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The Beach, Ghosts, & Tight Ends

July 24, 2006 at 3:32 PM | by | ()

Many of us envision vacations with the serene picture of a pristine beach, sunny sky, and a cold cocktail. But this is not the ideal for everyone. We are a diverse world and some people's idea of a getaway is watching big men in spandex run around on grass or otherwise known as football training camp.

According to the Star Telegram however, you can have both when watching the Dallas Cowboys' training camp. Their camp is located right off the Pacific in Ventura, California, so you can actually work in beach and surf time in between the apparently, fascinating practices.

This will be the last of the beautiful Pacific Coast practice location for the Cowboys however; they will, after this year, practice in their native state of Texas.

The Star recommends two hotels to accommodate you and your quest to watch football near the beach:

Residence Inn by Marriott at River Ridge. This is the official Cowboys hotel, so for fans, it's the place to stay -- if you can get in.

Bella Maggiore Inn. This Italian-style hotel is 2 1/2 blocks from the beach and within walking distance of downtown Ventura. Plus, it's reportedly haunted (not by football players, however).

We couldn't find a website for the Bella Maggiore, but further research does conclude that its charming old-world style rooms are indeed, haunted. This leads us to think that you can really get a lot out of your Dallas Cowboys-inspired vacation. Football fans, beach lovers, and those with a paranormal interest can combine this strange stew for their summer vacation if other summer packages aren't spiking an interest.

Image via Flower87/Flickr

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