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Pitch Your Hotel: Patrick O'Neil of NYLO Hotels

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  Site Where: 8201 Preston Boulevard [map], NYLO, TX, United States, 75024
January 9, 2008 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Hotelier. The word is so romantic, so eccentric, so...French. However, run-of-the-mill real world hoteliers don't always live up to the etymology.

Always looking to bring you the most pertinent information on the worldwide hotel scene, we figured when we found hoteliers that were worthy of the French pronunciation of the word, we would let them speak to you directly. Besides, before you dropped a bunch of cash to stay at someone's house, wouldn't you want to get to know the owner a bit? Exactly. We, always oh so full of ourselves, are calling this series Hoteliers That Matter and we are sitting down with these hoteliers and letting them tell you, straight from their mouths to web ears, what you need to know about their hotels.

Former intern Jenna skipped on down to her hometown of Plano, Texas over Christmas break to spend a night at the newly opened NYLO Plano Hotel. While there she was able to check-out the entire property from top to bottom. We'll have her full review tomorrow, complete with hotel judging skills acquired from nearly four years in attendance at the Cornell Hotel School.

But we're even more excited to show you this clip of Patrick O'Neil, the general manager of the hotel as well as the Senior VP of operations for NYLO Hotels. O'Neil spoke with us on NYLO eve, just before the Plano hotel opened and you can read what he had to say then here. To see him talk live and in living color, watch the video above.

Big thanks to Jenna for getting the vid and bigger thanks to Patrick for overcoming some nervousness to pitch NYLO Hotels to HotelChatter.