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Marooned On A Swedish Lake

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  Site Where: Lake Mälaren, Vasterascorner, Sweden
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There is only one room at the Utter Inn, and that room is mostly underwater.

The Utter Inn is the creation of Mikael Genberg, an artist and sculptor who has chosen to focus on "making art for the public".

Genberg says this about his creation (the whole quote is a big [sic]--give the guy a break, he is Swedish):

The guests of Otter Inn arrive at the port of Vasteras and they are taken the 1 km out on the lake Malaren with an inflatable boat, they get instructions and are then left alone. If they have selected the DeLuxe version they propably get a visit later with their supper. They have the opportunity to use an inflate canoe to visit the closest uninhabited island. Most get enought exitment to swim and sunbath and watch the fish (both upstairs and downstairs) at the hotel. There is a remarkalbe feeling to go to bed while the fish is surrounding and watching you carefully.

Are you listening David Blaine? Sounds like the perfect place for your next stunt.

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