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At Avila La Fonda, a Jacuzzi Can't Make up for the Anti-View

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  Site Where: 101 San Miguel [map], St, Avila Beach, CA, United States, 93424
September 26, 2006 at 3:23 PM | by | ()

After an oil leak that led to the leveling of many nearby buildings, Avila Beach has opened its arms to any new development that would come its way.

The Avila La Fonda Hotel is one of them. A 33-room space was designed to emulate the style of early Mexico and California. A mission-style lobby, an abundance of fountains, artistic stained glass, and lots and lots of color deems their efforts.

Yet the past meets the future when it comes to amenities like complimentary WiFi and laptop if you need it, 42-inch plasma TVs, DVD and CD players with a library to borrow from. The rooms also make ample use of space as L.A. Timesreporter, Susan Carpenter explains:

French doors at the far end of the space were open to the small patio, allowing the breeze to waft in. A flame flickered in the nearby electric fireplace, throwing the tiniest bit of heat toward a brown leather love seat and matching chair. There was no sign of the queen-sized bed. That was tucked into the wall opposite the TV until 6 p.m., when staff stopped by to pull it out, fluff the down pillows and turn down the 500-thread-count sheets.

We wonder how easy this bed it to get down on its own. After all isn't this a romantics retreat? But then again there is the Jacuzzi bath. The other major problem: anti-views. Carpenter was annoyed to find out that although the hotel is just one block from the beach, an ugly old parking lot separates the two causing for you know what: views of concrete. Oh well, the beach is probably still full of oil anyway.

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