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Jimi Hendrix Would Approve of The Razzmatazz Bar at JW Marriott Abershon Baku

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  Site Where: 674 Azadliq Square, Baku , Azerbaijan, AZ-1010
January 23, 2015 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

Wowie zowie! We thought we had exhausted our hand-picked list of hotels worthy of a little friendly poke on Funky Friday. Well, lo and behold, a new supply may be surfacing as 2015 gets under way. We love it so bring it on. But for now, we’ll keep things informal with an occasional visit to Funky Friday.

For our first unofficial poke of 2015, we’re taking a (virtual) visit, more like a trip, inside the psychedelic fantasy of the Razzmatazz Cocktail Bar & Lounge at JW Marriott Abershon Baku in Azerbaijan.

The inspiration behind the design of Razzmatazz stems from the beautiful Persian rugs of Azerbaijan and the stories these rugs tell. Whether or not this bar clearly tells a story, or needs to, it sure speaks volumes in its amped up display. Floors, walls and ceilings play mind games with guests in kaleidoscope-friendly patterns in neon purple, hot pink, and red. If these are rug patterns then they could have been designed by Jimi Hendrix.

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A Fairmont Hotel Has Opened in One of Baku's Flame Towers

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  Site Where: 1A Mehdi Huseyn, Baku , Azerbaijan
July 1, 2013 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

The city of Baku in Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea definitely isn't on many mainstream travel lists right now, but it is certainly beefing up its infrastructure as if it's expecting company. A JW Marriott and Four Seasons have both opened in the last year, and now a new 36-floor Fairmont Baku is up and running in one of the arms of the Flame Towers.

The location in the Flame Towers gives the Fairmont a grand exterior -- it has to be the most recognizable building in the city -- and big-time views of Baku, the old Inner City and the Caspian Sea. According to Travel Weekly, the hotel has opened initially with 140 rooms but will eventually offer a total of 318 rooms and apartments, including 57 Fairmont Gold guestrooms.

Baku, while apparently on a quest to attract visitors, has never relied on tourism for its economy. Its largest industry is petroleum, and its oil fields were highly coveted by the Germans during World War II. Azerbaijan's capital is the largest city on the Caspian Sea and is said to have a pretty happening nightlife. In 2009, Lonely Planet ranked it #8 on its list of the top 10 party cities in the world.

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The Death Star Hotel Not Being Built By Emperor Palpatine

Where: Baku, Azerbaijan
March 6, 2008 at 4:09 PM | by | ()

Maybe this planned hotel will make our Best Geek Hotels in the World list for the year 2020.

Architects are presenting renderings for this unusual-shaped hotel which some are already calling the Death Star Hotel.

Heerim architects are looking to build the Star Wars staple in, of all places, Baku, Azerbaijan. They're hoping to bring this design, called the Hotel Full Moon, and another, the Hotel Crescent, to one of the fastest growing economies and will rightly call the area Full Moon Bay.

According to SkyScraper News, the Death Star hotel will be a 35-story luxury hotel with 382 rooms. The pod-shaped structure on the bottom will be residential apartments called Palace of Wind 1 and 2.

Both hotels will overlook the Caspian Sea but again, these hotels still seem like pipe dreams so no word on when they will actually open, or if they will be destroyed before they are fully operational by a young jedi pilot who use to shoot wamp rats on Tatooine.

In the meantime, satisfy your Star Wars travel geek at Hotel Sidi Driss.