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Going Back to Cali for Cheap Beer and Illegal Poker Games

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It's rare when a hotel hits the 150 mark in the U.S. In California, that's mighty old.

The Murphys Hotel in Murphys celebrates this big one on Sunday with wild West Flair. The hotel has been around so long it remembers when Mark Twain stayed there. It also dabbled into shady history when Charles Bolton, the highway robber known as "black Bart," checked in as well.

The 150th birthday will be celebrated with "a live shootout, robbery, card game gone wrong and floozies on the bar." They're also serving beer for a $1.50 all night.

Even if you can't make the party, staying in an historic Inn where Twain once rested is a must-stop for Twain and other history buffs. (Notice we did not say nerds. It's Friday, we're trying to be nice.)

The hotel has 29 rooms, nine of which are still in the original stone building from ancient American times. You can shimmy on down to the saloon which still has its old western flair and order a rough drink, or whatever you think Twain would have tipped back.

But be careful if the owner asks you to engage in a poker game:

Authentic old West drama still happens there, as hotel owner Dorian Faught witnessed Aug. 8 when a poker game in which he was participating upstairs at the hotel got raided by state agents. Turns out two of the dozen players that night were undercover investigators.

Some speculate this was just some publicity drummed up for the big 1-5-0 but we think this hotel can't seem to shake its wild wild West ways. And the owner could face fines of up to $10,000 and up to a year in jail if convicted. We don't think publicity would stoop that low, but then again, you never know.

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