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Yet Another Reason to Steer Clear of Hotel Parking

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April 20, 2009 at 8:56 AM | by | ()

We've made our distaste for hotel parking quite clear here in the past. When we're paying (usually) more than 20 bucks a night to keep our car at our hotel, we expect our shiz to be taken care of properly by the valet — and yet, day after day, we hear horror stories about leaving cars in hotel custody. There's the story about the valet who racked up parking tickets and stuck the guest with the bill; there's the one who took a $284,000 Lamborghini out for a spin and then, um, completely lost the car altogether.

And then there's the valet parker who drove a car straight into a hotel. Whoops.

According to the Miami Herald:

Five people were injured after a valet at a landmark hotel inadvertently put a car in reverse, sending it through a set of double doors and into the hotel lobby. The crash happened Thursday at the Casa Monica hotel in downtown St. Augustine, a castle-like structure built in 1888.

Officials said two men were standing near the doors when a Honda crashed into the lobby, flinging glass and plants across the room and knocking paintings from the wall.

According to reports, the staffer behind the wheel thought he'd put the car in park and hit the brake — but, unfortunately, he'd put the car in reverse and hit the gas. Oy.