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Powder Pushers: The Inn at Sugar Bowl

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  Site Where: 629 Sugar Bowl Road [map], Norden, CA, United States, 95724
February 7, 2007 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

While the East Coast has Sugarbush, California has Sugar Bowl, about a three-hour drive from San Francisco in the Lake Tahoe area. And The Inn at Sugar Bowl recently made a list of the top romantic lodges for skiers, making it at once a ski hotel and a Valentine's Day hotel.

We guess what makes the Inn so romantic is its historic feel and for California, historic is the 1930s when the country's first gondola started running here and continues to this day. The Inn was also built in 1939 by architect William Wurster with 27 simple rooms facing the Sugar Bowl slopes. It looks a bit austere and well, European but that seems to have been the original intent.

During the day, the Inn's bar, lounge, and white-table-cloth restaurant second as a base lodge, with lift stations a few feet from the large sun deck. At night, the only sound is the wind whistling through the Sierras--the perfect ambiance for cuddling with a lover and savoring a bottle of wine.

We can't find any TripAdvisor reviews on this place but we bet that if the inn seconds as a base lodge, there are probably some complaints from hotel guests about that. Which to us doesn't seem romantic nor does the wind. But maybe that's how skiers like to love.

[Photo: Sue & Dave Armstrong]

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Thin Check-in

Where: Norden, Germany
March 21, 2006 at 2:04 PM | by | ()

Though we mentioned this briefly last week, the German hotel who is charging guests by their weight, has been getting some major press so we decided to take a closer look.

Juergen Heckrodt, owner of the three-star Ostfriesland Hotel in Norden, Germany has started a new weight loss program that's no Bikini Boot Camp.

Forget gyms and healthy snacks, Heckrodt makes his hotel guests weigh-in at check-in.

Heckrod was so disturbed by all the XXL guests coming through, he did what any socially responsible hotelier would do, he decided to capitalize on the extra pounds. Guests are asked to step on a scale prior to moving into their rooms, and are charged a half euro per kilo ($.061/2.2lbs).

Heckrodt's business model relies on the theory that "healthy guests live longer and can come back more often." And apparently former guests do come back slimmer and happier.

But if you are not a jolly fat person, no worries! This hotel isn't going to turn you away if you refuse the scales. Also, thrift spenders with a weight problem have nothing to fear--no guest will be charged more than a single room rate.

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