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Robert Duvall's House of Jasmines

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  Site Where: Ruta Nacional 51, Salta, Argentina
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[Ed. Note: Hotel Maven Tim Leffel continues his Argentina jaunt and winds up at Robert Duvall's own little inn. Enjoy.]

If you,ve wanted to spend a few nights in the home of a movie star, bunk down on a ranch in the north of Argentina.

Outside of the colonial city of Salta, Argentina, is the House of Jasmines, a small inn of seven rooms set upon 300 acres of ranch land. It's an elegant yet comfortable hotel decorated with rustic colonial furniture, saddles, horse-themed prints, and a giant cowboy-themed photo of Robert Duvall over the fireplace in the lounge living room.

No, this picture is not the result of some fan's obsession with Lonesome Dove. It's Robert's own estancia, an excusive inn on the land of one of his second  homes. His wife Luciana is Argentine and the design was handled by his sister-in-law Florencia Pedraza, who manages the property.

It's a boutique hotel with a twist, in the foothills of the Andes mountains, close to canyons, historic settlements, and vineyards. If you're lucky you might see Mr. Duvall in the house when he's not filming, but House of Jasmines is also a favorite stop for celebrity acquaintances.

So with only seven rooms, there,s a good chance you'll be using the same pillow or riding the same horse as Brad Pitt or Richard Gere did (perhaps this is where they got their inspiration to start their own hotels as well?) And at well under $200 a night, a brush with fame won't set you back very much.

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