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Writing Under the Stars at Longitude 131

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  Site Where: Yulara Drive, Yulara, Northern Territory, Australia
May 12, 2010 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

You might have noticed that we're fascinated with Glamping here at HotelChatter. But with so many Glamping options now available around the world, it takes more than just a fancy tent in the middle of nowhere to get us excited about the thought of sleeping in the great outdoors. Which is why the latest program at Australia's Longitude 131° caught our eye.

The Writing Under The Stars program takes place July 9–11 at the resort located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and it features a bona fide Aussie literary legend as the star attraction.

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Johnny Jet Goes Luxury Camping Down Under

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  Site Where: Yulara Drive Ayers Rock Resort, Yulara, Australia
March 5, 2008 at 5:01 PM | by | ()

We now present you with our VIP Hotel Reviewer Series in which we hand-pick experts in the travel and media worlds and beyond to tell us what are their favorite hotels and why. Once a week, we'll feature a hotel review from said VIPs about their favorite leisure or business hotels. Pay attention: These VIPs are experts at what they do and they don't mess around when it comes to their hotels.

The next VIP in the series is Johnny Jet, aka John DiScala, the man behind the extremely popular travel website and newsletter JohnnyJet.com. If there's ever a question you have about airlines, airfares, hotels, resorts and travel in general, Johnny Jet is the man to ask. And that's probably because he's been there. Twice. Enjoy.

It's an honor to be writing for HotelChatter.com and when they asked me to pick my favorite hotel - I had to think about it. It's been over 10 days and I'm still thinking about it. Seriously, reflecting back, I realize I might be one of the most spoiled or luckiest S.O.B.'s on earth as I have been fortunate to stay at some incredible places over the years.

However, to pick one that’s totally unique and definitely in my top 10 has to be Longitude 131. It’s far far away in Australia’s Red Center in the town of Uluru/Ayers Rock. The 15 luxury "tents" resort is built on a sand dune. It’s for adults-only (over 12) so forget about bringing the kids. It has won many awards, including The Robb Report’s Top Ten Haute Hotels in the World, and is eco-friendly.

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When Camping Turns Luxury Down Under

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February 16, 2007 at 9:58 AM | by | ()

We've already whet your appetite for an Australian luxury tent holiday with our daydreaming about a stay at Longitude 131: a relaxing stay with the best views in Australia. Luxury tents seem like the best of both worlds to us, since you can do the whole communing with nature thing but without having to, well, commune with nature too much. It's the fresh air and great views without the ants in your sleeping bag (or worse).

It seems like these luxury tents are starting to sprout all over Australia, as there are a number of advantages, not least that they don't require such environmental destruction as setting up a regular hotel does. Plus:

New safari-style camps come with few worries ... Instead they deliver king and queen-size beds, ensuite bathrooms, mini-bars, airconditioning and sometimes canapes at sunset. Australia has a handful of upmarket tented resorts, often in wild and beautiful places where bricks and mortar would come between the visitor and what they've come to see.

Other Aussie "tent" hotels that come recommended include the Gawler Range Kangaluna Camp properties in the outback north of Adelaide, the tented Wilson Island on a bird sanctuary at the Great Barrier Reef and the creekside Paperbark Camp in New South Wales. Check them out if you want to sound tough enough to "go camping" (but don't show your friends back home the photos if you want them to believe the camping thing).

[Photo: Chela & Damian]

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Cubicle Dreamin': Longitude 131 at Ayers Rock

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  Site Where: Yulara, NT, Australia, 0872
December 27, 2006 at 9:25 AM | by | ()

Cubicle Dreamin' is a feature in which we ask the hotel mavens to take some time out of their busy work day, surf the Internet, and tell us what hotel they wish they could beam themselves to right that very second--all on the slave driving companies dime, of course. Oh, like these people aren't surfing aimlessly anyway--at least now their purposeless clicking will be cobbled together into useful hotel stories--we hope. Have a destination hotel you are just dying to leave your cube for? Send the story our way.

In this episode, Hotel Maven Amanda K lets us know where she would go in her homeland of Australia. Enjoy.

Take me right into the dead center of Australia, where you have to be careful of heat, snakes and thirst so that you don't end up dead yourself, and then give me luxury. Put me in front of the totally enchanting Uluru (Ayers Rock) and this'd be heaven. That's why I spend wintry nights dreaming of staying at Longitude 131 luxury Australian outback experience.

With a maximum of 30 guests, and no children under 15 allowed, a full window on the rock side of your luxury tent-shaped room gives you a sunrise view of Uluru without leaving the air-conditioning. You can eat in the restaurant or take the typical Uluru "eat under the stars" exerience to a new level of luxury. Add the swimming pool, 24-hour bar and even a library and you have heaven for me, even before I read this:

As far from anywhere else as you can be. As close as possible to serenity. Rejuvenation for the body. Stimulation for the mind. Liberation for the spirit.

I know it's advertising, but I believe it, and I really, really want to go!

[Photo: iPhotograph]

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