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High-Powered Weekend Set For Napa Valley as Dubya Rolls Into Town

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  Site Where: 900 Meadowood Lane [map], Saint Helena, CA, United States, 94574
July 16, 2008 at 11:42 AM | by | ()

When we were driving on Route 29 yesterday afternoon we couldn't help but see 2 different military helicopters flying through the serene skies of Napa Valley. In any other place this might not inspire such curiosity, but local knowledge told us that helicopters are not allowed in the Valley skies.

After a little sleuth work, we learned that President George W. Bush will be in St Helena this coming weekend to host some of the Republican party's biggest contributors at uber-pretty, but also uber-staunchy Meadowood Resort. Democrats, get out your picket signs!

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Where The Winos Pass Out in Napa

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September 14, 2005 at 1:05 PM | by | ()

Lydia Gordon of the NY Post travels to the valley of wine in search of the perfect inn for sleeping off a red wine banger.

Our favorite of the bunch?

The The Vineyard Country Inn

Lydia says:

St. Helena, an hour and 40 minutes from San Francisco, is about as Napa as it gets - it's scrubbed clean and pretty as can be. That doesn't mean it's necessarily idyllic. Vineyard Country Inn, a big farmhouse with whimsical brick chimneys and multilevel patios, sits right on busy Highway 29. This means it gets its share of street noise - and from drivers that seem more impatient than New York cabbies. Thankfully, the noise is limited to only a few of its 21 suites (all are different and face either vineyards or the pool).

Checking in mid-week, we were shown to a room that opened to a patio. It was only a few feet away from the vines and had a view of mansion-like homes across the field, a perfect spot to sip our free bottle of wine. The large, cozy suite featured exposed beams and terracotta floors, a wet bar, fireplace and sitting room, plus a sweet little writing desk and free high-speed Internet connection.

The more burning question?  Most of these winos rent a car and drive from winery to winery.  How the hell do they not end up in jail with a DUI?

Other Napa Valley Inns reviewed by the Post:

·   Napa River Inn, Napa
·   El Pueblo Inn, Sonoma
·   Maison Fleurie, Yountville

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