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Haunted Hotles: Myrtles Plantation

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October 4, 2005 at 9:48 AM | by | ()

Let's continue the haunted hotel theme, shall we?

Since the 1700's, at least ten people have been killed at the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. Its since been converted into a small inn and bed & breakfast and ranks highly on the Travel Channel's list of America's Haunted Hotels.

The owners make light of the hotel's violent history by selling cutesy voodoo dolls for good luck, and hiring actors to play the roles of murder victims, but there have been reports (and photos taken) of actual ghost sightings.

Here's the story of guest-skeptic turned believer:

My husband and I were total skeptics when we went to Myrtles. Originally, we were supposed to stay in one of the small guest houses not in the main house. But, as we were checking in, a lady ran in and threw her key on the counter and said she was not staying another minute. It was 3:00 in the afternoon, and "things happened" in her room that she could not explain so she left. As skeptics, we asked for her room and got it. We checked our room from top to bottom because we figured it must be rigged somehow--nothing. I even called my mom and told her about the crazy lady...We enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Plantation's restaurant. The salad dressing is great! After dinner, we went on the "Ghost Tour" which was fun, especially for overnight guests. They tell you things that have happened in your room...and as skeptics we laughed and made fun of them. Maybe ghosts don't like people that mock...because what we experienced that night still terrifies us. My husband refuses to talk about it or ever go back again. It got so bad in the night, my husband said that we were leaving. The accommodations are beautiful, the staff is wonderful and hospitable, but the "children" in our room would not get out from under our bed...

Halloween is still weeks away, but we will try to keep bringing y'all extreme haunted hotels.

*as far as we know Myrtles Plantation is open post Katrina, please let us know if you have heard different.

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