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Weird Hotels

May 31, 2004 at 6:48 PM | by | ()

This week, TIME Asia published an article about two hotels from Swedish artist Mikael Genberg.

"Stay and Play In Sweden, you can vacation under water--or in a tree" By Max Wooldridge

While it's old news, Genberg's tree top and underwater hotels are still something to talk about.

Wooldridge said this about the Hotel Woodpecker:

" Guests climb up a 13-m ladder to reach the hotel's only room--and that's where they stay, because the ladder is then removed. Choose between a "bohème service," which means you bring your own food and bed linen, or the more comfortable deluxe option, where meals and blankets are hoisted up to you in a basket. There's a kitchen, bedroom, veranda with a hammock and--rest assured--a toilet."

Genberg isn't the only one inventing strange hotels. Tim Pozzi wrote about the world's 10 most original hotels last year in the Guardian.

"Any Special Requests?"    

Have you heard of any other strange and interesting hotels? Tell us about them.