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You Can't Escape The Floral Bedspreads At This Underground Hotel

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  Site Where: Dugout 72, Turleys Hill, White Cliffs , New South Wales, Australia, 2836
November 25, 2009 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

Way out in the Aussie outback, where temperatures make being on ground level at times unbearable, you'll find several underground hotels that make pretty good accommodation for anyone who's not claustrophobic. One of these is PJ's Underground Bed and Breakfast, about 140 miles north-east of the large town of Broken Hill.

PJ's place is there because a settlement sprang up when they found the first opals in Australia nearby. These miners liked to build underground homes – probably they were used to digging all day anyway, and the underground temperature is a pleasant, constant 72 degrees F. Now this particular underground place houses six guest rooms and a self-contained "cottage".

"Sleeping under a 64-million-year-old roof", as their advertising puts it, will cost you A$155 ($140) for one of the double rooms, or A$400 ($370) for two nights in the cottage (which has a two-night minimum reservation). Breakfast is included whichever you choose. Just be prepared to deal with floral bedspreads and furniture straight out of the 80s. Also, don't expect a room with a view!

[Photo: PJ's Underground Suites]