanzibar nobility would meet here in the olden days for some quality tea time, hence the chai name.

There's only six rooms in the place, thankfully with private bathrooms and air-conditioning. The hotel's location near the Kelele Square makes it the perfect stop for those chilling in Zanzibar for whatever reason. Or for those like the All Stars who were making a puzzle. Those crazy reality TV challenges!

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Cubicle Dreamin': Let's Go On Safari

February 13, 2007 at 9:34 AM | by | Comments (0)

Cubicle Dreamin' is a feature in which we ask the hotel mavens to take some time out of their busy work day, surf the Internet, and tell us what hotel they wish they could beam themselves to right that very second--all on the slave driving companies dime, of course. Oh, like these people aren't surfing aimlessly anyway--at least now their purposeless clicking will be cobbled together into useful hotel stories--we hope. Have a destination hotel you are just dying to leave your cube for? Send the story our way.

When you realise you've got nearly halfway through February and you still haven't started what you really want to do this year, it's time to shake things up a bit. And what better way than getting a bit wild in Africa: in a luxury safari lodge, of course (there's wild and then there's just uncomfortable). My pick today is Tanzania's Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge, a luxury resort built on the edge of a crater. The website is a touch on the over-poetic side, describing the resort as:

Sensitively constructed so as to take nothing from its environment whilst affording endless vistas over the heat-shimmering reaches of the crater below, the clustered boulder-built buildings of the Lodge hug the crater rim, linked by rope-lashed timber walkways that skirt the buttressed roots of ancient, liana-hung trees.

It goes on to talk about the "concentrated hush of a game-viewing hide" and finally describes the Lodge as "a unique blend of world-class luxury, timeless volcanic splendour and ethnic style". While nearly nothing on earth could be quite as magical as they describe (and nearly nobody on earth knows so many positive-sounding adjectives), guest reviews almost unanimously agree that the Ngorongoro is a marvellous place to stay. While you're there, you can do wildlife walks, crater hikes, visit Maasai villages and even have a massage. Rooms come complete with your own cave-style wall paintings of giraffes and gazelle.

[Photo: jamesrider]