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Marriott Myrtle Beach :: "Service is Speedy and the Lobby Smells like Shea Butter"

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  Site Where: 8400 Costa Verde Drive [map], Myrtle Beach, SC, United States, 29572
September 9, 2008 at 5:45 PM | by | ()

Usually, we're turned off by hotels with excessively long names, but we'll make an exception to say nice things about the Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes, a name so long we refuse to waste the energy typing those nine words into this post again. (Get ready for lots of hotel synonyms!)

These accommodations are not designed for you to drop your bags and go spend your money elsewhere: The property has private beach access, a golf course, (this is Myrtle Beach, after all), a spa, fitness center and several restaurants; plus, rooms are sizable, there are quite a few outdoor--and one indoor--pools; service is speedy and the lobby smells like shea butter.

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Room with an Anti-View: Air Conditioners at the Myrtle Beach Landmark

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  Site Where: 1501 South Ocean Blvd [map], Myrtle Beach, SC, United States, 29577
July 26, 2007 at 9:09 AM | by | ()

According to more than a few recent guests, it's not only the views that are terrible at the Landmark Resort Myrtle Beach. Other complaints include constantly overcrowded elevators, glass on the floor of the room, thin sheets and blankets, unemptied ashtrays (from the previous guests), slow service in the restaurant and variable cleanliness in the pool.

To be fair, an equal number of guests also enjoyed their holiday at the Landmark and want to go back. Seems like a place you either love or hate, but perhaps it partly depends on what kind of view you end up getting from your room.

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Compass Cove Defines Hotel Hell

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  Site Where: 2311 South Ocean Boulevard, [map], Myrtle Beach, fl, United States, 29577
August 30, 2006 at 12:37 PM | by | ()

When it comes to hotel reviews, we're not sure if you can get any worse than the Compass Cove Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort.

Imagine every bad adjective you can and it's probably in one of the many horrible reviews. Just check out one titled, "Disgusting, Filthy, Brutal in Everyway"

The complex is enormous with 530 suites; that's a lot to clean or not clean. Recently they pumped out $8 million dollars renovating the place, one would assume the reviews would go up. Not so as this recent review shows:

The room was not clean and I figured out why, because the cleaning crew is busy robbbing the rooms. On our 5th day there we left and went to a water park around 9:30 in the am and returned around 4:00pm. My one son checked his drawer where he had HIDDEN his wallet. All of his money was gone $180.00. My other sons wallet was missing $40.00, and they took a portable dvd player and a PSP. We went to management and we filed a police report. When they read our [door] lock to see when our room had been entered it had only been entered one time once we were gone, and the room had been cleaned. That really made us think it was the maid.

Things get worse still when this family approaches the management for help. It really seems this hotel has never heard of TripAdvisor and for the 530 some families that are still staying there; they surely haven't either. Instead of offering to help, the management eludes to motives for theft:

The Manager Phil was totally useless and all he wanted to talk about was how his grandson wanted a PSP and a cell phone. For all I know maybe his grandson now has mine. Our total loss was $920.00....The maintenance man that read our lock said that this has been happening alot lately and that he has been reading alot of locks.... Yes we did have a safe but everything did not fit in it. The police officer that took our report did give us some good advice, he said that you should never get maid service.

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