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The Downtowner Motel in Williams Is Possibly The Least Motelly Motel We've Been In

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  Site Where: 201 Route 66 [map], Williams, AZ, United States, 86046
March 5, 2010 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

This, a motel, really? Yes, really.

Do you ever get those nightmares and neuroses before setting off on a road trip? Like: what if we stay in a motel that turns out to be like the one in Vacancy, and we end up starring in our own snuff movie? Or, what if we run out of food in the middle of the desert with only “best jerky in the world” shops ever 50 miles to refresh us? Or what if, while driving through the tiniest of tiny towns in 9ft snow drifts in the middle of the night, our car decides to give up the ghost?

Well, as of last week, we can answer the last one for you. We were on a road trip from Vegas to Sedona, and as we passed the Grand Canyon and drove through Williams for some Route 66 lovin, our crappy lovely old car conked out on us. Happily, it did its conking out on the doorstep of the Downtowner Motel, which we’d just decided, while driving by, would be our top choice of accommodation should we need to split the journey on the way back.

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Inside the Grand Canyon Hotel: 'The Oldest Hotel in Arizona'

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  Site Where: 145 W Route 66 [map], Williams, AZ, United States, 86046
August 7, 2009 at 3:49 PM | by | ()

After our trip to Vegas this week, we decided to go see the Grand Canyon, and stopped off at Williams on Route 66. Lucky for Williams that it is – as its two streets would definitely not be crawling with tourists if it wasn’t. Not that it’s not cute – we like Route 66 t-shirts and peanut brittle as much as the next person - but boy it was small. Still, it’s the nearest town to the South Rim of the Canyon, and it’s cuter than Flagstaff, so it’s a good place to spend the night,

We shacked up for the night at the Grand Canyon Hotel, which reckons it’s the oldest hotel in Arizona (built in 1891) and describes itself as a “European style boutique hotel”. The present owners revamped it after buying it four years ago.

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Getting a Hotel Kick on Route 66

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  Site Where: 200 East Route 66 [map], Williams, AZ, United States, 86046
July 19, 2006 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

What's more American than taking a trip to the Grand Canyon? We suppose eating hot dogs the whole way down in your camper RV and stopping for a few baseball games might also do the trick.

Even though going to the Grand Canyon seems like a necessary landmark to hit at some point in every American's life, it also means staying in the Williams, Ariz. area which is chock-full of roadside inn and motels. Not quite appealing lodging accommodations.

Yet we've found you one that you just might be able to handle.

With a name like, The Lodge on Route 66, we'd be terrified if it were on any other highway. But since Route 66 is an iconic highway for the country, we're okay with this one. Although the sign with the movable letters does skeeve us out.

Learning that the hotel was recently updated and renovated appeased some of our fears. They kept their Western, small-town feeling while upgrading to the amenities that people expect today like top-of-the line beds and luxurious bathroom, showers and baths (unfortunately they forgot WiFi.)

The Lodge on Route 66 might not be the most glamorous hotel we've ever seen, but as one traveler put it, it is "the most luxurious you can get in downtown Williams."

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