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The Ultimate in Australian Luxury: Ssshh, Woodwark Bay is a Secret

April 27, 2007 at 9:31 AM | by | ()

Here's a secret tip for you if you happen to have a spare $24,000 set aside for a week's accommodation. Woodwark Bay, billed as the most luxurious accommodation in the southern hemisphere, is located near the Whitsunday Islands chain in Queensland.

This might be one of the most private resorts you'll find, and that's where part of the pricetag comes from. Basicall you're staying in a place in the middle of 4000 acres of forest and with a kilometer-long beach front. There's a maximum of 14 guests at Woodwark but usually you just book it for you and your traveling party, so you won't actually see any other guests. (A pity, since Tom Cruise has been known to drop by).

Three Woodwark staff service all your needs, organizing excursions including a quad-bike safari, canoeing in the resort's lake, or playing Laser Skirmish in the forest, and then they serve you up a 7-course gourmet meal. There are six separate "houses" at Woodwark and a recent UK Times reviewer got to stay in one like this:

Mine is a giant bed cast adrift on a limestone floor, looking onto manicured lawns and the bay. It's a temple to tropical lounging, with lots of textures, scents and curios. I especially like the Royal typewriter on my writing desk (very South Pacific) and the 1918 field glasses for spotting dolphins and turtles.

It should be like nowhere you've ever stayed before. That's good, since at that price you'll never stay anywhere like it again. Interestingly nearly no Australians have ever heard of the place, and it still fills its register without marketing.

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